Friday, January 6

Power crazy people become Tuai Rumah

It is interesting to note of a statement made by MP for Lubok Antu regarding power-crazy individuals which appeared in The Borne0 Post on Wednesday, 4 January 2012.

The story reads: ‘Power-crazy individuals do not fit the bill to be longhouse chiefs'.

Lubok Antu MP William Nyalau Badak said only persons with credibility have the ability to bring the people under their charge together.

‘I am saddened by the actions of certain individuals who are too power-crazy until they split the unity of the people in their longhouses just because they want to be the Tuai Rumah (village chiefs).

‘These people are not at all suitable to be Tuai Rumah because they not only disrespect the tradition of their longhouses but also create disharmony among the residents,’ he said at a meet-the-people session at rumah Tan Anak Tumba, Seramat.

He also said that the culprits should realise their actions only embarrass themselves in the eyes of the residents and the neighbouring countries.

‘If someone wishes to lobby to be Tuai Rumah, he should lead by good example,’ he said.


Comment: There are several reasons why people want to be Tuai Rumah. Firstly, the government has corrupted the incumbent Tuai Rumah by promising their monthly allowance from RM450.00 to RM800.00 and this promise in the last election.

Secondly, the Tuai Rumah become not only government agents (spies) but also become the ‘feet or side-kicks’ (kaki) of politicians in their respective areas.

Their jobs among others are to control their 'anembiaks' (followers) to vote for that YB. Their Tuai Rumah in return will receive financial gains. And what about the project money?

In Layar constituency, many Tuai Rumah became instant ‘rich’ and the same in Lubok Antu. No wonder people are crazy wanting to become Tuai Rumah.

Nowadays many Tuai Rumah become instant rich as they sign away the land of their followers to companies for oil palm plantations without their consent. The companies pay them very well.

In Sebuyau, one tuai Rumah and a Penghulu have been sued by the landowners for giving away their NCR land. The case is pending. The same thing happened to community leaders in Serian and Bau.

In all these cases, the Tuai Rumah and community leaders receive money in return. And for these people, they do not mind selling their souls, their family’s interest and rights and their children’s future. Sadly, the so-called power-crazy individuals wanting to be Tuai Rumah are retired teachers, retired police and army personnel.

So who are to be blamed? To me all BN YBs like Nyalau should equally be blamed for corrupting these crazy individuals. I may be wrong, but what others have got to say about all this?


Edwin Roah said...

As expected, nyallau could only speak through his retired asshole.

Maybe he has not recovered enough from recent hospitalisation.

Anyway, this is classic quality at best of a Dayak 'chosen" BN YB placed outside PBB.

Philip Tero said...

...Nyalau is speaking of himself, on his own behalf...if he is not as others he is branding - as 'power crazy", he wont be where he is...he would be giving way to the younger and better qualified member of the community to be the "servant" of the community - to serve not to be serve!..or be selling out!

Iban rumah panjai said...

In the Borneo Post today, it was reported that some Tuai Rumah from Lubok Antu were not satisfied with a certain MP in his involvement to influence the District Office for the appointment of Tuai Rumah. According them, the long house folks had wanted a person who has a majority support of the people to become Tuai Rumah,but a certain MP step in to intervene.

May be the people know who is this "busy body" MP. Go to a mirror and look at yourself.

Anonymous said...

The fault lies with the way they became Tuai Rumah. They are appointed, not voted in by members of the long house so they are answerable only to those who put him there.They are just like a manager promoted to take charge of the kampong whether the majority kampong folks likes it or not! Corrupted or not the power to dismiss them lies with the government not the kampong folks as in the case if they were to be voted in by popularity by the members of their kampong or ling house.

Apai irau said...

Tuai Rumahs these days are not chosen by the longhouse folks on merits but were handpicked by the YBs in their respective areas.In fact the culture of power-crazy is taught by the BN,they were fed by BN,bribed by BN to cheat their anakbiaks,threatened by BN to become BN accomplices to lie to their anakbiaks and whatnot.Don't tell me Nyalau dosen't know about this,unless he is empty minded.

Anonymous said...

politicians destroy everything for self gain. they handpicked tuai rumah of their test, handpicked minor projects for their handpicked people who SERVED them better.
Cannot blame the retired govt servant who took up the tuai rumah post or pemancha or councillors. while in service, those indiviiduals did not have any opportiunity to be heard as the leader because they were just low ranking bunches.

Anonymous said...

Nadai Iban sigat agi gamal kena nganti MP nya dalam sitak Lubok Antu ?

Jambu Batu said...

Sigat ia deh,semina alah penyigat laban Rayong,Rayong lebih sigat laban bisi kereta dua tiga 'iko'.