Sunday, January 15

‘Declare your assets, Taib’

(Taken from Free Malaysia Today)

It's ironical that the chief minister should advise civil servants in Sarawak to resist temptations.

KUCHING: Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud should take the cue from Penang’s Lim Guan Eng and declare his assets if he is really concerned about the drop in corruption perception index (CPI) and abuse of power.

Throwing Taib a challenge, Sarawak DAP secretary-general Chong Chien Jien said: “If Taib is really concerned about the drop in CPI and if he really wants to improve it, he should do what the Penang chief minister and his state executive council members are doing – declaring their assets and publishing them in the newspapers.

“I challenge Taib and his ministers to declare their assets if they are really concerned about corruption and abuse of power in the state.

“That’s my challenge to him and don’t just pay lip service by being concerned about the drop in CPI.”

Chong, who is Kota Sentosa assemblyman, was referring to Taib’s call to civil servants to improve on their journey of integrity and not stop at what they have achieved.

According to Chong, Taib’s speech at the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation’s integrity day seemed to be tinged with worry over Malaysia’s drop in the CPI from 33rd position in 1995 to 56th position in 2010.

“The state government should not only be worried, but should also feel remorse. It should do a self-review over the drop in CPI simply because Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia and it is ruled by Taib for more than 30 years.

“In the last 15 years, state government contracts were awarded to companies linked to Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians, and state land alienated and sold at cheap prices to BN politicians without going through the open tender system.

“To a certain extent, Sarawak has a part to play in the drop in CPI, ” Chong said, adding that it was ironical that Taib should make a call for a system to be put in place to ensure greater accountability in the day-to-day management.

Resist temptations

Taib and his family are reported to be one of the richest people in the country allegedly owing several properties overseas worth billions of ringgit.

They were also alleged to have stakes in 332 companies in Malaysia and around the world.

Taib had reportedly reminded civil servants to resist temptation and not be complacent or risk becoming irrelevant.

“Temptations know no boundary. They can happen to those from the lower level right up to the top. We have seen around us within the country or outside that corruption and abuse of power have brought about the downfall of many, including very powerful and influential organisations and individuals.”

Taib had also called for a system to be put in place and that those found guilty should be dealt with firmly and speedily to prevent the problem from spreading.


Iban rumah panjai said...

Hi Taib, has been publishing reports about your family owns hundred of millions or even billions of ringgit worth of property in Canada, US, UK and Australia. Are these reports true?

Anonymous said...

That bloodsucker will stall for time, move his blood money,get his assets covered,get his former AG lapdog and all other lapdogs to prepare nice statements and wallah a very modest list of assets befitting a very humble civil servant CM.Poor stupid Sarawak natives will buy his story as usual.
What a joke.


winstonz said...

Good job on the blog, hope the Shield can be rebuilt!

FairviewBetong said...

This is politics. Opposition can say anything they want but the MACC has not found any evidence to implicate YAB Pehin Seri. Please stop the accusation.

I personally believe that most Sarawak Ministers are clean. From the (physical)look one can conclude that leaders like YAB Tan Sri Jabu, Mawan & Masing are clean and trustworthy.

Apai irau said...

MACC do not have spears but only small fishing rods,so they can only fish for small fries in shallow waters.To catch fish taib MACC needs spears(only if it can act independently)just like the japanese do in whaling activities.Anyway,taib will declare his assets once he go to the other side of world and we have to wait.

kasambabi said...

Fairview Betong,

How do you know MACC has not found any evidence against Taib? Are you an investigating officer in MACC?

What is the salary of each Sarawak minister? How could some ministers have such amounts of money to buy such overseas properties?

Anonymous said...

From their physical look they all look clean on the outside but...can't really say that they are clean from the inside. But how come they can built huge houses,own many cars, anak semua sekolah over the tasik with their salaries. My salary is almost on par with theirs but i still live in a run down terrace house. Oh yes that taib fella is corrupted and this fairview guy is not having a fairview at all. His views are all bias, favouring his yB friends. Where got fairview like that?Be fair to both BN and the opposition otherwise change your name to BIASVIEW.

DG said...

Fairview is right when he said "this is politics". I am a non-partisan and have never been involved in politics. As a voting citizen, I look for an honest and sincere candidate who will put the interests of people before self.

Ministers and YBs are also public servants; they must be transparent and accountable to the people in all their dealings. Remember, they are voted by people to power to serve the country. The onus is therefore on them (politicians) to show that they are dedicated and loyal to the rakyat and not busy lining their own pockets during their public tenure. One of the ways to prove that they are worth their salt is to declare their assets which doesn't cost them anything. Failing to do a simple thing like that (declare asset) will only make the rakyat suspicious about their YBs' integrity. In fact, the rakyat has every right to ask all YBs including Taib Mahmud who are their servants to declare their assets.

Anonymous said...

Asking Taib to declare his assets will be of no use unless a stringent scrutiny and sanction will folow suit should the basis of any of those assests or its total amount being too excessive be without. And in any event Taib can delcare a list of nominal assets. No body can compell him to declare all. As of now there is no law that can sanction it otherwise. So in all it is an exercise in futility.

I would rather let Taib be. At the very least he is the "punching bag" for anybody who has to comlain against BN. Taib will be the example why people should not vote BN any longer!

Fight corruption said...

Taib not only stole from you but your children, grandchildren and future children. His grandchildren are already living off your stolen rights!

World convention is there to address this corruption curse - UN Conventions against Corruption[CLICK] !

Fight corruption!