Tuesday, May 22

Majority of rural folks earn below RM850

For decades now, Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu has been in charge of modernising agriculture and improving rural development, but nothing much has changed.

KUCHING: Krian assemblyman Ali Biju has questioned the state government’s programme to modernise agriculture and eradicate poverty in rural areas.

Debating the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng’s address in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly sitting, Biju said:

“The state government has been developing large-scale plantations for commercial crop.

“However, Bumiputera participation in agri-business does not even reach 20% and the majority of rural communities are having income below the poverty line index of RM850 per month.

“As such, an aggressive socio-economic transformation plan is required in rural areas.

“This transformation requires complete overhaul of agricultural practices and construction of basic infrastructures.”

Citing the situation in the Krian constituency, Biju said the most effective way to improve socio-economic conditions in rural communities is to develop smallholdings of commercial crop, especially oil palm and high-yield rubber.

“Smallholdings do not only eradicate poverty rate among rural farmers but also reduce dependency on foreign workers in plantation, provide job opportunities, minimise rural-urban migration, develop rural entrepreneur, empower rural communities and provide a sense of pride to farmers through self-reliance.

“It also helps to preserve native culture and customary practices on their land.

“Smallholdings of four hectares of proper commercial farms can create tremendous socio-economic change for rural households,” Biju said.

He urged the government of the day to come out with specific programme to assist and cultivate at least four hectares per family of commercial crops, either oil palm or rubbers.

No assistance for smallholders

He said that throughout the Krian constituency, there are many genuine poor rural farmers interested in oil palm planting.

“However, a lot of their applications for assistance to MPOB [Malaysian Palm Oil Board] office are not entertained or not processed without any reason.

“I would like to thank State Agricultural Modernisation Minister [Alfred Jabu Numpang] in his oral reply that the government will provide assistance through MPOB irrespective of their political affiliation since poverty eradication is applicable to all poor farmers.

“So far, the government has not allocated sufficient budget to cater for the needs of oil palm smallholders. I would like to know how much has been allocated to oil palm smallholders.

“How many applications have been received and approved by MPOB?” Biju asked.

He also questioned the financial capability of the government to plant 200,000ha by 2021 of high- yield rubber trees as planned by Pemandu (Performance Management and Delivery Unit).

“I would like to express my concern on the availability of federal fund to finance such an ambitious undertaking.

“Such undertaking costs about RM13,500 per ha to plant rubber trees so the government has to set a budget of RM2.7 billion over the next 10 years or RM270 million per year.

“Looking at the budget to plant rubber for 2012 of about RM70 million, it means we are way behind our target already,” he said.

Rubber smallholders

A lot of smallholders, through their own efforts, plant commercial crops like oil palm and rubber without waiting for assistance from agricultural department.

“They are facing many obstacles, especially relating to terracing and construction of farm roads leading to their farms.

“I urge the agricultural department to come out with a specific scheme to assist those genuine farmers.

“Rubber smallholders are also facing problem with the quality of seedlings provided through the agricultural department.

“Many of the seedlings cannot grow properly or simply die after planting. Replacement seedlings should be supplied immediately to replace dead seedlings.

“Farmers must be advised and given technical training assistance so that they can produce their own seedlings with quality ‘bud eyes’ taken from reputable suppliers of high-yield rubber clones,” he added. -----The Free Malaysia Today


FairviewBetong said...

YAB Hogansiau Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Jabu should be praised for a job welldone instead of being cursed and accused of being a failure.

The Sarawak state government has spent billions and billions and billions of ringgit in trying to steer the Ibans out of the cocoon of poverty. (But)Unfortunately the Iban themselves did not respond enough to the programme.


It is my fervent hope that in the coming elections the Iban voters continue to vote for BN.

Do not rock the current boat (government) as the Ibans are bound to drown should the BN boat capsize. Hogansiau Jabu is trying his best to ensure that the BN boat keeps you safe and progressive.

NCR Land development is a scheme that is a sure route for the Ibans to be rich. This (NCR Land development), coupled with job, business, education and other opportunities aplenty for the Dayak Ibans shall be the focus of YAB Hogansiau as a basis and pillar of his unselfish ideology.

YAB Hogansiau is akin to Ex YB Sng who open his window every morning and keep thinking of how to improve the living standard of their Iban subject. God bless them

Bejalai Betungkat Ke Adat, Tinduk Bepanggal Ke Pengingat.

Apai irau said...

As for Krian area,Jabu will assist those areas that voted for BN,those supported Yb Ali,do not put any hope.The reality is that our BN government is vindictive.BN boss has made it very clear-'You help me I help You'.BN government is for all people is a mere theory.As for Jabu,he can talk anything under the sun about ways to develop NCR-the reality is that the Ibans remain the poorest race in Malaysia and yet he is the longest serving Iban minister cum DCM.

pelacur politikus said...

Ari ti ngarap ka Yb Jabu,manah agi aku ngarap ka ukoi aku ke benama Javu-selalu bulih jelu enti nurun ngasu.

Anonymous said...

Bekebun kediri nadai meri KOMISEN ngagai kronis

Iban rumah panjai said...

Fairview Betong,

Th truth is only PKR lawyers are truly helping Dayaks to get back their NCR lands snatched by robbers. Your nyayuk friend has done nothing.

Apai irau said...

Dear Fairview Betong.Your back hand tactic is good but 2things i do not agree with you-never address Jabu as simply Hogunsiau Jabu.You must adress him by quoting all his 'titles'too.Secondly,do not compare him with Dato Sgn- you should draw a parallel with Taib,then got ummmmmp.

Anonymous said...

DCM Jabu and Peter Minos sold lands at Kampung Selampit and Kendaie which their NCR owners had earlier on agreed to let SALCRA develop to Ribunan Hijau!. These land onwers are now only watching their land planted with oilpalm by Ribunan Hijau. They were/are promised returns in the form of dividends and bonus. Until today they get "peanuts". The so-called 60:30:10 so-called joint venture arrangement is returning nothing to the people. LCDA through "Pelita" is farming the land with Ribunan Hijau and they reap huge profit without giving to the people. This will go on for 60 years. In the meantime the people are so powerless even though they have been voting BN in every elections they are only watchers on the wayside of multi-million dollars oilpalm plantation development next door to their village, Kg. Selampit. At the end of time of 60 years forward nodbody of the present generation will be around any more or even if they are they will be too old to matter anymore. There is definitely no knowing if the community will ever get their land back just as much as they do not now get their good dividend and bonuses as promised when they agreed to let SALCRA develop their land some 20 years ago.

So when anybody gives credit to Jabu for development brought about to the Dayak areas in the State, I do not think he deserve any. DCM Jabu is the cause and source of failure to develop Dayak areas that directly involved Dayaks. Although, yes, he has promoted development together with Pehin Taib or while as Taib's loyalist he has managed to survive as DCM. He has, at the same time,managed to frustrate economic development that can beneficially develop the Dayaks. That's DCM Jabu's credit.