Thursday, May 17

Sng’s intention snubbed

KUCHING:  Sng Chee Hua’s intention to make  Sarawak Workers Party as the best alternative to Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has made PRS leaders amused and made them  laughing as they know he is making fun of the Dayak community.

“He is not serious because he has no cause to fight for the Dayak community,” said Wilson Nyabong, PRS Information Chief.

Nyabong, who is also political secretary to Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, was reacting to remarks made Sng who wanted to turn SWP as the best alternative to PRS to look after the interest of the Dayak community.

Sng’s remark has stirred some reactions and comments from PRS members even though they know that Sng is playing with the emotions and pride of the Dayak community.

SWP which was registered recently is headed by Dr. Ong Lark Sai with George Lagong, the Pelagus Assemblyman as his deputy. Both Ong and Lagong are related to Sng.

“We know who Sng is. He and SWP have no cause to fight for the Dayak community and SWP just cannot replace PRS as an alternative party to look after the interest of the Dayak community,” said Nyabong.

“We know that he has been using Dayaks and Dayak-based political parties to popularise and enrich himself by getting business for himself especially in the days of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak,” he alleged.

Even when he was still in PRS, Sng was also given contracts to build or repairs schools in the state and also given a land in Kapit to plant banana.

“And those who know him will not want to contest and to be used by him to divide the Dayaks,” Nyabong stressed, pointing out that Sng has been dropping names of Prime Minister and Chief Minister to convince the Dayaks to support him and his party.

Commenting on the same issue, PRS former supreme council member, Joseph Allen said that Sng was day dreaming of trying to make SWP as the best alternative to PRS.

“His statement made me laugh. He has no agenda to fight for the Dayaks,” he said, calling on him not to insult the intelligence of the Dayak community.

“Nowadays there are many Dayak graduates and professionals, and why would we want Sng, a non-Dayak to lead us?

“His real motive is to divide the Dayaks and to embarrass James Masing (PRS President) who had expelled him from PRS in May 2006,” Allen said.

“For those who know Sng well, they  will keep a distance away from him what more to say becoming his candidates for the coming election,” he said, advising those Dayaks not be agents to divide the Dayak community.

Sng has said that the newly registered party would contest only in PRS-held constituencies of Julau, Selangau, Kanowit, Hulu Rajang, Lubok Antu and Sri Aman.

Lately Sng and other top SWP leaders have been going around in Kanowit, Julau and Selangau identifying candidates to contest against candidates put up by PRS in the three parliamentary seats.

His meetings were well attended by the longhouse folk.

In Julau, he has shortlisted two candidates namely Josephine Mawat and her son Collin Bala to contest against Joseph Salang, who is Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture.

Contesting against Joseph Entulu, PRS Deputy President in Selangau could likely be Sng himself.

As for Kanowit, a lecturer and Iban singer, Ellison Ludan and a former Deputy Public Prosecutor Thomas Akin have expressed interest to contest the seat against Aaron Dagang.

George Lagong, the Pelagus assemblyman, who is also the SWP protem Deputy President, is earmarked to contest in Hulu Rajang.

Sng is yet to find candidates for Lubok Antu and Sri Aman.

“What worries me is that some Dayaks are prepared to be used by Sng to split and divide the Dayaks.

“They know who Sng is, and yet they are prepared to be his tool to cause disunity,” Allen added.


Anonymous said...

The talk of which party or which of the parties is truly representing the Dayaks is begging the question of "is PRS is the party for the Dayak?. Such talk is over presumptious. I think that in the event Sarawak Workers Party be able to win many seats by fielding Dayak candidates, those elected reps being Dayaks would surely promote Dayak Interests among the other general interest of the society. Even then it would be incorrect to say SWP a Dayak Party just inasmuch as PRS is not a party champion Dayak interest or it be described as a Dayak Party.


Apai irau said...

A few issues are worthy to ponder here.It's related to what Wilson Nyabong and Joseph Allen said. Nyabong said the Chinese cannot fight for the Dayaks.The question here is does PRS Dayak leaders really fight for the Dayak? Simple illustration-did the stripping of a handicap farmer by Mong is a fight for Dayak? Where is Masing and other PRS leaders when the ordinary Dayaks are fighting blood and sweat to protect their NCR?. Nyabong and Allen said they knew Sgn-when? Only now when they became enemies? Wasn't Sgn a founder member of PRS?Wasn't it Sgn's money they used to kill PBDS and formed PRS?Another point-Sgn is using the Dayak for political and economic purpose.Well,Wasn't the de-registration of PBDS was also a result of Masing's aimbition to use the Dayaks? Sgn is a none Dayaks so cannot fight for Dayaks-So Taib and Najib are Dayaks?Sgn is dividing the Dayaks-well,was the forming of PRS sucessfully unite the Dayaks?.To Nyabong and Allen,stop talking nonsence.I am not siding Sgn,but people in PRS are birds of the same feather as Sgn.Pirates just could not share the 'proceeds' among themselves.Amen.

pelacur politikus said...

Penyamun vs.Penyangak.Pembohong vs.Penipu.Pencuri vs.Perompak. Which ever combination you pick,it is no better than the others.Therefore,it would be wonderful to watch the battles between them.

Anonymous said...

Tak nyamai runding utai ka bakanya, tak tolak dua2 manah agik ya. Kapa kitai ka enggau orang belaya. Udah gak lebih 30 tahun udah Merdeka dalam Malaysia agik gak kitai bejaku ka politics of development tang tak gak nyengala mujur kelebih agik ba menua pesisir kitai. Beri ka undi kitak ngagai Pakatan Rakyat ke serebak tuk badu agik belaya sidak ya.

Anonymous said...

PRS has not done enough for the Dayaks as they should if they really want to be seen as a TRUE Dayak Party. On the other hand,for SWP to claim to better protect Dayak interest is not only doubtful but very patronizing.I wonder how much they pay those Dayaks who would stand as their candidates? Look for changes in their lifestyle after the elections for a good measure of whether this SNG Clan lovers are truelly Dayak at heart. How many of the SNGS are married to a POOR Dayak, i wonder?