Monday, November 17

Can Adit lead PKR to fight BN? ~ ref. Malaysiakini

Can Adit be our "Dayak Obama"?

Gabriel Adit’s joining Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is not a surprise at all. He was seen with PKR leaders many a time and had been involved campaigning for Anwar Ibrahim in the Permatang Pauh by election in August.

But what surprises many of us are the number of people he brings with him to join PKR. Just imagine he handed 11,753 application forms, over 6,000 of which were from Kanowit, to Anwar Ibrahim at a dinner in Sibu on 15 November 2008.

Adit is really smart as he knows how to maximize the impact of his entry to PKR. Instantly he is being recognized as the leader of the group and is being given full responsibility to spearhead campaigns for the overthrown of the State Government.

Since the March election, PKR has been looking for someone especially from the Dayak community to be the leader; someone who is able to convince the Dayak voters to support the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) or the People Alliance.

PKR knows that to win the election in the State, the Dayak voters in the 29-Dayak majority seats (out of the 71-seat State Legislative Assembly), play the most crucial role in the coming election – whichever side they support that side is likely to win.

Not surprisingly, both the BN and PKR are gunning their campaigns towards the Dayak constituencies. For the time being, the BN seems to have the upper hand as they know how to exploit the Dayaks’ weaknesses, coax and even intimidate them into supporting the Barisan parties.

On the other hand, PKR is also confident because of changing political mood prevailing in the country as well as having certain issues to be used as weapons and these include NCR land issues and the alleged discriminatory practices against the Dayaks which have become very evident during the 27 years of Taib Mahmud’s dictatorial rule.

Can Adit, the newly found leader of PKR, who is also the State assemblyman for Ngemah, and Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of PKR, open the 'eyes and minds' of the Dayaks who have been too “barisanised” to support the Pakatan Rakyat in the coming election?

If what had happened in Sibu on 15 November, that is the huge response to be PKR members, is going to be the trend in other parts of the State in the next few months, then Sarawak is set to become the battle ground for the control of the Land of the Hornbill come next election.


Anonymous said...

kami rakyat Sarawak memang lama menunggu PKR bertapak di Sarawak, dan amat berharap PKR akan berkuasa di Sarawak.BN Sarawak sudah tidak dapat dipercayai lagi.Banyak hak bumiputera dinafikan oleh Kerajaan BN Sarawak.Rasuah banyak berlaku cuma keadaannya sahaja yang senyap kerana BN Sarawak pandai seperti menutup "najis".Rejim Taib harus dihapuskan sekarang.

Anonymous said...

The Malays, the Dayaks and the Chinese, have been splintered, quartered and drawn, over a period of time, to not lose the sight of what is going on politically and economically.

The Malay influence was killed off in the 70s, the Dayaks in the 80s and the Chinese in the 90s, that there is no hope other than to support the current Alliance. That would be the point of view of all the Sarawak Chinese. They have cultivated, participated and endorsed many of Taib's economic policies and who can blame them? The centre of power parcels out legitimate contracts, and the economic fronts implements these legally. The Chinese are not going to abandon Taib en masse and neither are the Malays. They are too beholden and too entrenched in the political system to even dare display any rakish quality.

So why is this question being asked of the Dayaks??

If you see a Trojan Horse, if it looks like a Trojan Horse, if it smells like a Trojan Horse, then it must be one.

Why is the Dayak community being provoked??

PKR will fail in Sarawak, simply because it is non Sarawak party with no history in the grassroots of each community.

And on the same theme, UMNO may fall in Malaya in four years, and Sarawak will become a Pariah State. That is the only selling quality for PKR in Malaysia.

So history will repeat itself. All the other collection of ragtag political opportunists from Sarawak, be they Chinese, Malay or Dayak will trip over themselves running, and finally crawling to KL
to receive any money from their paymasters.

Not entirely different to what happened in 61-62. UMNO/PKR/Or whichever Monkey sits on the thrown in Malaya, will knock their clowns...sorry clients in Sarawak together.

That is called Power.

A Dayak An Iban.

Anonymous said...

Can Adit lead? I would say knowing him, what he stands for, the fact is that even after Aaron and Salang joined PRS herefused to join PRS (because,according to him, he does not to be associated with a Dayak leader and PRS which are responsible for killing Parti Dayak (PBDS).
I was at the dinner gathering in Sibu and I could feel for the Dayaks,especially Iban, who showed they were very happy that Adit has joined PKR.
PKR is a household name in many Dayak leades. Let's hope more will. join.
I woud say if PKR and DAP and others managed to win enoughseats in the next State Elections Adit has very good chance to become the Chief Minister.

Anonymous said...

Kanowit has always and will always one area in Sarawak that "put up the stage"! MENCETUS MINDA when pushed to the wall.

We have identified the "hero" in YB Gabriel Adit.

Don't wait any longer. If Dayak in Kalimantan can do it after more than a decade of repression, ALL right-minded Dayaks in Sarawak have moral obligations to ensure that our FUTURE generation SHALL NOT PERISH in our our BELOVED STATE.

Now Dayaks in KALBAR (>8 million) control 4 provinces with their own DAYAK GOVERNORS. On 4th December 2008 more than 150 of them will be in Kuching - chartered plane, buses and stays @ MERDEKA PALACE HOTEL!

What is the moral of the story?

NEIL said...

In the coming days you will see the mighty dayaks coming out from the jungle,flooding the towns and cities to show Taib that we are a force to be reckon with.
What Gabriel Adit have done is Sibu will takes years for BN to understand.Gabriel who have been in the political wilderness for years until he finally found PKR.While as a independent,BN have never courted him back.All they care is about their own ass.
Today ,after a long awaited decision,finally the dayaks have a sarawak obama.
Hopefully with Gabriel Adit's move,the rest of the dayaks YBs and MPs will follow his footsteps.I have a feeling most of the dayaks leders are on Gabriel Adit's side becos I don't see any dayak leaders coming out to condemn his move.So with silence,I take it as a 'yes you have make the right move and we are solidly behind you'.
As i have say this coming month,there will be some breaking news, so stay tune.

Anonymous said...

Senior vice president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Ali Hassan described Ngemah State Assemblyman Gabriel Adit’s decision to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) as “a sign of desperation”.
“We are not frustrated about his decision (to join PKR). Actually, he is a frustrated man as he has no political platform,” Tengah told the media after launching a seminar on “Approval of Controlled Electrical Products’ at a leading hotel here yesterday.
He said it was also Adit’s right to join the opposition.
“That is also his choice. Actually, I know Gabriel Adit very well. He tried to join the Barisan Nasional (BN), he likes very much to join PBB. But we are of the opinion that he should join Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) as the seat belongs to PRS.
“If he joins PBB, it will complicate the whole matter. Because of the seat allocation, the (Ngemah) constituency belongs to PRS. So we advised him that the best party to join is PRS.
“After all, PRS is also in the BN and we do not want it to become an issue later,” explained Tengah.
However, Tengah, who is also the Second Minister of Planning and Resource Mangement and Minister of Public Utilities said Adit’s decision to join the opposition would not change the local political landscape.
“The people, especially in the rural areas will still support the BN. They know and understand the developments which take place in the state all these while are implemented by the BN government,” he said.
When asked whether Adit’s decision to join PKR would open the floodgate for the opposition to penetrate the rural area, Tengah said: “There is nothing new in this (opposition’s tactics). The opposition have flooded the state in past elections. I was challenged by a PKR candidate also.
“But the fact remains that the majority of our people are still behind the BN as it has succeeded in bringing development and political stability. This is what the people want.

Our strength is our rakyat

“We have always been swamped by the opposition during the elections but we have the strength and our strength is our rakyat (people) who are behind us,” he said.
When asked to comment on PKR’s advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s challenge for the state government to hold an early election, Tengah asked back: “Anwar...he said he would be taking over the federal government on September 16. What happened to that plan? It just showed that he is an arrogant person.”
“What sort of democracy is he talking about? He should respect the decision made by the rakyat (people). Is his voice stronger than the voice of the people?,” asked Tengah.
He said the state had already held its election in 2006 and the general election on March 8 this year, so they (the opposition) should respect the decison of the people.
Adit, 58, who won on an Independent ticket in the Sarawak state election in May 2006, handed over his application form to join the party to its advisor, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a dinner in Sibu on Saturday night.
Also joining Adit in his move were 11,752 individuals from throughout the state.
Adit is a four-term Ngemah State Assemblyman, three of which were on the BN ticket when he was a vice-president of the now defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak( PBDS), a Dayak -majority state BN component party which was de-registered due to internal leadership crisis.
PRS has claimed all seats belonged to PBDS. However, Adit was never interested to join PRS.
Adit joined SPDP, another State BN component party prior to the election but was not fielded as a BN candidate for Ngemah, thus, prompting him to become an independent candidate.
He created an upset by defeating BN-PRS’s candidate Alexander Vincent.
With Adit joining PKR, the party now has two members in the State Legislative Assembly. The other is Dominique Ng, the State PKR chairman and Padungan State Assemblyman.

NEIL said...

For a man like Gabriel Adit to turn around and join PKR ,is the fault of the BN.He have been treated as a outcast for far too long.He have won Nyemah 3 times and BN still think that he is not one of them.
Yes,today is the day BN will never forget.
PKR flags are flying in Kapit,Kanowit,Song,Belaga and all the rural longhouse.CHANGE is surely coming.

NEIL said...

Be a leader not a follower.PRS have many followers and so is SDNP.They will follow James Masing and William Mawan to the cliff of Dover.

NEIL said...

One thing I have left out is this Gabriel Adit is the man who walk his talk not like masing and mawan.
People with 'm' in their names,mahathir,mohammad Taib,mahmud,musa,mukriz,etc are all controversial people.

Unknown said...

I for one, doesn't care much about where the candidate stands, beit in BN, PKR or independence. What most important is that the candidate really live up to his words. Let us see his track records, does he meet any qualifications.

Most present dayak YBs in BN failed 100% to bring good grade to the dayak. Look at Masing, Dublin, Mong, Francis Harden, Mawan, Jabu the so-called prominent leaders, and those ordinary dayak YBs in BN, all of them are mere talking cock only. They all expert in talking only but totally failed in delivery. They didn't bring any development to the dayak. Ok, let us look at any State and federal Depts, who are the Pengarah, timbalan Pengarah or head of depts? How many percent dayak working in just one department, say any one of the Federal Dept?

If Adit are to fight BN through PKR, hope, just hope that he will not lose focus on the dayak, NCR lands and socio-development of the dayak.

The present BN coalition (PBB, PRS, SPDP, SUPP) has definitely make DAYAK a 2nd class bumiputra, with definitely NO RIGHTs.

Just watch out YBs, the new dayak has emerged, replacing the older generation. We have more brain now.

Anonymous said...

The silent Dayak majority, the intellectuals. the educated and the youth, are all waiting for the day when they cast their votes to bring Taib mahmud and his government down.,So bloody corrupt.

Anonymous said...

agree with Dayaks with new brains are emerging could be silent, but so deadly.. just like a cancer creeping through your body cells and make you lame at the end. So, watch out greedy YBs..don't ever play stupid games anymore. Live up to your promises in helping the rakyats..

Anonymous said...

The only ways we can have freedom of religion, minority like Dayaks can be a Prime Minister and for our Longhouses to be given Clean Water, Electricity 24hours and to have Tar-Seal road is, if we Sarawak and Sabah get out from this racist Malaysia country and be Independence !!


Stanley said...

I'm really happy to hear this breaking news as I'm a diehard supporter of Gabriel Adit.He is a man of his words and most of all he walk his talk.The BN are the greatest bully of all.Gabriel is a seasoned politician have been left out in the cold for such a long time.Today after making his move,many have called his phone to ask him to change his mind.Some have the guts to tell him to ditch Anwar and they will help him to make a appointment to see Najib inorder for him to rejoin BN.These cowards are trying to set a trap for Gabriel.
Today the dayaks must be proud to have a new dayak warrior called Gabriel Adit,a man who one day will be the Obama of Sarawak.
The seat of the Chief Minister of Sarawak will not be too difficult for Gabriel Adit to grab given by the ground swell of support for him.
Come December 4th,Kuching will be flooded with the dayaks,all coming to support their famous son Gabriel Adit.Let this be another Permatang Pauh .The change is imminent.

Anonymous said...

I can just laugh at the mention of can Adit fight BN. Yes he can but will he win that is the question that warrants some answer, and my answer as a man of the street is no. He can't and he can just affort to dream. If politics is the game of number, he just can't and he does not have the resources. Yes we talk of the intellectual dayaks and the younger generation. I am one of those with a fake PhD and an unregistered voter. But then agan I am not from Kanowit, and I won't want to sell my future generation to a sondomite. You know what I mean. I say no to PKR, and no to Anwar.

Anonymous said...

"I can just laugh at the mention of can Adit fight BN. Yes he can but will he win that is the question that warrants some answer, and my answer as a man of the street is no."

i think you miss the point brother. if adit can win ngemah seat as an independent against the mighty machinery of bn, who says he cannot fight bn. even though i,m not a dayak, i am a sarawakian. i want to see this land of ours to see a better future. if we want to change, we can. but first of all, pkr should tackle the mentality of those longhouses folk, if you know what i mean.