Thursday, May 21

BN supporters of Kampung Lusut Jaya deprived of basic needs

Despite their strong support for the Barisan Nasional, the residents of Kampung Lusut Jaya 1 area in Miri are yet to taste the fruits of Merdeka.

According to Jembu Bangga, the village chief, the government should give official recognition to their village and look into their basic needs like proper roads, water and power supply.

“We have been supporting the BN government all this while, and hence surely the village deserves some projects in return for their support to the government,” he said at the Miri district Dayak community leaders pre-Gawai Dayak celebration over the week-end.

The celebration was officiated by the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Peter Chin. Also present were Lambir state assemblyman Aidan Wing, political secretaries to the chief ministers, Ariffin Lamat and Watson Bangau and government officials.

Located next to Taman Tunku, Kampung Lusut Jaya 1 has 109 houses with a population of 542 of which 390 are Ibans, 89 Orang Ulus, 39 Malays, 19 Chinese, five Bidayuhs and three Melanaus.

Upgraded roads and bridges linking the village to Taman Tunku will enable bus service to be extended there, saving time and energy for the villagers to walk all the way to the nearest station.

The village chief said that villagers are currently sharing water meters on a voluntarily arrangement. He also called on the government to build a clinic, a community hall and a market where they can sell their jungle produce.

These villagers have been asking for development year in and year out and the government has ignored their requests. And their requests will continue to fall on deaf years, unless their elected representative either State assemblyman or the MP dies or resigns.

Look at Batang Ai, it has been neglected for more than 27 years. Suddenly its YB passed away, thus opening the way for the by-election. During the by-election, nearly RM200 million of worth of projects have been approved.

Will it help if the villagers ask the Opposition to come and establish a foothold in the area? – The Broken Shield


sarawakiana said...

Have you heard the statement that TAR college project in Bintangor has been scraped because of DAP....???? !!!!!

Iban Meluan said...

Wait for the state general election comes, when Yang Berbuhung will announce the proposal for the projects basic amenities in the area.Perhaps, YB will say the projects to be implemented in the Tenth Malaysia Plan and if it cannot be done in time, it can be carried forward to Eleventh Malaysia Plan or to Twelfth Malaysia Plan. Then the YB in that constituency will address the State Legislative Assembly meeting that the government only knows how to make promises during election to fish for votes.

In our area, the government had promised us to build roads, the construction of bridges and other basic amenities more than 10 years ago, but all the projects have not been implemented until now.

BN must fulfil promises NOT forget promises.

Anonymous said...

anang complain..eboh komplain...jangan lawan perintah...undilah BN selama lamanya dan hiduplah berkuli .....hanya BN saja boleh bagi kamu makan beras tapi parti lain tidak...BN adalah kerajaan dan kerajaan adalah BN..

kenyahnetworks said...

I am of the ethnic Kenyah married an Iban girl fromBbetong. I used to tell my wife, being the majority group in the Sarawak state, there should be a Ketua Menteri Sarawak from the Iban group. But sadly, all the Iban prominent politicians were not interested in anything other than enriching themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why don't these people grow up then? How many years of so called politics of development before they get these basic amenities?Its the same for so many rural and remote areas that depend on the timber companies for road access.Imagine that!So no timber concessions no roads no nothing.
Some of the areas do have their wakil rakyat but we don't know if these wakil are awake or just enjoying the perks and business opportunities that come with the post.
If you don't wake up and demand what rightfully is your entitlement as a citizen too bad.Let's see if you still believe their excuses time after time while your people suffer.
Lets watch what happens.

And by the way it does not matter which party these wakil are from they are supposed to work for you!

Watcher in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Well, you reap what you sowed. Continue to vote BN and you can wait for your water and electricity perpetually. Come the next election, they will promise you the same thingagain and most likely, you'll vote for them again.