Tuesday, May 19

Six longhouses may take legal action against DD plantations

Six longhouses in the Samalatong area, Simunjan, will submit a letter in the next few days to the General Manager of Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) telling him that 95 families from the longhouses will not join DD Plantations and Pelita Holdings.

Instead they want SALCRA to develop their land which is about 1,800 hectares into an oil palm plantation.

A copy of the letter will be sent to Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang as chairman of SALCRA Board of directors and to the Minister of Land Development, Dr. James Jemut Masing. SALCRA is under the Ministry of Land Development.

A group of VIPs and officials from DD Plantations and Pelita Holdings are expected to see these angry NCR land owners on Saturday, 23 May 2009 to explain to them the concept of joint venture and the “benefits” they will get from joining DD Plantations and Pelita Holdings.

It is understood that these landowners will not be swayed by the sweet talks of the VIPs because they have heard and known such JVs the land owners stand to lose and many have not received their dividends even after 10 years of operations.

They would prefer to invite SALCRA where their equity participation is about 70% as compared to 30% in a joint venture company.

On 29 April 2009 DD Plantations whose owner is closely associated with YB Naroden Haji Majais, the Simunjan elected representative, and Pelita Holdings had signed an agreement with 46 longhouse chiefs in Kuching.

But many Tuai Rumah claimed they were not aware of the plan to develop 9,629 hectares of their NCR land into an oil palm plantation.

Some Tuai Rumah who did come to Kuching were critically questioned by the longhouse people; some demanded for their resignation and even held Temenggong Anthony Ngipa responsible for bringing the Tuai Rumah to Kuching.

For the six Tuai Rumah and the 95 heads of families will have to seek legal action if the company persists on developing their land. - The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Agom said...

Let the land owners to decide for their own to develop their land for commercial purposes that would benefit them without inteference by interested parties or individuals.

It is learnt that some ministers who are holding in land development projects portfolios own thousands of hectares of land being developed into oil plantations.

If a minister happens to be a member of Land Development Board and has pecuniary interest in the sense that he is going to benefit from his land, doesn`t it means that he is abusing of power? If so, MACC should probe the case.

Anonymous said...

Another con job in the making. These land owners are smart not to be enticed by empty promises. Don't trust Jabu or Masing.

aki saloi said...

Pelita engau Salcra,sama aja.
2 kale 5=10.Amai ya?????
Kadang Kadang utung,Kadang tak utung.......

Anonymous said...

its time for the iban to utilise their own land;the chinese have no land when they came to sarawak but then they made full use of the small pieces that they have bought-with less than an acre they can buy houses and sent their children to universities. we can be as industrious as the chinese and should not let these blood suckers like salcra and other government agencies to reap what should have been yours.if we listen to jabu,masing or mawan all the time,we wont be anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Brave longhouse folks, revoke the land deal which your TRs have been tricked into signing a scam agreement. Bring along a team of learned solicitors to demand your rights and after which lodge a Police report follow with another report to MACC.

This land deal is big time scam by a big time YBs. Taik Manok's government is getting out of control and disarray. Big time bully Taib Mahmud Mat Rempit style of governing the state. Totally outrageous..!!!! Day light robbers and blood suckers

Condemn this style of administration and vote them out.

SaveThe Fort said...

Have we not learned enough...? Ignorance, greed and lack of moral are to be blamed. Personal interest comes first before anything else as in this case. The mind-set is totally irreversible in accepting whatever is promised which reflect sheer greed.

I've noted in some areas with this brand of so-called wakil rakyat involving some Penghulus, Temenggongs, TRs, Counselors of sub-district played their role in scamming their very own longhouse folks. Some of which swallowing the fund given by the government meant for the roads, bridges, generators, building materials, etc.

These bunch of people are the devils, opportunist, authorized conman. Taib's government appointed them. As the saying commonly heard from some of them...."Enti Taib ulih makai, kami ka ga makai". How's sound to you...seem very familar.!!!!!

Cupai said...

Amat jako kuwak,Aki Saloi.Sebaka aja,
SALCRA angau PELITA.Nulung huhang nipu huhang.Bercahi cahi nipu huhang.
Nidak Kaya Raya.