Sunday, August 9

The PKR pledge on NCR Land

A Sarawak PKR leader has warned the Bidayuhs that the land on which they are standing now may be taken away from them.

“Be careful if anyone takes away your land, you will have no more land on which you stand,” said Baru Bian, a member of PKR political bureau at a dinner last night at a Bidayuh village in Bau.

"Like Lun Bawang which means natives of the country, Bidayuh as he is given to understand means someone standing on the land. But one day, Bidayuhs will have no more land on which they can stand as their land may be taken away. They will stand on the air” said Baru who is a Lun Bawang from Lawas.

He said that land especially the NCR land issue is a very hot issue now as the government is leasing them to giant companies for the planting of oil palm. And as a lawyer, he said he is currently handling more than 100 court cases against the government.

Altogether there are more than 200 cases pending in the High Court, he said.

“So we have to be very careful, as there are companies which want to take away our land. Even the governor’s NCR land is being taken,” he said, adding: “Land is our life. Without land we will die.”

Baru said that PKR had now made its own land policy when it took over the administration of the State government.

“First, we will survey all NCR lands and declare them as NCR land reserves. This is to be done along the line the Malay Land Reserves are being done in the Peninsula. No non-natives can buy or deal with them.

“Secondly, any NCR land owner wants his land to be surveyed and given title, the PKR government will comply with his request. This is being done in the States under the administration of the Pakatan Government,”
Baru said.

He said in Sarawak the State government refused to survey NCR land saying the government had no money.

“That is not the reason. The reason is that government fears that once NCR lands are being surveyed, the whole of Sarawak will be under the NCR land,” Baru said.

He called on Bidayuhs to work together with PKR to see a new dawn is coming to Sarawak.

The dinner which was attended by 2,000 Bidayuhs from the three parliamentary constituencies of Mas Gading, Mambong and Serian was organised to welcome the visit of Anwar Ibrahim to Bau.

Datuk Sri Daniel Tajem, the former president of the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak was also invited to the dinner where he met Anwar who called him “Chief” and Chua Jui Meng who described Tajem as the “greatest”. - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Welcome Anwar!

My greatest hope is too see that all those land stolen from the bidayuhs taken back and return to the rightful owners. This can only be done if PR is voted to power. So now the bidayuhs must take this seriously and they must start now to convince their friends and relatives to vote PR.

With the rising price of palm oil and cost of living ,I bet big companies are lining up to come here to start JV with the locals. See the SCORES that is spring up here and there.That white hair is in his final leg to snatch and steal.As he is getting old and till today we haven't known who his potential successor,the plundering continues.

With the state election just around the corner, many unmo/BN from the west will be coming here and offer .I pray that these dayaks will wake up and seize this window of opportunity.Take the goodies and vote PR.What happen in Batang Ai is a lesson to be learn. Till today,months gone and we haven't seen a trickle of the development that BN promise to implement when they went there for the by election.This is proof that they don't do what they preach.

Brangking Kilau said...

I refer to the final Federal Court ruling on May 7, 2009 in the case of Madeli Salleh versus the Sarawak State Government over the NCR land`s claim in which the Federal Court delivered judgement in favour of the land owner (Madeli Salleh).

From this case, I observed that it took about five years to dispose off the case. As claimed, there are over 200 cases of NCR land`s claims have been filed in the high court and all cases are still pending. From the present trend, we can expect a court only able to hear one case at one time, this means that it will takes about five years to dispose off one case. Then, how long it takes to dispose off these 200 cases?

Unless 20 cases are heard simultaneously each by a different judge, otherwise it takes about 200x5=1,000 years to dispose off all cases.

So, my learned lawyers representing the landowners, what is your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Very true Mr.Brangking.

To rectify the problem, let us overthrow the state BN`s government through ballot box and change it to Pakatan Rakyat`s new government so that our NCR lands could be surveyed and land titles could be given to us.

May be, we the bloggers and commentators are satisfied with what we have discussed in the blogs, but failed to disseminate the relevant issues to the rural voters that concern their interests and their standard of living.

The BN`s government through its information network JASA has been campaigning to the rural areas and telling lies that the Pakatan Rakyat is instigating the rural voters to hate the present government and advised them not to listen to PR propaganda. PR has to go to the rural areas from now to counter BN`s allegation.

Anonymous said...

you guys make me laugh. as much as i want to see all natives getting their land back you will never win back sarawak until you change your pkr sarawak leadership. having Anwar in KL is fine, but no Dayaks want a Malay leader, they simply dont trust them! get a strong Iban leader(if you can find one) that appeals to all races and you might have a chance. give Uggah an offer he cant refuse, you have a huge chance of winning the state.
Sadly though it comes to the election, here is a boar and some beer or spirits and BN are back in. You need to change mentality in the longhouses before you will win. get the town folk who moved out of the longhouses to take laptops, show them your blogs, show them other proof of abuse by BN, show them Batang Ai lack of action and you might win.

feel free to tell me im wrong but i doubt it.

Brangking Kilau said...

Mr. Anonymous Aug 11 7.44 am,

I am not a member of any political party.

Anonymous said...

Broken shield said "First, we will survey all NCR lands and declare them as NCR Land Reserves".

Your pledge is not conviencing me at all. Why would you do the first which should be the last?.

You cant even enter the land before you declare it is a NCR Land, right?

You should declare first, then you plan.