Thursday, October 22

Adit and his clowns

KUCHING - Ngemah State Assemblyman Gabriel Adit, who has declared he is “no more supporting PKR” on Tuesday morning, met a handful of his supporters at a restaurant to discuss the possible line-up of protem committee of his proposed party.

But an inside source said that Adit is yet to come with the line-up.

“Every thing is hush-hush. Even the name of the party is yet to be known,” said the source, admitting that he himself was still in the dark.

“We are only told that we have some big guns behind the proposal to form the party,” he said.

Meanwhile, Adit was seen sitting together with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago, prompting speculation that Adit has the blessing of UMNO and Najib to form the party.

If Najib is indeed supporting Adit’s move, then the next State election is going to be very interesting, confusing and complicating for the State Barisan Nasional, said Granda Aing, a PKR leader.

He asked: “In the next State election, where does Adit’s party come in especially if he is pro-BN? Will Parti Rakyat Sarawak or Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party allow him to contest in Dayak-majority constituencies?

“Certainly no. Maybe his party can contest in Dayak seats controlled by SUPP,”
he said.

Granda saw the end of Adit’s political career, adding that Adit’s immediate concern is to settle some of his personal problems that have bogged him down all this while.

Wishing him good luck, Granda said: “We are happy that he has left us. It is a blessing for us, otherwise he would be a burden to PKR,” said Granda.

Commenting on Adit’s move, a DAP leader and state Assemblyman for Batu Lintang, Voon Lee Shan, said that it is his democratic right to form a party, even though voters have expected a two-party system.

“Another party will make it more difficult to topple the State Government,” he said and added: “It seems that Opposition politicians nowadays are more interested to become party presidents which in turn give them the chief minister’s post if the opposition forms the next government.

“It seems that the chief minister’s post takes precedence over the wishes of the voters,”
he lamented.

A PRS supreme council member, Joseph Allen said that if it is true that the Prime Minister is supporting Adit’s move to form a political party, then it seems that the Federal government wants to split the Dayaks further and enhance the interests of certain group.

“I hope the Dayaks will know which party to support,” he said, and expressed the hope that Adit’s party will have no impact on the Dayak community, because they know who Adit really is.

“He is being used as a clown in the political arena holding a picture of himself with the Prime Minister, hoping to get the attention of the spectators,” said Allen.

(This story first appeared in the Malaysian Mirror and has been updated for readers of The Broken Shield) – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Dear JT,
An update on the story? I think changing the title to Adit and his clowns speak volumes of your changes. Be careful because your true intentions are starting to show. Its no wonder Adit asked you to leave during his interview. Dun let the MDC issue cloud your judgement.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Idiot is heading down the path to Patau rubit years ago. Not only his money problems will persist, he will lose the respect of the people!

Good riddance! One must always not keep thrash in the house but thrown it into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

PKR is undergoing a self cleansing process, it inevitable but better for the people! Growing pains, its only natural on the path to maturity!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Adit!
You did what many have long wanted such a move.To open up a new front to cater for those dayaks who are fence sitter for far too long. In these way you are making the party merrier.

Since masing and mawan have failed to satisfied the dayaks ,you are certainly a moses who led the Israelis out of the wilderness.

It's timely and those dayaks who feel sidelined by masing and mawan or jabu must join Adit's party.For a change we will see the birth of dayakism in sarawak .

This new party would be more popular with the dayaks if the only paramount dayak leader of sarawak, Leo Moggie, come back and lead. He is the Rentap of all dayaks.

With that white hair now in his final year and the succession plan in a mess, it's time to take the bull by its horn.

Dayak, been the majority in sarawak, must now unite under Adit and take over this political arena.As we all know the dayaks have been split for so many years, must now forgive but not forget and get down to work urgently.

Let the dayak be a force that no one will try to underestimate them.Stand up, dayaks and join Adit, for only joining hands will you all take on the bullies.

Congratulations Adit and may you be the Obama of the land of the hornbills.

This land will never be taken away, for it's our land and will forever be ours.

Salak said...

Actually, where does Tiong King Sing fit in?

He can win Bintulu as an independent. Cannot take him in BN with all the problems. Otherwise another tainted candidate. Unless his jet power flies him everywhere! SPDP mati without him so they'll run to PRS or PBB? Or PR?

Has Mawan found his lost gun from his golf bag yet? Maybe the caddies stole it and got good money out of it.

-Billy Horn-

chapchai said...

Tun Abdul Rahman and Taib are masters at dividing and ruling and so is Najib. When will the Dayaks wake up to this reality that they are being manipulated? Now I hear that a PKR MP has tabled a bill in Parliament calling for the clarification of the Islamic status in Malaysia. I am alarmed at this move. Sarawak should re-visit its 18-point agreement with Malaya before the formation of Malaysia. If Malaya wants to be an Islamic country feel free to do so, but please leave Sarawak out of it. Sarawak is a secular state where Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists are free to practise their respective religions. And please can we have a Dayak governor if the CM is Malay?

Agom said...

May be I agree with Datuk Seri Anwar when he labels Adit has no quality when he was drunk at PKR function at the Crown Tower in Kuching as reported by the Broken Shield earlier.

In politics, Adit seems to be an opportunist when he turns himself of a political frog which is unethical and irresponsible towards his own party.

He joined SPDP on December 1, 2005, after being partyless for more than a year following the deregistration of PBDS on October 21, 2004. However, prior to Sarawak state general election in 2006, he resigned from the party and contested as an independent to defend Ngemah seat of which he retained.

He then joined PKR which he described the party as a perfect political vehicle for him.

Sometimes in July this year, Datuk Seri William Mawan, the president of SPDP, called for Adit to come back to the BN fold and he said he would not go back to BN feared that he might be politically trapped. But then, he was seen together with Najib, the number one BN. Confusing! May be for the purpose to register PRM.

Recently, he said he withdrew his support for PKR because the party could not provide him enough funds to finance party activities. "One has to have tonnes of money,' he said.

Now, we all know who is Adit really. As I can see it, his political gamble will lead him downfalls. I hope that I am wrong.

Anyway, I wish him good luck!

Anonymous said...

Where Adit stands has been confusing. What does he fight for? What is he championing about? Where it all ends?

By aligning himself with PM (by sitting together), he seems to be showing that the Fed Gov is on his side.

If indeed as PRS Joseph Allen said, then the Fed Gov is doing a grave mistake. This shall erode the confidence of Dayaks on Fed Gov. Certainly no more "makkal sakhti" in the making.

I actually try to make sense of his move. I have a feeling that he is overwhelmed with emotion and not rational thinking. Is this what we want from a leader?

By actually doing the thing he does, there might be a lot of impacts. One, the end of his career. Two, the further splits of Dayaks. Three, the strenghtening of other parties. Fourth, the rejection of younger generations to our brand of politics....etc...etc...

I further have this piece of advice to Adit. "ukai semina minyak ajak ulih nulong pejalai politik". Never underestimate the wave of renaissance politic which may be dictated by will power. The evidence is abound around the world. just look hard around.

Banting said...

For a publicity purpose, an ugly dayak man like me can tell the whole world that I am going to marry the just crowned "Kumang Gawai". Subsequently, I had a photograph taken together with the girl`s parents. It doesn`t mean that the parents have consented my marriage to their daughter.It applies to Adit who was seen together with Najib.

Three new political parties namely, PRM, ARBS and PBDS Baru were rumoured being formed in Sarawak. People are free to form parties and it is wrong if anyone says the emergence of the political parties will split the people. Even we may have 100 political parties in Sarawak, what is wrong with that?

The question is, whether the BN government will approve their registrations? ROS is not an independent to make a decision.The registration of Makkal Sathi and MIUP and the unsuccessful registration of MDC were good examples. This was known to mean only parties support BN would be registered and party posed a threat to BN would be treated otherwise.

Freedom of association in our country is not automatically, isn`t it?

For Aya Beragum, posing a photograph with PM cannot be construed as an easy passage to register PRM.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people seem to disagree with adit's move for saying that it will further split the dayaks. Since when dayaks were ever united? SPDP is in trouble as PBB already planted their men to make trouble there. PRS is on collision course with CM. Tajem and co got too much political baggage. What better time to get a political vehicle to gather all the support. Petty issues will be raised simply because of envy and jealousy. Come on people, less coffeeshop talk and grow a pair of balls to do something. Do not be NATO (No Action Talk Only).

adbdin said...

Now the issue is about DAYAK. Plenty of speculation, setback and glamours surrounding the whole senario.

Adit is not going to turn back from its intention and there he is again seating comfortly at the driving seat.

Well, he is making up something to wake up everybody from their nice sleep.

Good job but the reality is beyond his reach...............

Anonymous said...

The opposition parties in Sarawak must be getting a tad stronger and could pose a problem at the next election.

So, it is time to break up the Dyaks unity once again. Any one can figure this out.

Unfortunately, some hot-headed Dyaks applaud Gabriel Adit's move as something good for the Dayaks. Unbelieveable!

Yes indeed, at a price some of the politicians who have a chance to win an election can be bought to "stir up the pots" and end up wasting the votes of their fellow Dyaks.

Sarawak is not the Dayaks' state or the Chinese's State or the Melanaus' state or the Malays' state. It belong to all of us, the Sarawakians. It is every one's duty to make Sarawak a place of peace and prospertiy for all!

Therefore, if you enjoy and like what happened to Sarawak for the last 40 years, by all means go vote for the present government.

If not, why not unite and vote them out? Again, no brainer here.

Anonymous said...

We don't disapprove of what GA is doing! We wish him luck. Let's all use democracy.

He could do what and when it suits him, that's perfectly OK and so would we. Won't we?

Otherwise, we could all join Tiong and get a few more bucks plus some jet rides!



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