Friday, October 9

Is Adit serious in forming a new party?

Gabriel Adit (pic above), State assemblyman for Ngemah and a leader of Sarawak PKR has been rumoured to be the leader of the rumoured formation of the new party, Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia, a supposedly a multi-racial party.

Many do not take him seriously judging by the conflicting statements he made to the Press in Sibu on Wednesday night during which he was to announce the protem office-bearers. Apparently he could not announce the names of the protem office-bearers when the response to the gathering was only a small group of 40 people. Here again, the majority of those present were his supporters from Ngemah.

He would have expected hundreds of people to come after he made telephone calls to many of his colleagues in PKR as well as to those ex-PBDS members who have remained partyless for the past five years or so. But these people either took him lightly or did not want to join him.

In his statement to The Borneo Post, he said the gathering in Sibu had nothing to do with the formation of PRM; it was to form a committee in preparation for the next state election.

To a question about his future in Keadilan, he said: “Today (Wednesday) I am still a PKR man. I don’t know about tomorrow. You will have to ask me again tomorrow.”

In The Eastern Times, Adit said: “When it is time, I will make the announcement. I will alert the Press.”

Some of those who are close to Adit say that he is leaving for Kuala Lumpur on 11 October presumably to hand over the application to form PRM to the Registrar of Societies and he should be back on 15 October and if every thing goes well to announce the formation of the new party.

He has even told a friend to ready a banner with the words “Welcome Adit, the PRM leader to Sarawak”.

Adit was said to have told a few close friends that the constitution and the logo of the party have been ready for some time. He said he has a “big” sponsor for the party, someone who is close to the corridors of power in Kuala Lumpur.

“Definitely, he is not Sng Chee Hua,” he said.

“This time it is not Sng Chee Hua. You believe me,” he assured his friends.

Many of his friends have been taken by surprise when Adit’s name was mentioned to be the leader of the new party. Because all this while, we have heard him bringing a “few thousands of my supporters” to join PKR and that he spoke among the loudest of all the PKR leaders in Sarawak. “Help PKR to get rid of Taib,” he often said. He is known to be an ardent member of PKR.

I am reminded of what my brother told me that we must be wary of those politicians who speak the loudest, the longest and the most critical, because they will be the ones who will become the first to become “political frogs”. My brother was referring to Johnichal Rayong, the SNAP state assemblyman for Engkilili when he was about to “jump frog” to SPDP in 2006.

I told my brother “cannot be, as he was the one who spoke the loudest, the longest and the most critical against Alfred Jabu at Kaki Wong in Betong before the State election.” So he replied: “We must be wary of those who speak the loudest, the longest and the most critical.” It seems that my brother has been proved right once again. (Sorry to digress a bit.)

But one may ask why is Adit making a 360-degree turn? I was told he met Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat recently. He was reported to have told Anwar that if Pakatan Rakyat were to topple the state government, then they have to need a large sum of money for each constituency.

“What large money, rupiah?” Anwar jokingly asked him. Anwar’s reply and how Anwar treated him all this while made him angry and said to a friend: “Ila asai, tetudok iya ila.”

Anwar does not see any leadership quality in Adit especially after an incident at the Crown Tower when he was drunk and came to the stage to utter very unpleasant words regarding remarks about 'drinking ribena'. PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was there. Daniel Tajem was the guest of honour. – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Gabriel Adit should form whatever party he wants. We should all realize the essence of democracy that we believe in.

We can wish him good luck.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see change in government in S'wak but at the same time, I do not want to rush into it. I see politic in S'wak the following ways.

1. If we want change, we must not rely on the same politicians no matter how glamorous & mighty they are. The same politicians will give us the same result and we are seeing it in Adit now. I look forward to new faces, may be 80%, from the alternative party.

2. The best way forward, the way I see it is to increase state DUN from PR in next election, not to overtake the state gov't, not as yet. Bear in mind, the success of last PRU13 by PR was in my opinion mainly due to hard work and brave efforts by DAP, PAS & PKR in the last many years. Peoples' liking towards PR was not instantenous. The goal is to win the next election PRU14 at the Federal level by the PR. It would be easier to change S'wak politic from the PR controlled federal gov't. There are many Adit around and many will frog from BN to PR if PR govern the federal gov't. Do you think you can trust the politician? Then, PR must attempt to win the S'wak state DUN in the following election that is probably 8 years from now. My friends, work hard first in setting the foundation right intead of rushing to govern in next 1-2 years.

3. Like it or not, the organization of PR and its financial strength is simply not capable as yet. We need to raise credible new leaders in the next 8 years for the battle. Meanwhile, continue to pressure the current gov't so that the rural folks will benefits from developments. By doing so, PR is already contributing positively to the S'wakians. Also, as the rural folks get developments, they will grow in political maturity and aware of their rights. When this happen, their vote will go to the credible candidates or party.

Do your part now and success.

Anonymous said...

This posting not only create doubt about the in partiality of the broken shield but also show that what is written here is trying to make fun of a honourable dayak YB.Instead of giving full support to those dayaks who are interested to unite the dayaks, this author is pouring cold water over what might be a good suggestion.

Since the news broke, as I read all the comments, there are not many who write favourable comments.I guess that is what most dayaks are good at, laughing and look down on their own race if one tries to stand up to led their own race out of the wildness.

Whether it's true or not, the comments have been too negative.One should give Adit a chance to announce it himself before one start to pour cold water.

After having so many dayak parties that fail to live up to the dayak's expectation, let give Adit a chance if really he want to form a new party.Who know out of the blue, he might bring in some top paramount dayak leaders and once again the dayaks will lead again.

Remember the dayaks are the majority here in sarawak and only with our unity is it possible to be the ruling party.

The land of the hornbills shall and will always be our land and no one can take it away from us.

Bravo Adit!

Rawong Nikal said...

What? A `political frog` can unite dayak. Even BN cannot unite dayak. Why most of ex-PBDS members refused to join any political party in BN?

Why the Indians in West Malaysia can form so many Indian=based political parties, but not the dayaks in Sarawak? What types of democracy our country practices?

Let see how fast this PRM can be registered?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Adit is not the type of Iban leader who can lead the already splintered community.

Anyway wish him luck in his undertaking.

Banting said...

In Malaysian politics nowadays, whoever deserts his party and declares himself as an independent, or joins another party is always categorised by the experts and the politicians as
(i) crossing over;
(iii) party hopping;
(iv) political frog, and
(v) defection game.

All these five categories have similarities implications on any personality who is described as
(i) inmoral, no integrity or honesty;
(ii) unethical and irresposible;
(iii) betray his own party and the voters, and
(iv) mislead the people and cheat the constituents.

Therefore, any politician who has been tainted with these political images should be rejected completely by the people because he is a politician for self-interest of position, power and wealth.

I am putting it in general and not referring it to a particular individual. Pepatah Melayu, " siapa yang makan chili dia yang merasa pedas ".

adbdin said...

Who ever he is and Adit is for sure one dayak that going to do it now.

Go ahead and transform your yourself and the party itself to generate more alternative choice for the people in Sarawak.

But make sure, this time you are purely sincere and keep this party as long as you live.

What bothered me all this while is, such as our dayak politician just doing the welcoming agenda for certain celebration and at the end somebody else will sit down and run the show or keeping up the track from the close curtain.

As I said previously, it is better for all the dayak party to merge and unite then form the coalition. It is because the existing and strong existence party are more reliable.

As far we concern is about the forming ew party in Sarawak is not as easy as you think coz under Pak Uban dictator ruling it will not be approve easily unless it will give benefit to BN Sarawak.

That is the main question in which most of us feel that it is something weird about forming this new party.

Well after all, since some one is willing to do it then it would be no harm. But it keep reminding me that for another step of creating another disaster to split up more dayaks.

And feeling of dayaks comunities are becoming smaller and smaller, and someone are doing something behind this for their own benefits and agendas.

First Adit, and may be tomorrow others will become a scapegoat to do this.

adbdin :

Anonymous said...

Let him go! Blessing in disguised. He is not a good leader. Pengirup..!

Anonymous said...

Adit can form any party as he wishes but we must know his political affilliation before throwing our support to him. We must make sure we know who Adit really is. If you happened to know him, remember one thing, he never tell the truth. He once wanted us to support PKR but now he has been given show cause letter by PKR to which he has not replied and he has surpassed the dateline given. So what can we expect from people like ADIT. Wake up all of you who support him.