Saturday, October 24

Parti Rakyat Borneo (PRB), anyone?

Someone from Sabah inquired from me today whether it is possible for Kadazans and Dayaks to form a regional party, say Parti Rakyat Borneo. Or is there any other suitable name?

“The party will be based in Sarawak and to be headed by a Dayak Christian with a fair representation from both sides,” he said, and added that it should preferably be a multi-racial party.

He said: “We must try the never tried before one party and I want to shatter all mentality blocks among us in East Malaysia.

“I admit it is not easy to accomplish it, but let us give ourselves a chance to ponder on our broken brotherhood,”
he said.

The idea was not the first. Daniel Tajem made a suggestion in 2000 soon after he returned from New Zealand where he spent five years as Malaysian High Commissioner. But his suggestion was shot down by Leo Moggie, then the president of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) and James Masing. At the time, Moggie and Masing were like inseparable twins.

Tajem also made a suggestion that if a regional party between Sabah and Sarawak could not be formed, then they should seriously consider merging PBDS with SNAP in order to strengthen Dayak unity.

That idea was also shot down by the two men, claimed Tajem and pointed out that they disliked the idea as they were living in “comfortable zones” at the time, (and still are today).

In view of the recent calls for justice and equality for the people of Sabah and Sarawak as promised in the 20/18 points in the Malaysian Agreement it is good that we explore this suggestion further. Without Sabah, Sarawak cannot fight for justice and equal partnership alone. Likewise, without Sarawak, Sabah cannot do it alone.

Now, what is our response to the Sabahan suggestion? – The Broken Shield



keling ati said...

What BN leaders had to say, when there was a speculation that a new political party was formed.

"Many parties would only split the people and it is not good for Sarawak ', said Abang Johari Tun Openg.

" The opposition politicians are more interested to become party presidents ", said George Chan.

" In a parliamentary democracy, anyone can form political parties and it is up to people to decide whom to support ", said Najib.
I ask Najib, why MDC was not registered, then?

" We have too many suitors for the Dayak community. Please don`t introduce another ", said Masing.

When they heard that there was a new party was being formed in Sarawak, the presidents of SPDP and PRS were busy telling the whole world that their parties had pushed for merger since 2005 but never come to a reality until today.

" The train will gather passengers along the way and offer something more lasting ", said Mawan optimistically.

But the train is no where to be seen. Maybe it is being hired by by a timber company to ferry logs, I assume.

Anonymous said...

It's a dumb idea! :))

sulu injau said...

In addition to keling ati.

" Nemu kita reti MDC nya, Mai Dayak Carut", said the deputy president Parti Bejual Bansa.

Why not, the more political parties we have the more merrier comes election. But PRB is not appropriated since the island of Borneo is shared by Sabah, Sarawak, Kalimantan Barat and Brunei.

What do you think "Parti Rakyat Malaysia Timur (PRMT)?

Suntat said...

Not a wise move. Just revive PBDS Baru to accommodate astray passengers and lost sheep from PRS and SPDP.

Apai Semalau said...

Don't live on dreams! In Sarawak, dayak politicians can't agree to unite without squabbles and do you honestly think that its possible to unite with tribes in Sabah? Just some foolish thoughts. Are we just trying to compete with the indians in Malaya to see who can form the most mosquito parties? Thus far, "dayakism" sad to say, is a long lost cause! When dayak leaders see $$$$$ they won't hesitate to betray and push their relatives off the cliff face. So much for unity. Hopefully Baru Bian will turn the ship around.

PioBalanJun.Com said...

United party of sarawak & Sabah?

Anonymous said...

Borneo Congress

Anonymous said...

The more the merrier.It's like partying in a den full of thieves.

Anonymous said...


Sounds good and can include W.M'sian as affiliate members for a time being.

There are. about 10% Christian population in Malaysia) it works out to be (Pop in Malysia:26 million)?

What is the latest registered voters in Malaysia? Use 10% as Christians - how many that would be?

I would like to be the first to register as member!

Jamal Jarjis

Mr Kanul Gindol said...

Rise Borneo Rise !
Adil katalino, bacermin kashuruga, basengat kajubata !
Bravo to the believers of a greater unity in East Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Why not form a new party called "United Malaysian National Organization Baru" ? UMNO Baru? That sounds good! We can get UMNO members voting for us. Well, people do make mistakes sometimes ! :))

The Ugly Truth said...

Dear JT,

Why is there no interesting stuff to read in Broken Shield anymore?

And what this bull-crap bout Party Rakyat Borneo? Who is going to finance it? Tajem? He still angry because Anwar didn't pay him back the money he use in the last election. That's why he don't want to commit to any new party. He one smart bugger cause he knows you need money to win. He also smart so cause he wants everyone to do the work and he just nicely jadi CM. Cit..Poorah!! He better wait his turn cause itu Salleh Jaffar-something also want to be CM. Semua mau jadi CM. Only person who don't want to be CM is Anwar Ibrahim cause he want to be PM. Jadi CM is like a downgrade for him. Hahahaha....

As for this Baru Bian can do what he says. Maybe will achieve something no Dayak leader can do which is to get the support of all Dayaks without having to pay for it through their backside. One day I hope to see a dayak gathering where there is no beer or liquor served or even food served similar to the ones DAP always organise here in Pen Msia. I only get 1 mineral bottle of water but I go because I want to hear the issues and not to have dinner.

So if Baru thinks he can do it on the voluntary spirit and willingness to change then I wish him all the best. But he should know that he is not going to get help from anyone. Masing, Mawan, Jabu (he rather swallow palm oil) and any other Dayak leaders even if they are from PKR. Mark my words...its the same cycle all over again. Same shit just different smell. I think Idris Jala's job to turn around MAS is far easier than Baru's job. Everyone wants to fly but nobody got money. Semua mau ticket free. Ooppss...that one is Air Asia slogan.

So when I see new parties being formed, its just laughable. Unless you got a billionaire or a money printing machine. That's just the way it is in Sarawak. Vote the government out? In Sarawak? hahahaha....Get out of dreamland...

Too many Dayak parties says Masing. I think he should just stop talking before he gets himself more into trouble. Just like the time he said he can can win 100% in all their seats. Now he has to swallow the fact that Larry is untouchable. Some president he turned out to be.

SPDP? That place is turning out to be a hornet's nest. Peter Urine and Sylvester "Backside" Entrie are well known to be Lanun Tanah's men desined to break up SPDP. If Mawan wants to stay in control he better call the exterminator to chase away all these lalats. But if he does that then SPDP will be a party of 1. Himself.

SUPP? Only the slogan is Sa'Ati...which they curi from the Ibans. Never did understand why they don't have any other slogans which people from all walks of life can understand. Cakap Sa'Ati tapi never practise. Very soon become SUPP tulang. You think Soon Koh want to give up so easily?

Only party no prblem is PBB. And its no suprise. PBB is the best party in Sarawak as long as CM is alive. I hear Sulaiman sudah tender resignation so he balik kampung.

So I said, nothing interesting to read in this blog.

Anonymous said...

The dayaks will be in the guiness book of records as the race that have the most parties.

Just think about this. What is wrong with these dayaks! Most of the time they are just interested in forming new party but they are not interested to go back to their longhouses to help those who are in need.

Rather they just want to create a name and induce in all sort of enjoyment.If there's nothing wrong with dayak mentality, I will be the first person to jump from the petronas twin tower.

Gd save the dayaks, if not they will forever be in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

In 2006, a group of people met in a restaurant in Jalan Pantai, Kota Kinabalu to form a party called Borneo National Party. Among the things discussed was that the post of president would be alternated between a Sabahan and a Sarawakian every five years. The most senior person attending the meeting was former UNKO strongman from Papar, Mathurin Daim. Unfortunately, PKR launched its Tambunan Declaration and Mathurin Daim's health worsened. The draft constitution is still being held by a certain person.

Anonymous said...

Also see

Anonymous said...

Much better and stronger case for being the original inhabitants of the land if they were * ANIMIST * instead of Christian. Monotheistic religions are an import and do not represent the original spirituality of Nusantara. But the idea of a unified Dayak party is a great idea for creating a stronger voice to ask for equality with. Try this group of Facebook :

MIGS-SABAH said...

There was a very senior Sarawakian politician who came to All Saints Cathedral to say something which I did not hear but conveyed to me through a friend Tan, that the said leader shared a prophetic word that Sabah and Sarawak would be led by a leader from Sabah. That was in 2000.

Strange soon after this person lost his position and now he is back.

So who can it be the new leader?

It was for a Coronation of a Bishop that the said person came to Sabah and he was seated in the said service in my regular place in the pew where I always sat for years. Second row on the left end of the right right looking from the entrance. You can check the video.

Joshua Kong
co-king of Borneo.

MIGS-SABAH said...

"In 2006, a group of people met in a restaurant in Jalan Pantai, Kota Kinabalu to form a party called Borneo National Party."

I was informed but I did not turn up.

Can we start/revive it again?

Joshua Kong
Co-king of Borneo.
PM for IGGG M'sia