Wednesday, October 7

Adit forms new Party

State assemblyman for Ngemah Gabriel Adit is forming a new party known as Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia, according to reliable sources.

A group which is in Sibu is going to announce the formation of the party and its protem office bearers today.

Adit has been contacting a number of ex-PBDS members to join the group, but many have declined as they are unsure who are behind the formation of the new party.

Rumours have been rife that Sng Chee Hua is behind the new party which is preparing, they said, for his son, Larry Sng, state assemblyman for Pelagus, to join it later.

An assistant minister in the Chief Minister Office, Larry has been partyless after he was sacked from Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

Speculation is also rife that Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party treasurer and the MP for Bintulu, Tiong King Sing is also behind it. No reason is given why Tiong is involved.

There are rumours that some PBB leaders are behind the formation of the party in order to stop Dayaks from joining PKR.

The former president of the defunct PBDS Daniel Tajem has denied any involvement in the PRM formation and has advised his former colleagues to be wary.

“Things are too fluid now,” he said.

The new party is expected to be launched on 15 October. - The Broken Shield



Tbsbidayuh said...

oh my God!! another fraction of the Dayak in Sarwak.

Tiong? Never be a part of Kuala Dimensi Scandal.

I think this is a stepping stone to the dayak but then, have anyone care about the dayak idiocy?


Anonymous said...

TQ BS for the news.

It is much to my dismay and regrets that Adit have chosen to set a new party.

Why the hell that he has chosen to join PKR later formed PRM, and the balls to use the name Pakatan.

Dayak now are much intelektual to be duped in supporting a new party.

Don't forget GA, you will be soon be sent to the political history dust bin, and be deleted from the dayak political struggle.

true to what been suggesting by the second white Rajah Charles Brooke, that "it takes a dayak to kill a dayak". Because less dan a century ago Charles Brooke use a lots of Iban warriors as unpaid soldier for his military expedition against iban such as at Rejang.

In conclusion I would like to say, "kemaia agi kitai tu enda badu dikemeli ulih sng beranak". Untung ke enti nadai kala bisi parti kuat. Apai, beguna amat ke nubuh ke Parti Nyamuk, nginsap darah bala nembiak kita empu". Pikir dulu meh GA!

Bugau said...

Even now dayak are widely dispersed and not united. With this new so-called PKM party will further sink the dayak more deeper into the miry clay of political world.

We all have seen the total failure of dayak in politics. Take a good look at dayak involvement in formation SNAP, PBDS, PRS, SPDP, PBB, SUPP & PKR. All this parties never seem to unite the dayak but further divided the dayak.

Do we really need another new party or another joker to form another new party? Will it benefit the dayak or for personal gain only?

Remember this well, this so-called new proposed PKM will be a very good topic in kedai kopi.

Other races will laugh at the dayak and this joker who will form a new party.

Apai Semalau said...

Dayaks political leaders are, but a stupid lot! They are just too gullible for want of positions and easy wealth. How else can we describe them? Once again we see history repeating itself. Don't we dayaks ever learn? Can't we see that we are being used as pawns by BN once again to further their divide and rule agenda? The new party headed by self interest individuals will be another betrayal of "Dayakism". Does BN need another dayak based party? Would like to hear more from Datuk Daniel Tajem regarding this new party.

Anonymous said...

Adit is a man who always walk his talk.if indeed he form a new party then it's about time those dayaks who are fighting for dayak's cause join this party. But let wait until he make a formal announcement before we start counting the chicken.

As for who is behind this formation is not important. what is important is the what will this new party fight for. This party will be a direct offshot of the former PBDS.

Congratulations to Adit if indeed this is true. Let this be a new dayak party that will not have a chinese towkay behind. Let this be a true dayak party that will stand on its feet. Let this be the first dayak party that is truly a dayak party. For the first time in 46 years we have a dayak party that look dayak, sound dayak and smell dayak.

Let us all join hands and make this one and only dayak party a success.In this way we will see the emergence of dayakism and in this way with us as majority we will eventually take over the chief ministership.

In sarawak dayak are the majority and with this new party i hope all dayaks will close rank and join this party.As Mahathir once say, the minority must let the majority say and be the gov't. So we must all follow what he say.

Bravo Adit!Every success and if possible change Sarawak to a new name call Dayakland.

This land that our forefathers toiled will always be our land and no one shall take it away from us.

Anonymous said...

You know what...I think when clothes don't fit then its time to make new clothes. Mabybe at the time the Bearded One thought that PKR was the right clothes to wear but after wearing it for a few times he realised that maybe the clothes were made in China and not as branded as promoted by the sales people. Maybe the clothes better suited for Pen. Msia but not so suitable for Sarawak.

In any case, maybe all the rumours are thru as to who is behind it. Each of the 3 interested party, Sng, Tiong and PBB have reasons as to why they want to support this new party.

Mebbe it takes a new canvas to pull the Dayaks together. SNAP is obviously being made use of by someone who has ambitions to be CM. PRS will follow the same path as SUPP. SPDP...well...without Tiong siapa mau sponsor...Mawan going to use his own money?

Whatever it is, this episode is going to be interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

Dayak politician never learn from the past experience. Enti amat 2 iko towkay nya sponsor anang enda bejaga sapa ka muai duit ti nadai tuju ati diri sapa enda nemu SCH enggau burong Tiong kes bedau abis/dibicharaka.Agi nganti nama utai ti nyadi dah tu baru meri komen baru

Anonymous said...

Hope Adit can ask Leo moggie to come back and take on that white hair the corrupt.

Let this paramount leader lead the dayak out from the wildness and take back back what have been stolen from them.

like the Israeli ,those who stole our land will run but cannot hide.

Banting said...

" I have found a perfect political vehicle in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)." Adit said in a reply to a question from the Borneo Post`s reporter Churchill Edward during the PKR Convention in Kuching recently.

Adid had joined SPDP, but during the 2006 Sarawak state general election when SPDP failed to secure the Ngemah seat for him to contest, he resigned to stand as an independent.

If is is true that Adit was involved in the formation of a new party (PRM), the public will judge for themselves who is Adit really in the context of morality and integrity. Would his comrades in PKR and friends support his " political frog "?

Anonymous said...

"...The former president of the defunct PBDS Daniel Tajem has denied any involvement in the PRM formation and has advised his former colleagues to be wary. ...

That's a sensible guarded position to take. There are too many loose ends that don't tie up.

Be it the Chinese or Malays or Dayaks, those in dissent to the present leadership might have more resilient traits as the essence of what they're struggling for is not agreeing to what has been pre-agreed. There must be greater appreciation for human dignity and the indivisible rights of aspiration to nurture and attain the best in human potential.

-Bujang Sarawak-

adbdin said...


In today report the authority had frozen our rich bird call Mr Tiong's plane, land and luxury car. But he is still having access to his money.

Could it be link with this or not thats thequestion for us crack out of it.

Come on stop all this bullshit about forming a new party. Cant all the Iban parties group together and merge?

PBDS was once use to be my idols before because at that time I feel it was truely a blessing from Betara to see these native being united and strong.

We all know it nearly could break the majority to form a new government. Daniel Tajem was one of them who inititae and generate the first reformation in dayak's political future.

Do not wasting your time for such fragile move and the speculation towards the formation was always right because the rakyat can easily read these politicians mind.

Let's unite as one, it will benefit not only dayaks but other races because the new generation mentality are widely open to accept any party as long as the party itself sincerely open its door to other races to join in.

The party itself has to be wholly change because the time has change the new generation to be more practical, mature and smart enough to sense what went wrong and what is right.

The wind of change has struck west malaysia for good and it will strong enough to blown its breeze to Sarawak. Who care about the Dayaks these days, who says the malay and melanau has a special right to rule Sarawak and who will deserve most of the wealth if it is not the chinese.

Dayak, Melanau, Malay, chinese and others are all Sarawakian. If kahwin campur prove to be improving us all, then go for it.

After all it is not as easy as how we are trying to say and to tell others what to do. But if the dayaks manage to unite and merge nothing can stop others to follow and back them up.

It is your choice to make a first move and the rest will going along as per rakyat wish. In west Malaysia there is UMNO, MCA, MIC, PPP, DAP, PKR, PAS and GERAKAN. But in Sarawak how many party does the dayaks have?

If you cant unite, then what you expect from your own dayak to follow and unite as one.

Agom said...

The way Adit answered the question as reported in the Borneo Post today was very confusing and evasive.

Adit joined SPDP on December 1, 2005 together with a former Belaga assemblyman Stanley Ajang Batok. Prior to the 2006 Sarawak state general election, Adit was interviewed by a journalist when he denied talks that he would stand as an independent in the May 20 state election if he was not re-nominated as BN candidate to defend the Ngemah seat. He said he would help BN win the election and that the thought of contesting as an independent candidate had not crossed his mind.

But today, every body knows what he had done during the last state general election. Therefore, whether this guy honour his own words? We will wait and see the true colour of this man.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of all this dayak talk of uniting to fight for more money or more share of pie , actually we should talk as human being universal values of fairness , open up your mind please all dayaks with intellectual please don't make the same mistakes of what we don't want the others to do to us ... think carefully ...

Anonymous said...

Adit has the right to SHOW to the world of his "frog"isme and "opportunisme" style of politics.

Also he has the right to show his "drunken" habit political fraternity.

Let it be let it be..

And let in be Adit put up his political tomb on his political cemetery.

This is free and democratic country maa...

Let the RAKYAT bury his political carrier with this coming new PRM party.