Monday, August 23

"Aram Berubah" (Let’s change)

By Joseph Tawie
23 August 2010

KUCHING: Zaid Ibrahim, Parti Keadilan supreme council member, last night launched Sarawak’s election battle cry ‘Aram Berubah’ with scathing attack on Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, who he described as a “white elephant” monster.

Zaid’s call for “Aram Berubah” (Iban words for Let’s change) was received with big applause from the more than 300 diners at a PKR function organised by the Lubok Antu Division.

“Changing Taib with another of the Barisan Nasional is not good enough. It is no different. We must change Taib and his government and replace with Pakatan Rakyat chief minister and government.” he said.

“This is our mission for the coming election, and the people must understand this,” he said, pointing out that Sarawakians must come forward in order to create a new political culture.

Zaid also stressed that the Pakatan Rakyat must be well prepared to face this monster, the “white elephant” which is very powerful and very rich.

“He is being supported by the government machinery including the Police and the election commission.

“So it is important that we have proper planning and logistical support to fight him and his government and be ready for BN’s cheating and money”
he added.

State chairman of PKR, Baru Bian, who spoke at the function, called on fellow members to be ‘agents of change’.

“We cannot expect other people to change; it must begin with ourselves and for me, I am the agent of change,” he stressed.

“We do not have radio and television Malaysia (RTM) such as TV1, TV2 and TV3 or any other channel to pass our message for change to the people.

“But let us be the agents of change ourselves by visiting all the longhouses and villages and tell them about Pakatan Rakyat and its mission,”
he said.

“Tell them that with their support this is the best time to change Taib’s government,” he added.

Another PKR leader, Vice president Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, who also spoke at the function, said the State Barisan has started to feel the heat of their ‘ceramah’.

“They are in a state of confusion and feel threatened,” he said when he related at an incident at a function at Kampung Ensebang Kuari, Balai Ringin early in the day.

While the function was organised for the visit of Zaid Ibrahim, the BN organised a next door concert in a deliberate attempt to sabotage the PKR function.

“They are frightened of us so much so they want to sabotage our function,” said Kitingan, pointing out that despite the attempted sabotage, the function went on smoothly. It was attended by about 300 people.

Kitingan believed that with the support of the people, the rural areas which the BN claimed as their ‘fixed deposit’ are slowly slipping from their grips.

“It will be a loose deposit and what remains later on will only be the receipt,” he said to the laughter of the audience.



apai irau said...

Zaid said 'Aram Berubah',jabu,masing and mawan said 'Anang Berubah'.Zaid said PKR for all Jabu,masing and mawan said its belonged to malayans.Zaid said get rid of the chief pirate,jabu masing and mawan said we will defend him to the last drop of our blood.Zaid said the pirates' chief has walloped everything in the state including kutipsampah triniken,jabu masing and mawan said never mind coz we too had shares albeit smaller.The pirates'chief has disintegrated the dayaks everywhere,jabu masing and mawan said its fine as long as we'taste' part of the power.The dayaks lagged in every sector,jabu masing and mawan said 'we' are rich.

Iban Pantu said...

A former justice minister, Zahid Ibrahim really cares for the people. He must be supported by all Sarawakians. He was responsible to give judges pension expelled by BN government during Mahathir`s era.

I have never heard either Jabu, Masing, Mawan, Manyin or Unggah helping Dayaks government servants who were expelled or sacked by their departments, even though their dismissals were believed to be `political victims`.

We should throw undivided support to `Hi-Men` in PR and say `no` to `pondan` in Bee End.

Anonymous said...

During the Penan rape saga, Jambu was interviewed by reporters:
R: How many Penan women were raped:
Jambu:Uncountable, really cos they ( Penan rape victims) never reported to me.
R: Is there any genuine case as reported?
R: Why didn't you report to the police?
Jambu: What? It wasn't me
( to be continued...)

Anonymous said...

Taib said he is ready to step down if his cabinets and supporters agreed, but the first person to say big NO is none other than yang dikasihi mark my word.

Prophet said...

Do it now.Form groups and go to the rural areas . Tell all the folks there that this corrupted gov't must be shown the door.
Remember Batang Ai. Thou shall not repeat this.
Also tell the folks not to part with their IC. The headman must be neutralize.

Anonymous said...

Saya berharap ahli-ahli committee Malaysia Dayak Congress yang belum diluluskan tidak berputus asa selepas ditolak ROS. Kita patut memohon semula, dan kita juga patut membawa ROS ke mahkamah jika permintaan kita ditolak kerana ROS melanggar kebebasan untuk berpersatuan.

Sila beri amaran keras kepada ROS jika mereka menolak, Dan kita juga patut meminta bantuan dari DAP juga. Orang Melayu mempunyai UMNO dan PAS, orang Cina mempunyai MCA dan DAP, jadi tidak ada alasan yang kukuh jika ROS menolak pembentukan Malaysia Dayak Congress !!!.. Please register Malaysian Dayak Congress as a political party for Dayak people soon, Don't give up !!!