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RM1 Billion Annual Allocation For The Dayak Endowment Fund

11 April 2011

KUCHING: Penang chief Minister Lim Guan Eng called on the state government to stop then exploitation and oppression of the Dayak community.

“For too long they have been taken advantage of by a government that has robbed them of their rights and left them with nothing.

“The exploitation and oppression of the Dayak community must end,”
he said in a statement before returning to Penang.

Lim who is also DAP Secretary General has been in the State to help campaign for the Pakatan Rakyat candidates.

“Now, with polling day for the Sarawak Election being less than a week away, it is opportune for the Dayak community to rise up to challenge the corrupt Barisan Nasional government.

“The state of Sarawak belongs to the people of Sarawak and Pakatan Rakyat vows to return the riches of the land to the people.

“We will provide an annual RM1 billion allocation to establish the Dayak Endowment Fund, in order to provide much-needed infrastructure and basic amenities like roads, water and electricity to the Dayak and other communities.

“They must enjoy direct access wherever they may be in Sarawak so that they can have a higher quality of life and bring them back to the economic mainstream.

“It is ridiculous that roads leading to the interior such as from Kuching to Sri Aman or Sibu to Bintangor and Sarikei are so badly built. When we travel by car, we feel we are travelling by sampan on a river with all the swaying back and forth and swinging from left to right throughout our journey.

“In this modern day and age it is totally unacceptable that there is no electricity and yet the Federal or state government can give computers as an empty show and pretence that they care,”
he said.

Lim said: “This Dayak Endowment Fund is on top of the RM1 billion Poverty Eradication Fund aimed at eradicating hardcore poverty in the state.

“The Dayaks are other native groups, who make up the largest percentage of the population of Sarawak, are unfortunately also among the poorest,”
he said, pointing out that Sarawak is a rich state, if not the richest in Malaysia in terms of natural resources.

“Therefore, to fund the two programmes, Pakatan Rakyat will demand that Sarawak receives 20% oil royalty instead of the 5% it currently receives from the Federal Government.

“Even without the increase in royalties to 20%, the Sarawak state government can afford this RM1 billion annual allocation for the Dayak Endowment Fund by cutting down on corruption.

“The land of Sarawak belongs to the people of Sarawak, and therefore only ordinary Sarawakians should be allowed to acquire them.

“Currently, political and public positions are abused in order to gain valuab
le land across the state while ordinary Sarawakians find it difficult to obtain land.

“In a Pakatan Rakyat Government as practiced in Penang, anyone holding elected posts or appointed public posts such as local councillors will be barred from applying for land. This is to prevent abuse of power by those entrusted to protect the people’s rights. In other words, land will only be given to ordinary Sarawakians, he said.

He said that Sarawak is a land that has everything, yet the vast majority of its people have nothing.

“Therefore, we call upon all Sarawakians, especially the Dayak community which has long been marginalised, to stand up and claim what is rightfully theirs.

“The plentiful resources of Sarawak must be returned to its rightful owners, the people of Sarawak,”
he added.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with LIM GUAN ENG....We have been taken advantagew of,,,,Wake up people of SARAWAK..Know your rights and ask around.Don't be "BODOH SOMBONG"

Anonymous said...

I hope and I pray that the rural voters will do what is right this time.All the usual carrots being dangled now hopefully will not work.

I want to be proud to tell the world next time that I am a Sarawakian and that we on April 16 2011 helped our beautiful state regain our pride and heritage from the claws and jaws of greed and evil.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with YB Lim Guan Eng. So Sarawakians, be you are Dayak, Malay, or Chinese... Stand up, Stand up for your rights. Do not be blinded by the Mee Segera that BN provides during pre-election period. We, rural sarawakians, in particular, should not beg for good roads and other basic infrastructure, as our country is supposed to be independent 50 years ago! Don't think of development promise made by BN; wipe out corruption and abuse of power first; then development will be done at a faster phase.

Anonymous said...

Sarawakian!!!! I beg all of you pls!! pls!!! Pakatan Rakyat want to help us but we are Bodoh Sombong" why should we not accept their offer? Actually my friends/Kaban not all of our people especially long house people do not know or cos all the available infos are of their benefit. Pls help them to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes wake up dayaks. You are the majority there and only you can bring change for the better.

Anonymous said...

rm1b is nothing compare to rm500b ke udah diambi lautmalaya

Anonymous said...

Bravo for the new coalation of PRS, SPDP,PKR, DAPand SUPP and dump Taib mahmud.

On irrelevent of SNAP please look into this issues:-
1). Dayak is being divided among,PBB, PRS, SPDP and SUPP, Jabu of PBB talk, Masing of PRS Murmur, Masing talk, Mawan of SPDP murmur and Mawan Talk, Jabu of PBB murmur. So no one, towards the end issues concerning dayak will never
brought up, so in every area dayak are left behind.
2).Current issuein rural longhouse no party bother about but
very disturbing and ethnic cleansing of the dayak by the present BN goverment is going on-
a). Tadika Kemas set up in rural school. Students are all Dayak from long house but teachers are muslim. Found out and truelly happening, kid from these Tadika when coming back home and serve dinner at long house, wait "brtaubat dahulu" and spread their palms to the horrorof their mother and father.Tadika kemas is used by present BN to do ethnic cleansing of the Dayak race starting from their kid and the adult not aware of it.
b) In most rural boarding school now, student are dayak children from long houses, but the cooks are Muslim malays. Why dayak can not cook for their on childrens? Is this the policy of our current Education department to help BN government ethnic cleansing of the dayak?
c).In most rural school in Sarawak, student are all dayak from long house, but the teachers if there a total of 12 of them, 10 or 85% are malays from Kelantan, kedah and so on and only 2 or 15% are dayak. Is is another way to ethnic cleansing of the Dayak. Why rob the local dayak of job opportunities. There are so many dayak with good SPM and STPM result not jobless and even becames construction workers.
Now, can talk about issue above, not PBB, not PRS, not SPDP. How about PKR? Big No, boss is a Malay in Anwar. and all KL leader are malays. DAP? Is not chinese issue it is Dayak issue why bother.
If all dayak unit together in SNAP, then, SNAP can talk this issue, there is nothing stopping them. So SNAP is still relevent I call for every Dayak to unit under SNAP and stop the systematic cleansing our our race by BN goverment