Tuesday, September 8

Fifty-Six years for Progress to reach Baram?

BARAM: Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Ak Numpang has urged the Orang Ulu Community to be patient, saying that they may have to wait at least 10 years for the vast Baram district to experience progress and development.

“The government has development plans for Baram. Within the next 10 years there will be opportunities for the rural district to get out of vicious poverty cycle.

“The key, of course, is the people of Baram must work hand in hand with the government, with the Barisan Nasional and with one another,” he said at the opening ceremony of PBB Telang Usan triennial delegates assembly last Saturday.

From Jabu’s remarks, the people of Baram will only benefit from the fruits of Merdeka 56 years after Sarawak has obtained her independence through the formation of Malaysia. For the past 46 years, the district has been neglected, marginalized and suppressed.

If I am not mistaken, there was a proposal decades ago to build a trunk road from Miri to Marudi. The proposal was not approved because there were no economic activities there. Furthermore, the state government did not want to disturb, like in Kapit, the boat express services there. But who own these boat expresses?

Jabu admitted that another 10 years then the people of Baram’s rural district – the Kayans, Kenyahs, Berawans, Ibans, Penans and Kelabits – will “get out of vicious poverty cycle”.

By the time, when development eventually comes, if the promise is to be fulfilled, many of those who are now 46 years old or more (if they are born before and during Sarawak’s independence in September 1963) will be dead by then. Sad that they will never taste the fruits of Merdeka.

Jabu warned them of course they must support BN, otherwise forever they will never see development.

The Baram District has abundant wealth in the form of timber, and timber related products, bird nests, good land for agricultural activities and the reason why the people are poor is because the forests have been stripped off their contents leaving nothing for the people to survive on. No wonder the timber blockades are never an ending process. – The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

jabu is holding the people of baram to ransom.for 46 years and now he is saying another 10 years.what a way to bluff!this is a direct insult to the people of baram.

we all know that BN always use this tactic to 'cornered' the rakyat.but by now i hope the rakyat should have know fully well that this spinning must be stopped.

you all can imagine how old jabu will be in another 10 years and also will they, white hair plus his gang,be alive by then. assuming they are not, the next leader will again perpetuated that lies .

so it's up to the people in baram whether to believe jabu or not. for me i sure bet it's a complete lie to attract votes. the orang ulu must sent a protest note to jabu asking him ti retract this statement.

David MUST buried Goliath

Agom said...

Quote " Jabu warned them of course they must support BN, otherwise forever they will never see development ", Unquote.

It is sad to hear a selfish statement from a senior minister, not tally to CM`s thinking, who has declared that he is the chief minister of all races and not a single race in Sarawak will be left out from enjoying the benefit of development, whether they come from the urban or rural areas. I don`t think Taib Mahmud and Najib are happy to hear that.

It is cruel and selfish for any minister who sidelines and marginalises citizens of this country who do support BN in the implementation of government projects.

Is it the spirit of 1Malaysia concept to exclude those people who do not support BN from getting share of the country`s wealth?

Anonymous said...

Jabu jabu booooo! booooo!. By hook or by crook you have to bring development to the people of Baram. It does not mean only when they cooperate with the gov't then development comes to the place. its your calling. Development by means of plantation and logging is not development. It only enrich those towkays and BN goons living in town. You were once poor and suffering. You know how it was like. Why deny it by promoting suffering and poverty the people of Baram. Before your earthly dismisssal, do good and justice to the people of Sarawak for once.

Anonymous said...

My take on what Jabu actually mean to tell the people of Baram -
1. Wait 10 more years for my cronies to take out all the timber resources
2. Wait 10 years until all native lands are taken away from you to be alienated to Companies whom my cronies are shareholders
3. Wait 10 years to fatten the pockets of my cronies and Master
4. Wait 10 years and see how many of you are still living while I can reap billions more
5. Wait, wait wait. If the folks in Baram can wait 40+ years, what's another 10 years?
6. 10 years is only a number. If Barisan cannot deliver in 10 years, then wait 10 more additional years.
Are the folks in Baran now fully awake and listening?

Anonymous said...

10 years? god damn it, that's too long. Why not now, why not immediate? WE WANT IT NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Jabu? What to say? Nasi jadi bubur!

He can go to Bangkok and look after Taib's new trophy !

Something for Idris Jala to hide under the sea!

Anonymous said...

Oops! Just in case its broken, here's that link again possibly related to Idris Jala and what he can hide for Taib in Thailand -


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Jabu, wise people of Baram. At his age and with his heart problem, Jabu won't be around to answer you in 10 years time.

Chakui Chabu said...

That is the policy of BN government depriving of tax payers from enjoying the share of government`s allocation funds for development. No wonder Pengulu and Tuai rumah following suit for refusing to share the governmant rural projects with the longhouse dwellers who did not vote BN.

Everybody can make promise, materialise or empty promises?

Ten years are too long, some older monkeys may go by then, including white hair spices.

chapchai said...

When will the people of Baram wise up to the fact that Jabu is not in the least bit interested in developing Baram. How long has he been a DCM and a state assemblyman? What has he achieved in that time? Zilch. What will he achieve in the next 10 years? Zilch. He will just come along with small bags of goodies during election time. The more backward he can keep these people the easier it is to hoodwink them.

Anonymous said...

Another lie trumpeted by the crony of that white hair devil.he sinned against God and he will pay dearly when God call him back to answered all charges that he mistreated his race.
We must buried this satan before his destroy us.

Anonymous said...

UMNO elite milked their ppl in WM! BN elite milked ppl in Swak!

Now the UMNO elite in WM found "the sumptuous plates full of delicacies" are withdrawn! By whatever means, they wanted to snatch it back.

They create all the hoohah in WM - Perak, Selangor, Kedah ... RUKUN NEGARA is DEAD with UMNO in power with Kerismuddin, recon Zahid and not to forget the Syed Hamid

Swak is their FIXED DEPOSIT!

Start a bank-run in Swak. What do you think?

Jamal Jarjis.

Anonymous said...

The BN leeches took turns saying the same thing as this leechboo had just said. The Telan Usan little leech is beginning to sing the song of their master leech.

Baram folks, we are being sucked dry of our resources, including land and rivers. Remove them this coming election or else we would be reduced to only skeletons. Landless and homeless skeletons. Beware the "DAM"