Saturday, September 5

Six Ibans arrested for collecting oil palm fruits from their NCR land

SRI AMAN: Six Ibans were arrested at 3.00 pm on Friday, 4 September 2009 after what they claimed, collecting oil palm fruits from their NCR land. But Pelita Tangga Akrab oil palm plantation in Pantu lodged a Police report accusing them of stealing their oil palm fruits.

Police personnel from Sri Aman made the arrests following the report lodged by an officer of the company. The Police also seized a lorry loaded with three tons of oil palm fruits.

The six are Giang Ak Junit, 37, Mansu Ak Kasi, 33, Banyat Ak Dundang, 40, Riky Ak Kunjin, 30, Robby Ak Juny, 23 and Fradaus Ak Liang, 19 all from Abok, Sri Aman.

They were released about six hours later from Sri Aman Police Station on Police bail after their lawyer, Dominique Ng intervened.

According to Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA), secretary general Nicholas Mujah, who accompanied Ng to the Police Station, the six denied stealing oil palm fruits belonging to Pelita.

They only harvested the oil palm fruits from their own NCR land which Pelita planted with oil palm without their consent. But Pelita claimed the fruits are from their plantation.

Early this year, four persons were arrested for collecting oil palm fruits from their NCR land at the same plantation.

Meanwhile, several NCR landowners had filed a court case against the company for illegally encroached into their NCR land. The case is pending hearing in the High Court.

Mujah said the case has been postponed several times.- The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

very simple,ask pelita to show proof of consent.i they can do what they like on NCR land, then they will take your wife away next time claiming that your wife have trespass 'their land which actually belongs to you.

Show your displeasure by voting in PR in the next election.Where is masing , jabu and mawan at this very hour of needs. They must show their support to these 6 dayaks by asking them to continue picking the oil palm.

This land is OUR land.

Suntat said...

That is the consequence likely to happen over the controversial issue. More serious incidents, such as murder or rioting may occur, if no preventive measures are taken by the authorities concerned. I am not speculating, but the possibility is there.

On top of that, the police has to take action professionally and impartially on any police report lodged by either the owner of NCR land on the encroachment by the logging and oil palm plantations companies, or by the companies onto alleged `criminal offence` is being committed by individual or group of people over their properties. Every report must be investigated thoroughly without fear or favour, not to act merely on report made by one side but no action is taken on report made by other party.

At least stern warning are given to both parties for not taking the law into their own hands, thus there is no such ` tidak apa ` attitude on part of the police to close the case `No offence disclosed` or ` No further action ` on any police report. Sorry, it is not my intention to teach the police how to carry out their duties, but I am very concerned on the safety of human life if any police report is mishandled.

tsunami said...

encroached into NCR land is not a crime in sarawak. taking NCR land is not a crime in sarawak. picking fruits from NCR crime is but a big crime. and subjeced to arrest. what has gone wrong? greed. corruption. stupid and idiot politicians, ministers?

to be continued.....

Anonymous said...

all we can say is - SARAWAKIANS, SERVE YOU RIGHT!!! you voted for BN, you don't trust anyone than BN, you got bought buy meggie mees and dunhills, and some meagre$$, you CHOSE BN, YOU DECIDED YOUR OWN SUBMISSION TO OPPRESSION! PADAN MUKA KAH KAH KAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go , fellas; time you stood for your rights !!

Anonymous said...

But they still vote for BN in Batang Ai. What have gone wrong with these people's brain!Remember what those west malaysian call these orang ulu! stupid!

Apai Semalau said...

Where is your Yb. Mong ? Now is the best time to seek him for help. Lets see the true colour of your Yb. Get his feedback and see how much he cares for you lot who voted him in! As usual he might just do the disappearing act once again until the next election...and again as usual the ibans of Pantu who never learn from history will once again vote BN. .......well done and congrats Yb Mong in advance.

Semugah said...

Good lesson for stupid but trying to be smart Iban. Police..well done!

Anonymous said...

Abok, Pantu is not under YB Mong, but under Balai Ringin YB Snowdan Lawan, whose voters according to him, earn as much as RM5,000 a month.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard the owners of logging and plantations firms, their agents and workers arrested by the police for encroaching (criminal trespass) into NCR land. Anyone of you believe it there was no police report on these matters?

As reported by SUHAKAM previously, the villagers in Lundu had made over 100 police reports at Lundu Police Station on land intrusions but not only had there been no action taken but those who made the reports were interrogated like criminals. {BERNAMA - published in Borneo Post on 25.11.04}.

What happened to these police reports. Close NFA/NOD? But when there is a police report by the logging and plantation companies against the dayaks on any alleged crime, the police acts very fast.

Anonymous said...

Kitai Dayak diatu nyau enda berenti sebana ditindas oleh pengawa sida kompeni ti dikemendar ka oleh Perintah menoa di Sarawak senentang pekara ti bekena ka tanah NCR (pemakai menoa/temuda).Penyilap ti besai laban tanah kitai Dayak nadai disukat ngambi ka bisi Title.Kitai Dayak baka nyau suntok penemu dikena belurus pekara tu.Orang diatu ngambi peluang ngambi tanah kitai ti nadai Title bakanya.Perintah Sarawak PINTAR: Digaga sida Undang-Undang ngambi ka siap reranggang baka sangkoh kena nurah;lubang jerungkang nyau baka dengong ngipa singkang kitai salah.Kitai Dayak nyau puas tebunsa enggau mut-mut baka orang ti nyau lembut tulang serta lelak.
Baka ni kitai tau tulih ka PENGERING enggau PENYAUP pikir kita?Perunding ka penemu jalai Tuhan tu:Dulu kalia Raja David mansang kering-sakering laban Tuhan ti Pemadu Bekuasa nulong iya; tang sida ti arap ka PENYAUP ari Tuhan deka ngasai ka PENGERING sida di pulai baru.Manoa kitai Sarawak mesti deka nengah TRANSFORMASI secahara jalai Tuhan, laban runding ati kitai ENDA TAU ENDA digaga baru.Besampi kitai minta party MALAYSIAN DAYAK CONGRESS diregister.Aram RISE UP AND BUILD - TU MEH MAIA IYA Tuhan ngelawa bansa kitai Dayak.

Salak said...

It's generally understood by adat (Common Law?) that it's no offence to enter and obtain for personal consumption, timber and non-timber forest products in NCR land.

Any other use, specially for profit is illegal unless there is official recognition of any agreement to do so. The gomen is custodian to maintain this common adat!

But we know for a fact that the early merdeka leaders, the whole bloody lot of them, exchanged our rights to mineral oil for them to gasak the timber!

See - Malaysia - A Case Study (Human Rights Watch).

The natural resources of the State is to be managed for it's citizens as well as future generations.

You know who the real "traitors" are, let's get them out the next By E or GE!