Thursday, October 23

The need to have Dayak as member of Election Commission

MCA youth Chief Liow Tiong Lai’s proposal for two Barisan Nasional deputy chairmen posts, instead of one, should be supported by all BN component parties. But his insistence that the post should go to MCA being the second largest party may not be well received by other BN parties. In fairness and justice, that second post should go to either Sabah or Sarawak considering the sizes of the two states and the number of MPs they have. But the sad thing is that the BN leaders from the two States will not make such a “sensitive” proposal. They only make noise after somebody has said it.

Anyway, such a proposal should not end there. It should also be applied to the appointment of two deputy prime ministers – one caters for the whole of West Malaysia and the other for East Malaysia. This proposal, which was made by non-BN leaders, is expected to further strengthen ties between Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya, the three partners in the formation of Malaysia. And the best opportunity to implement the proposal is in the new cabinet of Najib Tun Razak in March next year.

Since we are on this subject of second deputy chairman or second deputy prime minister, it is also pertinent to talk of a proposal to introduce the second deputy chairman post for the election commission. And for this post, if it should be created, should be filled by a Sabahan or Sarawakian. Better still, if the man is a Kadazandusun or a Dayak. After all, the Malays and other races have been fairly represented in the Commission.

In my book, The Broken Shield – the Dayak Dilemma (second volume), I wrote that in the first direct election in 1970, the Ibans were predominant in 20 seats in the 48 seat-State legislative assembly. The Bidayuh and Orang Ulu communities had five and three seats respectively. The Malay/Melanau majority seats were 12 and the Chinese eight.

In the 1988 delineation exercise, the election commission increased the State legislative assembly seats to 56. While the Malay/Melanau seats increased by six to 18 and the Chinese by three to 11, the Iban seats were reduced to 17 and Orang Ulu to two. The Bidayuh seats remained at five.

In the 1999/2000 exercise, the State legislative assembly seats were increased to 62. Again the Malay/Melanau seats were increased by six to 24 and the Chinese to 13. The Iban majority-seats remained at 17, Bidayuh seats remained at five and Orang Ulu increased by one to three.

In the 2005 exercise, the seats of the assembly were increased to 71. Again the Malay/Melanau seats were increased by four more to 28 and the Chinese to 14. The Iban seats returned to 20, the position the Ibans held 28 years ago. The Bidayuhs seats increased to six. Only Orang Ulu remained at three. All this happened just because the Dayaks were not represented in the commission.

Clearly the Dayaks’ political influence have been eroded, their role in political participation sidelined, and their interests ignored.

Perhaps with a Dayak, sitting as the second deputy chairman or appointed as a member of the election commission, Dayak majority seats might, I say, might be increased in proportional representation with the Dayak population which is more than 60% of the 2.3 million Sarawakians come the next delineation exercise.


Anonymous said...

Superb suggestions as for the creation of the post of extra Deputy Prime Minister.

Create 4 then, one each for Sarawak and Sabah, and 2 for the peninsula, to cater for the Indians and the Chinese.

As for the rationale to have deputy chairman for the Election Commission, its very timely and appropriate.

Whom shall we ask to persue these,then? Jabu? The CM?, Masing?

NEIL said...

Jetty, for the dayaks to stand up and be counted,first they must show us where their brains are,not deleting people comments and day dreaming for some dirty bucks to fall from the sky.
Most of the dayaks are greedy who would sell their parents soul for a few dirty ringgit.
The dayaks have been fighting from day one and are never a reliable partner.The only place for them is the longhouse and the jungle,where they can roam with ease.
There is only one dayak who can stand up and be counted is Leo Moggi.Who will be the next one who have balls and dare to challenge Taib for the sake of the dayak?I bet with my life that dayaks are brave when they are in group and hiding behind their crumbling longhouse,but not when they are in the cities.This is where they are at the weakest,tails between their legs.

Jimmy said...

Malaysia Laws:

-No freedom of religions, and
minority were force to be a muslim
if they married to a muslim.
-Non-muslim is not allowed to be a
Chief Minister and Prime Minister.
-Don't question Ketuanan Melayu.

Let us all Sarawakians and Sabahans agree in one thing, SARAWAK AND SABAH SHOULD GET OUT FROM THIS RACIST MALAYSIA COUNTRY !

Jetty said...

Mr Neil,

Thank you for your constructive comments..this is much better.

chapchai said...

Nothing has changed since the early days after the formation of Malaysia. Sarawak and Sabah are treated as country cousins today as they were then.

Johnny Jalin said...

Two (2) good points raised,

(1) Proposal to have another Dy BN Chairman and Dy PM from EM. How nice it would be if PR comes to power and to include Dayak Agenda in both state and federal scenario!

(2) Appoitment of Dayak (who speak no fear) in Election Commission in view of the eroding representation of Dyaks (60% of the total Swak population)


Anonymous said...

Readers of iban origin, when we talk about our representation in the Election Comission, even if we are given the post of a chairman in the Commission, still, there is the captain to direct the ship.
To me the best the Iban could do is to shun any form of barisan ruling who treated us like a fool as though we are dumb and stupid. BUT who are you up there brave enough to do it? It is better not to be represented at all rather than being made a fool. At least when you are not in the same boat, we can use any form of oars, nobody knows right, this is where our secret weapon lays and use it when the right time come.

Tbsbidayuh said...

"Readers of iban origin, when we talk about our representation in the Election Comission, even if we are given the post of a chairman in the Commission, still, there is the captain to direct the ship."

I am agree with anonymous statement. Why should we be a big guy if we cannot do big thing. Better still, we are always under direction and not to direct. An elephant is only an elephant if she can pull out three and she is not an elephant if she cannot pull even a piece of grass.

Dusit Jaul said...

Tabi menyadi,

The appointment of a Second Deputy Prime Minister is dependent upon the thee "R" factor; RACE, RELIGION and REGIONALISM.

If the government put race and religion above all else, then expect the present status quo to remain.

However though, this can change if the present government put the interest of Malaysia above all else, meaning that, upholding territorial integrity and cohesiveness is top priority for the government.

What better way to do this other than appointing a Second DPM from either Sabah or Sarawak, and the ideal of course would be that the person holding the post should either be a Dayak or Kadazandusun.