Tuesday, November 25

PRS to submit memorandum on NCR land

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has decided to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister and chairman of Barisan Nasional regarding NCR land and other issues that have been plaguing the Dayak community.

The decision was made during the supreme council meeting of the party in Bintulu last Saturday and a committee has been appointed to draft the memorandum, said a supreme council member to The Broken Shield.

During the meeting NCR land issues and the problems especially affecting residents of Sungai Asap were discussed, he said, adding: “The NCR land issues are posing serious political problems to PRS and the Barisan Nasional and so are the problems affecting the residents of Sungai Asap.”

He said the 10,000 people resettled at Sungai Asap in 1998 as a result of Bakun hydro-project faced real and acute problems that needed the urgent attention of the relevant authorities.

“They just cannot survive with three acres of land given to each family. As many do not have regular incomes, they are unable to pay for their housing, their children’s education, and water and electricity bills.

“I hear that the residents have been given warning that their supplies of water and electricity may be cut off in the coming weeks unless they settle their bills,”
he said and pointed out that the problems affecting the residents would become worse.

Some of them, like the 20 Punan families from Punan Talun longhouse, might have to return to the jungle where they did not have to pay bills for water and electricity.

“All these details will be included in the memorandum to the Prime Minister. If we fail to inform the Prime Minister, then we are failing in our duty. And failing to arrest these problems may also pose political problems to us in the coming election. So don’t blame us later on,” he said.

Copies of the memorandum will also be extended to the State government.


Anonymous said...

What is the use for Masing's PRS to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister? Who is the Prime Minister? The present one is Abdullah Badawi and in three months or so he will be replaced maybe by Najib Tun Razak. Masing should know the only one who can solve the NCR land problems in Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak. And Taib knows what's going on and he doesn't care. The Attorney General Office is being kept busy defending Taib's policies vis-a-vis NCR land. All he has to do is bring up the issues in the State Cabinet together with the other Dayak leaders like Jabu anak Numpang and William Mawan. If they cannot , then they are a total failure, as Beginda Minda,Masing's one-time confidente, said. Give not a memorandum to the Government of which you are a part but instead give it an ultimatum like the PPP to BN -- solve the problem or we get out of BN. Does Masing has the guts to do that? I doubt.
Anyway Masing has lost so much credibility that very few Iban intellectuals believe in him. He doesn't keep his words. Against Jabu, he is nothing. CM listens to Jabu, not Masing or Mawan.So what kind of an Iban leader in the Government is Masing? There is only one course of action left for him and his party -- get out like SAPP of Sabah.
But Taib doesn't have to listen to Masing or his party. Masing does not control all the YBs in the party. That is a fact. Especially the MPs, half of whom are actually with PBB. ADUN? One is dying, one or two don't listen to him and are ready to jump ship.

Anonymous said...

How is Masing going to convince BN top leadership his party still has the support of its members,including those in the rural areas? Many of them are leaving to join PKR - like in Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Kanowit, Sibu, even Balleh, and soon in Miri.
Under Masing PRS will be a weaker party and Pehin Sri will not listen to him anymore.

Anonymous said...

Not memorandum, send ultimatum to Taib, not Abdullah or Najib - tell the CM , stop stealing NCR land and start giving back the land you stole (there are more than 200 court cases filed by Dayak NCR landowners to date). What's the use now when so much of the NCR land has been taken away from the Dayaks and more or perhaps therest will be taken when the 12 dams are built across Sarawak.

Sayang betol.

What can Masing do?Nothing

Anonymous said...

My advice to Dato Seri Dr James Masing and his Parti Rakyat Sarawak if they sincerely want to fight for Dayak interests,especially to protect their NCR on their ancestral lands, is to emulate the fine example of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) -- pull out of the Barisan Nasional.

I like to see the faces of those so called Dayak leaders in PRS who have been holding government positions if Masing dared to do that. He will find there will not one but maybe several Raymond Tans, knowing the Dayak mentality. Anang ngelaban perintah.

Anonymous said...

PRS is just a mosquito party to PM and Taib Mahmud. What's the use of submitting the memorandum if it is just for "decoration" in the PM's file cabinet???

PRS should be more daring to highlight the plight of poor Dayaks to Taib through face-to-face dialogue. I bet they don't dare to do that..

NEIL said...

Taib have the upper hand when it comes to party manipulation.If masing don't toe the lone he will ask some MPs that have been planted in PRS to revolt and kick him out.Taib have already stand by Larry Soon to take over the party if he deem fit.
In sarawak all component party leaders are subject to the whims and fancy of the boss Taib.If he feeel that any leader is not up to his liking,then he will instigate some members to challenge the party leadership,resulting in putting proxies as his faithfuls.
So now with most of the dayaks making up their minds to join PKR,I must say masing must move fast and jump on this PKR boat that is leaving the harbour before it's too late.
With Gabriel Adit,the YB of Ngemah,joining PKR,the majority are following his footsteps.In days and months to come,there are dayaks MPs who are eager not to miss the boat.Masing is in dilemma and these days he is moving around the grassroots to gauge his support which is dwindling at the speed he can't believe.
Dayaks,time is the essence of success.Move fast and ditch masing plus all the dayak leaders who are still under BN's leash.Your days are brighter after 45 years under dictatorial rule.God bless Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

memorandum on NCR land is rubbish. firstly, dr james have to change himself. enti nuan agi penakut, anang ngaga utai maioh macam. nya ngasuh bala iban benci agi ngagai nuan. paling manah nuan ngaga SWOT analisis pasal nuan empu dulu. enti nuan agi takut ka orang, anang ngaga utai ka ngenusah nuan. tang enti nuan udah muai ati penakut nuan, bala iban sigi nyukung nuan. so diatu, nama kebuah dr james kelalu takut. sapa orang ka pemadu diketakut ka ya. orang ka ngenakut ka nuan ngelama tok ka pencen enda lama agi. so, nama kebuah nuan takut. tok meh maia ya

Unknown said...

Well, as we all know, Sarawak State election is just around the corner. PRS under Masing is being cornered with no 'modal' or no card in it's sleeve.
Claiming to be people's champion on NCR land issue, Masing being full minister of Land Development or should I say 'fool minister of Land Development' has done nothing at all on NCR land since PBDS era. More and more NCR Land are being taken by those who have right click with Taib in the name of development.
Example Datuk Sng has acquired NCR land for his Kelapa Sawit scheme and those dayak in that area are being forced to accept the reality that they have no right over their own land, just because it is NCR land, no grant title. Where is Masing then? Don't tell me that he knows nothing about NCR land being taken from the dayak?
NCR land issue is one of Masing's personal agenda to win dayak vote for his personal gain only. Look at PRS YBs, what have they done or contributed to their own constituencies? Nothing..!!
Whatever Masing and his cronies send to whoever (CM, PM (Abdullah or Najib), or Agung), beit memorandum or ultimatum, it will be of NO EFFECT, because everybody know what Masing and PRS are made of.
Why only now Masing and PRS are bringing issue on NCR land, why it was not done years ago? Too chicken or like a dog barking at the tree?
Like I said, election is just around the corner. Masing and his PRS cronies are very very desperate now. Sending memorandum or ultimatum on NCR land to whoever is only his political gimmick to win people's trust and secure precious votes for himself.
PSR is a total failure and Masing is a total fool.

Aki Josh said...

The decision to allocate only 3 acres to the Asap households was entirely down to Taib. No arguments. No discussion. Abis cerita. Even the consultants were amazed. It is the clearest example of his ruthlessness and arrogance in the face of the genuine needs and concerns of rural people. I agree with previous comments that the land issue is a state matter and needs to be taken up forcefully at that level, but is it too little too late?

Anonymous said...

macam tak percaya negara maju(konon nya maju) sperti msia masih berlaku perkara seperti ini. you have to read people blogs to believe it.i guess all the media in msia wont even dare to touch on these issues.

Anonymous said...

I agree there is nothing much Masing or his group of PRS can do: Let'ssee whether he will really sned the memo or ultamatum. It's very easy, a few paras here and there, nice type face and the words NCR repeated dozens of times in the context of protecting the special position of the natives,etc If Masng hiopes to gain some political mileage, he is wrong. His is not a Dayak party. There are non Dayaks in his party. I think if he wants to speak o n Dayak issues, make PRS an all Dayak party first. Next quit the BN and fight forthe native rights

Anonymous said...

masing cannot be even a leader to the dayaks. he is a coward and he is a real political whore. he doesn't care about the people he represents. he only cares about his wellbeings. minta ampun ngagai nuan unggal masing, it is about time you wind up your script. Udah mehnya nipu bangsa diri, tulah unggal! Kita bisi petara. enda tulah diatu, dudi ila because GOD is there watching you.

Anonymous said...

Why bring up only the tip of the iceberg?

Why only Bakun problem? What about the statewide NCR land robbery is not in the matter to be taken up?

Is it because PRS and James Masing knowingly the Minister?

Does he not he see the problem right under his nose but rather something so exculsive?

Doing so is only making PRS a laughing stock and a mockery of the NCR Dayak intellegence!!!

Unknown said...

PRS is hoping to create a ripple on the ocean pertaining to NCR land issue, whereby other dayak ministers and YBs in PBB, SUPP, SPDP are singing 'Silent is Golden'.
The dayak should not only targetting PRS but also duck-shooting those dayak Menteries and YBs in PBB, SUPP, SPDP who seem to be sitting very comfortably in their seat, doing nothing for the dayak, least to bother or lifting a small fingure on NCR land issue.
Those dayak ministers and YBs in PBB, SUPP & SPDP are also the culprit and hopeless in dealing with NCR land. They are only after the votes of the dayak for personal gain.
It is high for the dayak to vote of no-confidence to these dayak ministers and YBs because they are the white elephant. They are just a pawn for Taib to stay longer.
Do the dayak need these type of YBS?

Aki Josh said...

Bugau I agree. Given years of uncritical acceptance of Taib's land policies by Dayak political leaders in all parties, PRS's action in sending a memo to the PM symbolizes a turning of the tide. There is no doubt it will cause ripples within the state government, which is the real intention. Let's hope it is a public document. Can 'Broken Shield' get a copy and post it?

Jetty said...

"Let's hope it is a public document. Can 'Broken Shield' get a copy and post it?"

If it is a public document, it's not a problem to publish the document in this blog. I'll check with my 'sources'


Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy, rather than sincerity is the gov't theme particularly in dealing with NCR land issues.

So much fuss for being a 'shifting cultivator' nowdays, be it for hunting wild boar or 'hunting' timbers.

Anonymous said...

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Jetty said...

Dear United States of Borneo,

I'm one of the organising committee member of the 'Malam Dayak Borneo' dinner on 4 Dec.
Don't worry, I have already prepared my books to be on sale that evening. See you there!

United States Of All-Borneo said...

Thank Mr Broken Shield. We should have another stronger shield for Borneo soon.

Anonymous said...

Re: PRS had decided to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister and Chairman of Barisan Nasional regarding NCR land and other issues that have been plaguing the Dayak community.
“The NCR land issues are posing serious political problems to PRS and the Barisan Nasional and so are the problems affecting the residents of Sungai Asap.”
…. All these details will be included in the memorandum to the Prime Minister. If we fail to inform the Prime Minister, then we are failing in our duty. And failing to arrest these problems may also pose political problems to us in the coming election. So don’t blame us later on,” he said. …. Copies of the memorandum will also be extended to the State government.

Any party or body can write memorandum to the Prime Minister on any issue. It seems that PRS is “barking on the wrong tree” because land matters in not under Federal Government BUT the State Government (who is Taib, his family members and cronies in State BN including PRS).

PRS is still in deep “state of denial”. The eyes in PRS leadership are “veiled ….” The appointment of CM of Sarawak (Taib) the is not under the prerogative of UMNO’s President (like that of Sabah CM). PBB and Taib is NOT in UMNO. If one is to analyze the matter closely, what Taib had been doing in the name of “politics of development” (such as NCR land development, BAKUN HEP and SCORE) were of great mutual benefits for “UMNO-PBB” to stay in power. Seen from that angle, it is most unlikely that the current or next PM will take drastic steps to “right” the "wrong" situation.
Foremost, in term of the number of MPs from Sarawak, the current and next PM needs Taib’s support more than Tab’s needs the PM’s support. BN MPs from Sarawak is the anchor for the current and next PM to stay afloat as PM. Seen in that context, the memorandum sent by PRS to the PM is nothing more than desperate act of “damage control exercise”. For grain of salt, it is just a window dressing or an “advertisement".

As long as PRS remains in BN, they are still by and large part and parcel of the system in Sarawak to perpetuate the current power that would be. The memorandum is an irony.

The NEXT QUESTION is: What is the stand of SPDP and PESAKA-Wing of PBB on adverse NCR land issues affecting the rural Dayak community ?
-Ezra Malek -