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Dayaks furious over Entulu proposal ~ Malaysiakini

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Dayaks furious over Entulu proposal

Federal deputy minister Joseph Entulu has provoked angry reactions with his suggestion to drop the word ‘Dayak’ in describing the 26 non-Muslim native communities in Sarawak.

Entulu, who is rural and regional development deputy minister, had said last Saturday that the word ‘Dayaks’ conveys negative connotations like being uncivilised, uncouth and low class.

“Some leaders of Sarawak non-Muslim communities had some years ago suggested to government to stop using the term. I believe the term has the tacit support of the leaders and people concerned,” he had said.

“I believe it will be more tactful and exact if specific terminology like Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit and so forth, be used. I have heard of bitter experiences where Dayaks working in peninsula were turned away when they wanted to invest in Amanh Saham Nasional or when they applied for low-cost housing because some people there thought they were not bumiputeras.”

Temenggong James Jimbun said Entulu should have consulted the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU), Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) and other Dayak associations before making such an important statement.

“Do some research and find out the sentiments of other people and you cannot take it upon yourself to speak on their behalf,” he said in remarks directed at Entulu.

A Dayak leader of PKR, who refused to be identified, said: “The government has taken our resources and now it is going to take away our identity.”

He said that Entulu should know that, of the 26 tribes, the Iban, Bidayuh and Lun Bawang communities would lose their rights as natives, as these names are not stated in Article 161A (5), (6) and (7) of the federal constitution.

Describing Entulu’s remarks as seditious, he claimed that these were intended to shut down the basis for the existence of SDNU. And if so, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) should no longer claim to represent the Dayaks.

‘Unwarranted remarks’

SDNU publicity officer John Anthony Brain urged the government to call for public dialogue before ending the reference to ‘Dayak’.

“Are the Chinese, also going to go by groupings such as Teochew, Hakka, Foochow, Kek and Hokkien? Or the Malays into Bugis, Javanese, Batak, Padang, Pakistan and Iran? Or the Indians into Malayalees, Tamils, Gujaratis, Bagalis and Punjabis?” he asked.

Describing Entulu’s remarks as unwarranted, Brian said: “Dayak is the keyword that gives meaning to (SDNU) which has about 36,000 members, and to its women’s wing, Serakup Indu Dayak Sarawak, as well as its Sarawak Dayak Youth Association.

“Today the government is suggesting that the term ‘Dayak’ should not be used any more to describe indigenous people of Sarawak. Why?”

Entulu’s supporters, meanwhile, said it was useless to pretend to be united under the term ‘Dayak’ when every single community wants its own association.

For example, the Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit, Berawan, Bisayah, Lun Bawang and Iban communities go their separate ways and insist on having their own associations.

“We tried before to unite all the ethnic groups under one political umbrella ore even under SDNU, but they have gone their on way,” said Joseph Allen, a PRS supreme council member.


Apai Semalau said...

La-Kia! Come on Entulu, please don't equate "dayak" with the derogatory term of "Lakia". Your defintion of "dayak" quote "conveys negative connotations like being uncivilised, uncouth and low class" is exactly that. A word of advise, its still not too late for you to learn how to use the english dictionary unless of course you have problems with spelling. There are many of us dayaks who are highly schooled and most willing to help you out. We will gladly sponsor you a dictionary if your ministry can't affort one. Please don't embarass us. Plain and simple, "Dayaks" are indigeneous tribes of Borneo and that includes Kalimantan. To find Borneo please look in a map.I am a proud Dayak but if you want to be a "Lakia" so be it.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Allen: Please find out who is behind the formation of all sub-ethnic associations? Why? By such green reasoning, you are also part of the scheme To Divide and Rule over Dayaks.


There are HIDDEN AGENDAS ( DIVIDE and RULE)behind this issue.

Instead of upholding the RIGHTS for his people, this man planned to ABOLISH the identity of his race.

Without the term "DAYAK", our people will lose our IDENTITY and RIGHTS legally .


Anonymous said...

I do not find anything denigrating in the term "Dayak" nor do most other Sarawakians.In fact sometimes I explain to people I live in Sarawak, East Malaysia ... Sarawak Land of the Hornbill ,land of the Dayaks which comprises of many groups such as Ibans, Bidayus .. perhaps I am wrong but it enlightens.
Must be a very very good reason why this is brought up now.

Hee Haw

Agom said...

In the Borneo Post today, Entulu denies he has ever suggested that the term `dayak` be dropped and he claimed that he had been `misquoted` by a press reporter. The most appropriate thing for Entulu to do now is to apologize to dayak community for his insulting statement instead of blaming the newspaper for misquoting him.

No body would believe him that he never said the word `dayak` if you look at the sentences he used. Quote " the term could connote the community was uncivilised, uncouth and low class". What Entulu means here is `dayak` and not `dan lain-lain` as claimed by him.

True enough, Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BIEM) in its survey report alleged that most government ministers (80 per cent) were not telling the truth.

Since Entulu is a senior member of PRS, the public would like to know whether PRS is fighting for dayak cause? I do not have the party`s constitutiion with me, but I understand that PRS emblem is a Dayak warrior`s shield decorated with traditional Dayak design. If Entulu doesn`t like the term`dayak`, he should suggest to PRS supreme council to amend the party`s constitution by deleting all the words `dayak` and `dayak` symbols in its constitution, so that the dayak will know the party is not fighting for dayak cause.

Anonymous said...

From the perspective of a non-Dayak, I don't see the fuss of using the term. Some Dayaks get offended when Chinese call them Lakia. No reason to. There are many Chinese who actually carry the name "Lakia".

Anonymous said...

A typical good-for-nothing-BN-agent DAYAK YB.

PBB supporter said...

Have you known a leopard ever change its spots? Since PBDS days, Entulu has not changed. He talks first and then thinks later. Now he said he was misquoted by the reporter. Who ever believed Entulu?
He should own up and admit his seditious call.
I think someone should lodge a police report against him for making seditious call.

dara bungas said...

Joseph Entulu denies he has suggested that the term `dayak` be dropped, but I called my friend who attended the function in Sibu and she confirmed that Entulu infact has uttered the word.

I believe most of dayak politicians are fighting for to safeguard the interests, welfare, social, culture, customs, education and economic development of the dayak. But sad to hear, Entulu a dayak Iban has made use of his position as deputy minister to suggest to the government to erase the term `dayak` from history.He must be condemned for his irresponsible move.

Let me put it in general. I am not pointing it to a particular person.This is a type of selfish politician who has no vision and mission in his struggle to help his own community, only to serve himself to get employment, wealth and position. How much of your wealth and position can you bring? Will your own community and your children be proud of you?

Anonymous said...

For everybody's info, the PRS constitution does not mention any Dayak term other than " there emblem of the Party shall be a Dayak shield".

There you have it, PRS DOES NOT and will never be a party for Dayaks, its just another 'Multiracial" political party.

Beremas anak Ambau said...

Sad to say, PRS is beginning to diminish. The so-called YB's are WOLVES of PBB wearing sheep's skin.Gradually they devour the real sheeps in PRS.

We don't need political party that didn't fight for the right of the people and we don't need leaders hos are ashamed of his own race.

Anonymous said...

why the Orang Ulu DO NOT celebrate Gawai Dayak?

Please tell me why?

Anonymous said...

i,being a dayak iban myself,felt very disappointed with YANG BODOH(YB)Entulu said.Now the whole people of Malaysia know what are our Dayak leaders up to.Looking atMalaysian history,there was no leader of any race in Malaysia who called for the abolishment of their race identity,except this Japanese Encipilitis(joseph entulu) and a few other balls licking self proclaimed Dayak leaders.My advise to Entulu is simple-if you do not want to be known as a Dayak,thats fine,just declare yourself as a chinese,or malay or an indian,since he said that only this three races were recognised in Malaysia,BUT DO NOT show your stupidity to the whole nation because for sure there are plenty of smart Iban in Malaysia. Even how much you want to lick "your bosses" ball,never embarras the Dayaks.You were brought in to PBDS by Dayak leaders and became a minister also because you are a Dayak(now of course no more a Dayak) but then you condemned those Dayak.Your brain is definitely not in your "upper head" but at the "other lower head",what a disgrace to see you around.

Suntat said...


PRS is a multi racial party and is not fighting for dayak cause if you look at the statement from Masing when he was interviewed by a reporter of the Borneo Post during PRS Inaugural General Meeting in 2005. I quote here what Masing said, " Robust ethnic politics don`t work.We thought of only Dayak, Dayak and Dayak. I was born in that atmosphere; I grew up in that culture.We must go for multi-racialism, not only be in rhetoric, it must be substance and practices. I was convinced that the Dayak must fight for Dayak. If we don`t do that nobody else. I was wrong".

So, from the statement by PRS president himself, the party is not fighting for dayak cause. If he is now talking about fighting for dayak cause, it is all rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Lakia is in Hokkein dialect mean Native.It's not an offective word.
Just that it sound alien to some people.Native in China,Taiwan,Philippine,Vietnam,Laos,
Thailand,Burma,Malaya all called lakia in Hokkien.

Anonymous said...

Yes and don't forget the name "huana" which means "barbarian".