Tuesday, January 18

Join SNAP, Dayaks urged

SIBU: Former President of the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) Daniel Tajem called on all Dayaks especially the ex-PBDS members in the State to join Sarawak National Party which is now undergoing a process of rebranding.

“The policy, principle and the objective of SNAP are similar to those of the defunct PBDS,” he said at the SNAP symposium in Sibu.

“What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for all our native customary rights land to be taken away to be made as estates of certain Barisan Nasional leaders and their cronies and family members with little pittance given to the land owners?

“Do you wait until your individual rights whittle down to nothingness?”
he asked.

Tajem, who was also former deputy chief minister, said that SNAP is the right avenue for the people to support.

He said: “We want to play an important part of a machine of politics that will churn the wheel and I can see that with the death of PBDS, we have no alternative but to support SNAP.”

Earlier in his opening g remarks, SNAP President Edwin Dundang said that the party’s symposium is to put SNAP back into the “factory” once again with the hope that it may churn SNAP out as either an old product with a new casing like an old wine with a new bottle or even become a different product with a new brand that will attract new sets of customers in addition to the previous Dayak and rural based set of customers.

“Inputs are needed from all of us present as to how we can together move SNAP once again,” he said.

He said that SNAP which was deregistered eight years ago by the Registrar of Societies has become legally operative since 23 June 2010 following the decision of the High Court of Appeal, which affirmed no legal reasons why SNAP was to be deregistered.

“SNAP was almost dead, only surviving through a very thin thread of so-called ‘stay of execution’ otherwise legally SNAP is dead.

“It was deserted almost over night as members left the party leaving behind some 70,000 members,”
Dundang said, calling on all members who had left the party to return in order to make the party stronger once again.

The party at that time had a membership of 123,000.

SNAP was regietered on 10 April 1961 and had played a major role in the formation of Malaysia. Its Secretary General Stephen Kalong Ningkan was made Sarawak’s first chief minister.

During the height of its electoral successes in 1974 SNAP won 18 state seats and nine parliamentary seats.

Today it has no elected representative either in Parliament or in the State legislative assembly.

(The story first appeared in Free Malaysia Today)


Why make the unsafe Betong seat safer for Jabu said...

Layar seat is not safe for jabu no more. But if the challengers are Stanny Embat and / or Joe Unggang then the seat becomes safer (for jabu). The two light-weights probably would cost him 5 million of his ill gotten money - the most. BUT if the challengers are the class of Umoi/ Bale / Kiba, Jabu may have to fork out at least double the amount and more importantly Jabu may lost the seat to anyone of the three heavier-weights.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Daniel Tajem,
You are the man!
Please come into active politics and lead again.
Any party will do. Just as long as you are there!
A Chinese friend.

Anonymous said...

Where can we get membership forms? I reside in Bintulu. Quite a numbers of my friends also keen to joint SNAP membership.

Mark Bujang said...

The shield will remain broken with the current turn of events. This will only create more confusion within the Dayaks just because a few are more interested in party post and fighting for seats and they forget about the main battle which is looming ahead.

For my two cents worth, our chances of achieving change in the government is getting further and further away.

Anonymous said...

Dear BS,

Not so sure whether what SNAP can do. The people in SNAP must come with something concrete as to what they would do as alternative to BN. I think its time for people who are in SNAP to be rational, to think harder outside the box and come with a plan which is good for all people in Sarawak. As of now the only thing that I hear from snap is their negative emotional feeling, their anger, their accusations, their cry that the Dayak NCR land is taken by BN. To the non Iban their thinking of snap is the Dayak in snap are going for revange. They hate Tajem as Tajem once said "Tok Darah Laut" when he drank a rose syrup.

Rosli Dhoby

Anonymous said...

selamat lemai tuai unggal.NAma berita?
I have this to say to SNAP. Dont be a desperadoes admitting simply any tom dick and harry into your working committee else you'll see it vanished again into the thin air.
One more thing. Hear to the feedback of the people on the ground to pick a candidate this coming election, special reminder to Betong area. If Stanley Embat is not keen to jump over to SNAP, get somebody else known to the poeple in Betong, not simply any boy unknown to Betong people or else not only you lost, but lost your deposit too.If you put the one canvassing now, mark my word, SNAP will lost the deposit, iam sorry i got to be frank, kawan kawan juga but for the sake of DAYAKS, think carefully.

Banting said...

Just my thought. May be undergoing a proccess of rebranding of SNAP might be successful. But how about the party`s finances? Is it sound?

In 2006 state election, SNAP contested not less than 30 seats and almost wiped out. One of the reason was, its candidates fellout of money to use for campaign.

Just remember, Gabriel Adit quit PKR because of money factor. He said he withdrew his support for PKR because the party could not provide him with enough funds to finance party activities.

True enough, how to go to visit your constituency if you have no money? How can you run a car without fuel?

The party`s leaders had announced to contest in the rural areas. The rural folks do not really care about brainy issues such as the violation of rule and law or separation of powers or human rights what these rural voters know is that as long as there is the so-called development fund or instant noodle projects coming their way, they are all for the ruling coalition. That is fact being proven during the 2006 state election, Batang Ai by-election and Sibu by-election.

Anonymous said...

All the best to SNAP!

It's good to hear it becomes alive again.

Hope it will win some seats next election.

Anonymous said...

All the best to SNAP.

WHat can SNAP does for Dayaks if they wins some Dayak-majority seats?

Anonymous said...

Tajem never said "Tok Darat Laut when he drank rosy syrup." It's your imagination. But we have herad Taib said: "Nya asai Dayak, abis tanah NCR diambi kitai."

And Abang Johari, when he was an assisant minister was reported to have said in 1981: "jangan milih orang bersirat jadi ketua menteri". He was referring to Yabu. Finally PBB chose Taib as KM to replace Rahman.


colonel said...

and where are the ningkans?it would be most interesting to see a ningkan back into politics.have they no more love for the dayaks & this state?i'm sure there has to be a more than qualified ningkan to play a major role in this resurgance of SNAP.

Anonymous said...

Why causing trouble SNAP? What are few monkeys in SNAP up to? Why only at this moment of time when PR is getting stronger, you out of the blue, trying to cause disunity by demanding for 40 seats? You do that, without any resources and questionable moves, you cannot even get a single seat!
Datuk Daniel, i doubted your sincerity. You know very well that we are facing a formidable foe and yet you try to disunite PR at this opportune time? As an Iban myself, i say sorry, iam not going for SNAP because your business is full of question marks and monkey too.
Tajim, this is not the right time to talk about rebranding SNAP. We can always do it later once we have the upper hand. As for this moment, even the most stupid man alive knows how stupid it is to do it now. A very deceitful indeed!
If you do that, your name Daniel Tajim is just a history. Please, once bitten, twice shy ok!
I have full of respect for you before. My respect for you slowly dwindle into curiousity at the turn of event headed by you.
Shall i ask you and let be frank about it. How much are you paid for for this theatrical script? Yes to most politicians, politic now is all about making and amassing money and wealth, just like making business, forgetting the fact that your generation will forever be the third class citizen, if not reduced to a mere populace to crowd the earth. Then turn into a monkey forever.
Finally, we Iban especially are very very cheap in pawning their pride and dignity. What a shame!
I want an open answer here from Tajim himself for others Dayaks especially, to analyse.

Anonymous said...

I support you Mark Bujang. SNAP should done so earlier, the timing now is not encouraging, election is around the corner, next March I guess, becos now every agencies involved has submitted the list of their Officers to respectives Returning Officers or the latest April.

Anonymous said...

The Dayaks are going to be the loser if you can't cooperate with PKR.The PAKATAN is getting stonger and why are you suddenly creating promblem by demanding many seats.Learn to comprise afterall when you are in BN they treat you like a piece of shit.I am not telling PAKATAN is perfect and of course they are eyeing PUTRAJAYA but this is the best option.Please dont mess up things as BN is watching to cause disunity as they have try to replace Baru BIAN and failed.

Wise Old Man said...

Dear all.

SNAP is the perfect vehicle for Sarawakians to place their political future on.

To understand their programme, one has to be "part of them".

UMNO through its agents (PBB, SUPP,SPDP, PRS)has been colonizing us unjustly. The top leadership of the agent parties and their cronies as you all know are well rewarded.

PKR operates almost similar to UMNO and should they come to power, the same all UMNO RULING STYLE remains.

For the sake of the future of our (Sarawakian) future generation, please help SNAP to help you.

Thank you

Mata Kuching said...

For the Dayaks to move forward and to be recognised as a Malaysian race and not just “Others”and be accorded the dignity we deserved, we must be seen to be a race that can honour our words and demonstrate consistency in our principled stance. For decades we have been known as political frogs and willing to sell our souls to the highest bidder. We have been known to be capable of changing our minds overnight.

The new and educated Dayaks must own up to these poor perception about our race and work on building a race that can be respected for honouring their words and have strong principles. The rakyat and the Dayak community should rightly vote out any Dayaks from both political divides who are known to be political frogs and selling their soul to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...

PKR is multiracial.Baru Bian a Dayak will be the CM.Not satisfied.Here Pakatan might not be perfect but it will create a two party system and alow local based party to have more choise.Now BN is smarter.They saw the Dayaks are joining PKR and quickely they told the Dayaks that SNAP is legal and a better party.Can you see the plot -wise old man.Later when all the Dayaks have join SNAP they will find ways to DE-register SNAP.BACK TO SQUARE ONE FOR DAYAKS....Sorry for you guys...

Anonymous said...

Dayaks are funny people.

They say they proud, brave, honest and farsighted. Then somebody drops Jabu's name and everything falls flat and yet they want to play Dayak tunes again.

Try talking out of Dayak and see the good universalist points.

Anonymous said...

Dear wise old man.
I dont think your name connotes your wisdom. You are old enough to have witnessed what has SNAP achieved apart from the days of Ningkan and James Wong. They achieved nut. Borneonisation campaign is not effective now cos eg. in Sabah the aliens are more than the Sabahans and how do you expect them to disown the one that give them citizenship? Same thing in Sarawak the Dayaks are almost outnumbered now setting aside the government machinery being held somebody having unfavored feeling about the Dayaks' strength.
I call on all Dayaks, for the future interest of all Dayaks, please abstain yorselves from SNAP. We can regroup ourselves later when we are capale of doing it later. As for now, we need to fight along with one another just to kick out the corrupted BN government.
Broken Shield, please feed this info to Datuk Daniel for the sake of the future Dayaks.

Wide Old Man said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous.

To the best of your knowledge. Who do you think is the de facto chief of PKR Sarawak?

Baru Bian or Baharudin Mokhsen?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

They are people whose work is to confuse Dayak voters.First try to replace Baru Bian and now try to get snap and pkr quarrel.Look like smart game. This people will fail.The leaders of SNAP and PKR are wise and they will not be fooled by this cybertroppers.

Sarawak Bahagia said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Assallammulaikum warahmatullah wanarakatu,

From the way you expressed your opinion in trying to dispute the call by one Mr. Wise Old Man regarding the relevance of SNAP to the Dayak people, i bet you are non-dayaks. My suspicions is growing since you refused to answer the Old Man whether the de facto leader of PKR Sarawak is Mr. Baru Bian or Mr. Baharuddin Mokhsen. Will tell you a bit more of SNAP history and its relevance to all Sarawakian in due course.
- Including a non-dayak like you.

Kong Hee FART Choy

Anonymous said...

SNAP, don't hijack PKR's hardwork and popularity please. And i say to PKR where SNAP contest PKR must contest also. Let there be three-cornered contest. Winners keepers...that's fair?