Wednesday, January 26

To All readers in Kuching

Anyone who is interested to join Sarawak National Party (SNAP) is welcome to attend its rebranding process at Grand Continental Hotel, Kuching this Saturday, 29 Jan 2011 beginning from 8.00 am– 9.00 am registration.

Two VIP speakers will be among those
addressing the symposium.

Come early to avoid disappointment as the place is limited.

Any interested person can contact SNAP HQ or Joseph Tawie at 019-8763222


Wong Nyanggau @ Michael said...


Thank you very much for the information.

How do we register to attend and what is the dress code?

Mata Kuching said...

Supporters of SNAP and the party itself have everything to lose if ever some of its leaders are blinded by greed and money. Looking beyond the rebranding exercise which is good for any political party struggling to recapture its past support base and glories, SNAP will be destroyed if its leaders were motivated by money and intend to rock the boat of PR4 now.

A political pimp from West Malaysia is said to seduce some leaders with instant money and possible power sharing with BN at federal level.

We are watching the movements of these few leaders in SNAP very slowly.

Jetty said...

To Wong Nyanggau,

Come and register yourself between 8.00 am and 9.00 am.

Dress is casual smart. Bring as many friends as you can.


Anonymous said...

Can we just do it online?

Lee Hui said...

A SUPP assistant minister was discovered to have a child with a married woman from Batu Kawa, Kuching.
How many assistant minister are there from SUPP? Make your own guess. The point is SUPP is led by a playboy president and many of its leaders are tainted with having marital affairs which were not exposed before but more will surface.

Women voters from all walks of life must make it a point to reject lustful politicians and irresponsible family men. Men who are burdened with keeping girls or mistresses are bound to spent more money and less time with their own family and constituency. A politician cannot claim to have the right to his own private life when he is found to be fooling around and seen to be more keen in keeping mistresses than providing for his family and taking care of issues affecting his constituency. Such politicians will be held at ransom by some unscrupulous businessmen and made to accept bribes to maintain their lifestyles at the expense of the people who voted them.

VOTE out these wolves and lustful politicians in both political divide. And do not forget to vote for CHANGE. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.

tuai bilik said...

Mata Kuching,

That`s Malaysian style of politics. Money can turn YB to frog.

Anonymous said...

If snap cooperate with Pakatan good.But if there is a three corner fight than Taib and his wife will be laughing.

Anonymous said...

why sarawak for sarawakians when snap itself talk proud of being the signatory of the msia agreement?
msia has failed swkians
why not sarawak for sarawakian for complete autonomy or the best secession