Friday, January 7

SNAP to be rebranded

Picture shows the group before the meeting

KUCHING: Discussions have now been carried out between leaders of Sarawak National Party (SNAP) and leaders of the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) on the move to rebrand SNAP which has been left in political doldrums for the last eight years after a leadership crisis.

The rebranding of the party will not only make it into a formidable force, but it will become a truly multi-racial party of the future.

Among those involved in the discussions include former PBDS President Daniel Tajem, former PBDS treasurer general Anthony Liman, Douglas Alau, former PBDS executive secretary and several hardcore members of the defunct party, who have not joined any political party since the deregistration of PBDS in 2004.

Committee members of the stillborn Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC) have also joined the discussions.

Asked to confirm the move, the SNAP Secretary general Stanley Jugol admitted that several discussions have already been held in Kuching and in Miri and a number of these leaders have been appointed to hold key posts in the party.

“SNAP is open to all who share its aspirations and struggle. It is going to remain as an inclusive party working under Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance).

“By rebranding the party, it is hoped that SNAP will once again return to its past glory,”
he said, pointing out that the formation of Sarawak Pakatan Rakyat in May last year gave an opportunity for SNAP to play a bigger role both nationally and locally.

“We want to play a bigger role in Pakatan, but the party must first reorganise or rebrand itself in an effort to strengthen the party,” Jugol said, adding that the party needs the expertise and the guidance of the veteran Dayak politicians.

“But we also need young and professional people to come forward to be members of the party, because they are going to be the future leaders of the party,” he said.

Jugol said that the party has agreed to organise asymposium in Sibu on 15 January to explain the move to the people.

He also said that another symposium will be held in Kuching towards the end of the month on the same objective.

Later in February, the “new” SNAP will be launched, he said.

Jugol said that the party also agreed to form a “Council of Elders” whose main task is to guide and advice the party on matters of importance such as the issues of native customary rights land, traditions, customs and Adat.

Following a bitter leadership crisis in 2002, SNAP was not only reduced into a “mosquito” party, but was also deregistered by the Registrar of Societies. However, it was given a stay of execution pending its appeal to High Court. It was only on 26 June last year that the Court decided on SNAP’s favour.

The crisis began when the party found its former Treasurer General Tiong King Sing, the MP for Bintulu guilty as charged for tarnishing the name of the party over the failed TV3 building project in Bintulu.

His expulsion on 11 April 2002 led to nine central executive committee members walking out from the meeting as they did not agree with the decision of the party.

It also triggered the mass resignations of nine of its elected representatives and members who on 5 November 2002 formed Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP). The “gang of nine” as they were popularly known was led by William Mawan Ikom, who later became president of the newly formed party.

The third party to be formed after Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) and Party Negara Sarawak (PANAS), SNAP’s formation on 10 April 1961 opened the way for the Dayaks to participate in politics during Sarawak’s preparation for independence.

When Sarawak became independence through the formation of Malaysia in September 1963, Ningkan who was the founding secretary general was made Sarawak’s first chief minister.

In the height of its electoral successes, SNAP had nine MPs and 18 state legislators. In 1976 SNAP joined the Barisan Nasional until it was unceremoniously kicked out in 2002.

Today it joins a new coalition, Pakatan Rakyat together with DAP, PKR and PAS.


Anonymous said...

get rid of chinese businessmen opportunist to fund the party like snap-jwong,pbds-sng,spdp-thiong

Banting said...

In the past, some political parties were de-registered because of an internal crisis - leadership tussle and unwilling to compromise. Ptolonged conflict among party members, especially while competing for positions within the party,had eroded the spirit of fraternity among party members.

In politics, a political party is more important than its members. So the party must get rid of its members who create trouble within the party, especially members who have no intregity or honesty and those who are tainted by sex, corruption or scandals.

On top of that, an irresponsible leader in the party should not be a leader, he should be a follower. Sometimes, a party has a lot of `yes men`, meaning blindly following whatever the leaders say. Similarly, the party leaders who blindly following the wish of `an outsider` who wanted to see the splitting the party members, a whistle to start an internal crisis within the party.

Do you need these type of leaders who are used as tools by an outsider to destroy your beloved party? Do you need these leaders who betray party members for self-interest and positions?

TomCat said...

What's with all these political parties? Why are they always using outdated commercial words like "rebranding"? Who are they trying to fool? Rebranding is what greedy companies do when they find their products losing market share, or losing customers, or not making enough money. So they rebrand their products giving them a different name, or a different spin and pitching them to the market hoping people are conned. Rarely do they go about shouting and advertising the fact that their products have been rebranded.
Here we have all these dumb Malaysian political parties who proudly go about announcing in effect that they are trying to con the people with a new packaging but containing the same old rubbish. That's why the likes of UMNO, MIC, MCA are still running on the same spot. And SNAP is joining them. Soon it will be PKR. When will they ever realize it is honest and sincere leaders who care for the people, that we need?

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that "SNAP to be REBRANDED". However, we all have to learn from the past, as I observed and in my opinion, most personality in the party want to be popularity or in other words self interest in the party. Everybody wants to be a Chief not many want be Red Indians. Again, the Ibans are not from Betong only, there are all from all over of Sarawak and even in the west. He must be a leader to see a big picture of whole Ibans in Sarawak as a whole. Sorry for being blunt in my words. Second we must think outside the box too, the Ibans always thought they are main role for Sarawak and we neglected a lot of other tribes such as Lu Bawang, Bidayuh, Melanau, Bisaya, Penan, Kelabit etc. Although we are the majority, does not mean we cannot accept their ideas and leadership too. Sometime our egotism and proud are destroying our own community.
The question I want to ask is, could we accept a leader from the others tribe?
Do we have capacity to bring up the Dayaks specially the Ibans in every sector of developments if we rule the state?
I was a bit mean, when I ask my friends or colleague or co-workers, what the feel about an Iban to be CM. Their immediate reaction is NO. I ask why?
1. There are not smart enough and have no vision at all for the country.
2. They are confined with their own tribe ONLY.
3. Very Proud and egotism neglected other tribes in most of important decision made in administration.
4. Neglected how important education for their children. I have seen some government and companies giving free lectures or seminar on education none want to participate.
5. Self defected before going for wars
6. Runaway from responsibility when people need them, that’s happen in SNAP.
7. Maybe more.
It must start from our own self, change the inside and it will change the outside.
What SNAP needs is a leader of a vision and willing to sacrifice for all community. Willing to step down when his time is up. Learn to accept criticism good or bad from your people and be an example in their behaviour and character. All this can be achieved being a “GOD fearing Man.”
“Anything worth doing does not have to be done perfectly –at first”
Cheers bala kaban...this is what I see through my own eyes for SNAP.

Anonymous said...

For the people of Sarawak...
Let see in all aspect inside the sarawak, what happen today and during this period, do not expected much on the Political party movement...what is more important is our power as a voter..this time we need a here & there not out if you want to see our right protected. If we still vote them, there's will be no change on the situation..don't talk about the dayak right, 20/18 point agreement,NCR land or etc...all this.. will be forgoten...Just vote it out during coming election...if not their movement will not stop until all Dayak & Sarawak been controlled by "Setan" let see the Sabah example..Umno,BN & their islam

Anonymous said...

i prefer to see if snap is for christian people but excluded chinese. we dayak and orang ulu are left behind in term of many things and only the top leaders in BN getting rich.

we must choose leader that God fearing man and not self-centred person. i still wonder e.g. why iban cant become CM even though they are majority in the state. become the leader means you having the power. i am not racist but this is the fact! why majority cannot become the leader in their own land. sarawak is consider christianity state and shall be ruled by christian people.

Anonymous said...

SNAP is to be rebranded!Yes,it has to be.What we really hope for is for the party to be run by capable leaders,not to be run by opportunists,whom either want to be known as political genius or just want to make use of the party to advance own interest.What i heard through friends was that while some who involved in re-branding SNAP are truly genuine in their intention,a few guys involved are those from PKR,for some reasons only known to themselves,intend to use SNAP as their platform.Anyway,wish them the best.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Datuk Daniel Tajem's face again.
To me he is a hero.
With him on, sure the fire will be furious against BN.
I hope he can be the first Dayak CM after removing the present one.
A Chinese friend.