Monday, January 17


Picture of SNAP leaders during the symposium in Sibu


Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is an undisputable ring of truth in that adage.

At national level, billions of Ringgit of People’s money has been spent in the PKFZ project and in the process, the bank accounts of some powerful personalities have grown unmanageably fat.

If not for a change of government that has occurred in Selangor, these corrupt practices and the massive abuse of power involved could not have been discovered.

We hear of a few hundred millions ringgit kickbacks involved in the purchase of military wares. But yet, a submarine cannot drive and military equipmentare substandard.

Those billions of ringgit lost through the rampant practices within the BN beaurocracy could be saved for development projects that could better benefit the rakyat.

Today, as we sit here, the PM is paying a visit to Bakun Dam. Predictably some time later an announcement will be made that the dam will be sold to the state government at a favourable price and at a favourable scheme of repayment.

The federal government would have already made a loss of billions of ringgit and our state government would within a span of couple of years incur billions of ringgit in repayment, spending money that could be utilised for the people’s benefit.

Predictably also, like many of the mammoth projects before, the state government would either sell the dam pretty cheaply or sell the energy generated by the dam cheaply to Sarawak Energy Berhad.

Billions of ringgit of money of the people of Sarawak would had been spent, but ironically the people as consumers of electricity would suffer more by having to pay increased electricity rates and Sarawak Energy Berhad will be making huge profits.

Who own and control Sarawak Energy Berhad?

Billions of ringgit have gone down the drain in the failed First Silicon project. But to the BN leaders that does not matter. The members of the Board of Directors and the senior management appointed by the BN State government get fat pay cheques, fees and allowances.

Money-making government undertakings are privatised. Road maintenance and road construction function of the PWD, enforcement function of the Forest Department and a few others have been awarded to private entities. Who own and control these enterprises?

Who own and control CMS, PPES Works, Naim Cendera, Sarawak Forest Corporation, etc?
Prime state land, for eg.the government quarters area in Batu Lintang and Sungai Bakong area in Sibu etc, are alienated to Naim Cendera to be turned into commercial development projects. Again, who own and control Naim Cendera and how are they connected to people in power?

Those are but a few examples. Not many years ago, logging permits to large tracts of forest areas were invariably granted to children, in-laws, friends, nominees or political affiliates of those in power.

Now, large tracts of plantation lands are alienated to the same people. It is not so bad if the lands are state land but it would be sinful if the lands are NCR of Native communities. The BN government just couldn’t be bothered.

The BN government says it would not take away people’s land without adequate compensation but when a great number of native communities find land they have cultivated for generations with rubber, padi and fruits are alienated to a plantation companies, they are baffled. To them, the reality is they have been robbed of their land.

The BN government has been oblivious to the plight of the native land owners. It has embarked on a policy of freezing issuance of titles to NCR land and has amended the land code many times thus making it easier to grant provisional leases to companies belonging to BN leaders and their relatives and making it difficult for the NCR landowners to prove their claims to NCR lands.

These are the ways of modern-day Robin Hood i.e. rob the poor to give to the rich.

The announcement now that the government is carrying out perimeter survey of NCR land is calculated for election purpose when the government realises it is in danger of losing power. But why only now and why only perimeter survey and not survey of individual lots? In any case, those surveys that have been embarked upon are only at areas to serve the BN election strategies

In strategising to hold on to power at all costs, the BN leaders are preaching to the Tuai Rumahs and Ketua Kampungs to keep away opposition campaigners. That is a selfish and irresponsible tactic which is oblivious to the adverse consequences to the solidarity and social cohesion of the longhouses and kampungs. It is a sure recipe that will destroy the social and cultural fabric of our communities. Again the BN leaders couldn’t care less.

The BN and its predecessor, the Alliance, have ruled this country and this state for almost half a century. That is far too long by anybody’s reckoning. Some BN leaders exhibit arrogance of power to proclaim that only the BN, can bring development.

But the truth of the matter is of course that parties other than the BN if put to power, backed by the same or even an improved civil service and having access to the same consolidated funds can not only bring development to the people but can better administer and manage the state and country.

The Kelantanese have demonstrated that they are happy with a non-BN led government. They have returned PAS to power in consecutive elections. From what we hear, the people in Selangor and Penang are happy with their Pakatan governments.

So to provide a check on the almost absolute power wielded by the BN government in Sarawak, it becomes imperative that we go for change. Change can only be for the better.

We believe therefore that a rejuvenated and revitalised SNAP working alongside its Pakatan’s partners will be instrumental and crucial in bringing about this urgently needed change so that power will not become absolute and corrupt.

Let’s hope we will have a meaningful and fruitful Symposium.

Thank You.


Sri Belalang said...

It is rather hard to believe with the recent announcement by the leaders in PKR and SNAP that the former would contest in the 40 seats and the latter in 28 Dayak majority-seats in this coming Sarawak state election, meaning the remaining 3 seats to be shared by DAP and PAS if Pakatan Rakyat wants to take BN one-on-one.

How to work it out. Is it fair to its partners in the Pakatan Rakyat? We have not heard from DAP and PAS.

I think you will agree with me, if allocation of seats are not fairly distributed among the alliance in Pakatan Rakyat may lead to quarrelling and back stabbing. At the end, some members in the party may take drastic move to quit the party. We hope such problems will not arise in Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Sri Belalang with the latest senario within Pakatan Rakyaat, the question of capturing Sarawak in the coming State Election is almost Zero

Anonymous said...

The contents of this speech are not new to the urban voters. The critical issue now is to convey the messages across the rural communities. All Pakatan component parties need to work on this direction. The sooner, the better.

Lee Hui said...

Najib’s ETP has spent RM67billion thus far in order to create 35,000 new jobs ? That will be at the cost of RM2 million per new job ! Is this the kind of transformation we expect which leaks and bleeds from conception to implementation?

Do not be fool by Najib’s rhetoric and big words to rob the nation even more. First he wants the nation to warm up to 1Malaysia and then use the ETP and NKRA to siphon more money from the nation and rakyat. So far two biggest projects announced, the Sungei Besi former airforce base commercial development and MRT, did not go through the tender process which benefited his cronies with one very influential lady as the wheeler dealer for these mega projects.

Say NO to UMNO dominated BN and all the thieves. We must kick out all these crooks and make no mistake about that. Start voting with our heads and no more with your feet. Do it for our children’s future and their children’s future. VOTE OUT BN !

The corrupt political leaders and implementers work hand in glove to inflate cost of development projects to build commissions (for corruption) into the contract and at the end of the day the public will pay the cost of a vineyard for a crate of apple and oranges.

Fast track projects through negotiated tenders becomes a convenient means of practicing corruption. It does not take a genius with powerful calculating machines to ascertain the amount of public money snatched by our leaders since these projects were introduced by Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his administration (1981-2003) and since then.

The political leaders and implementers with big power are the biggest ‘consultants’ and these ‘consultants’ more often than not are the ones who earn the biggest ‘profits’, (commissions), even bigger than the contractors get out of these projects.

Mata Kuching said...

SNAP should rightly go into the battle against BN with confidence. Eventually it will get the support in at least 28 dayak majority state constituencies. As of now it should rightly focus on recruiting young qualified and professional members and work hard on not more than 15 seats in the coming state election. Likewise PKR should concentrate on not more than 30 seats and PAS not more than 8 muslim majority seats in the coastal or interior.

Together with people power and ketuanan rakyat, we shall kick out Taib’s Mahmud’s BN and thieves. Vote for two party system and good governance and vote against Taib’s massive corruption.

Empaling Demo said...

I totally agree with Sri Belalang.
If parties within the opposition are more intetrested in getting seats rather than defeating the common enemy, then they can forget about ever wresting power from BN.
Like it or not, BN will unleash all the dirty tactics imaginable to get the votes, legally and ilegally, and they dont care as long as they can win. It is already an uphill task to beat them one on one, with the amount of money at their disposal. If the oppositions are not united, you people can kiss your dreams goodbye.
DAP came up with a very good proposal on how to allocate the seats, and I cannot understand why some party could not agree to that.
DAP suggested that if you want to put up a candidate in any seat, first of all you must identify who that candidate is going to be.
You then reason out how and why that cadidate has better chances than anybody from any other party in winning that seat. For example, if you want to have Pelagus seat, how does your candidate stand a better chance of winning against Larry Sng, as against candidate B from another opposition party.
There is no point contesting 20 seats and in the end lose all those,
For the sake of the people of Sarawak in particular and Malaysia in general, PLEASE use your brain and not your foot to think.
Wish you all the very best of luck cos you will need plenty of it.

justicenequality said...

PKR is a 'newbie' in Sarawak & Sabah politics. As such PKR should show DEFERENCE to veteran DAP to contest the URBAN seats & Deference to SNAP to contest the Dayak & other indigenous constituencies.

For the leftovers, PKR should put up its candidates. Out of generosity DAP can allow some Urban seats & SNAP can release some traditional seats to PKR. Thereby there will be Cohesion amongst PR.

But I seriously doubt such an IDEAL Scenario will happen.

DAP has perform spectacularly during the last State elections ALONE without PR outfit behind it.
Don't let 'jonny come lately'PKR jeopardize the equation.

Layar Fantasi said...

I am from Betong and not affiliated to any belong to any political group. I note with interest the effort to revive and rebrand SNAP as well as the promotion of PKR by certain individuals in the area. However, words from the ground seems to suggest that whoever wishes to take on the incumbent must be "heavy and credible enough" The name Stanny Embat (PKR) and Joe Unggang unfortunately are well below weight. Maybe the likes of Norina Umoi, his brother Winston or Tedwin Ngumbang might be the candidates-for-upset.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Yes Layar Fantasi, I agree with you the best choice should be Norina Umoi. She is one of the best Iban (female) speaker and well versed in Iban Adat, a professional and etc. My second choice - her brother Winston Bale (a Lawyer) very nice and humble guy former Senior Civil servant but neglected by BN govern, from SAO to P.A.S. 3RD choice - Stanny Embat he has been on the ground for quite sometime but he was one time join Jabu business, so I doubt his sincerity. Joe - hm - big ?. Teddwin - PRS supreme Council member.

retired cop said...

Layar Fantasy,

Tedwin Ngumbang is very loyal to his boss James Masing, unless Jabu is willing to pawn his seat to PRS.

Anonymous said...

To bring change SNAP and PKR at the oppostion must work together as one partner. Should you squablles over seats allocation you are defeated before the battle starts !

Anonymous said...

Layar Fantasi,
iam from betong too. never heard of norina emoi or winston. as a betong guy from primary one until form 5 and sharing the same school and bumping into tedewin while he was in the force, characterwise he does not impress me much as well as a betong bazaar or ulu people in betong.
stanley embat is a force to reckon with, dare to bet and take my challenge? reply here. i take on embat and you field any of the name you mentioned above, who score more votes than the other.eevene

Layar Fantasi said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

I am not at all surprised if you "do not know" Umoi or her brother Winston. They are a class of their own - well above your class of primary 1 - form 5. Regarding your reading of Mr. Tedwin Vs your PKR aspirant Mr. Stanny Embat, Let's be honest with the fact that Tedwin is a far better candidate than your Mr. Stanny. I suggest you advise your Mr. Stanny to reinstate his employment with Jabu's business and continue to recruit PBB members from that office.


Mata Kuching said...

Augustine Liom has got all the facts correct about UMNO controlled BN's abuse of power and corruptions. Before he proceeds further, he should ask how SNAP intends to fight UMNO hegemony and Taib's corrupted regime and with whom?

Is SNAP going to align with whoever can offer more money rather than fight BN on agreement reached with Pakatan? The 28 seats demanded by some of SNAP leaders are just an excuse to work with the invisible hands that promise to offer more money to the party and potential candidates for the coming state election. The invisible hands have contingency plan and are also courting PPP and Parti Cinta.

The rakyat are not fools and will not easily buy into SNAP rebranding exercise and for blasting PKR almost immediately after the Sibu symposium.

The people in the longhouse would rather vote PAS than SNAP which disled and deceived the people. SNAP should stick to its gentlement agreement reached with other Pakatan partners and focus in not more than 10 seats for now.

Anonymous said...

How about Peter john who is the nephew of Norina umoi and Winston Bale.?what happen and where is he now?This is another bright and brave boys of layar.Is true tht he was detained under ISA?

Anonymous said...

Seriously guys, I need help, who owns SEB? is it privatized or not?