Sunday, January 23

What are UBF and its objectives?

During the meeting at the SNAP headquarters. Seen from left are Jugol, Zainal Ajamain, Dr. Jeffrey, Nilakrisna James and Anthony Liman, SNAP vice president.

United Borneo Front (UBF) is non-partisan and will align with parties who are willing to assist UBF by pursuing for the Borneo Agenda and UBF’s core demands through parliament.

Last Thursday, UBF leader Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan sought the support of Sarawak National Party and was happy that that SNAP is prepared to work together with UBF to pursue this agenda and named Datuk Daniel Tajem as the UBF leader in Sarawak.

Tajem will amalgamate the forces and Sarawak to promote UBF through “Borneo Tea parties”, the government and the media.


1. That the Federal government to establish a “compliance Mechanism” vide a Ministry or an enacted body to implement their core objective and core demands stated herein and comply with Article VIII of the Malaysia agreement.

2. Demand for a fairer and more equitable revenue sharing formula including a review of the percentage of oil net revenue as well as fair and equitable representation and role in parliament/federal cabinet/judiciary and the civil and diplomatic services.

3. Restore the equal partnership status of Sabah and Sarawak to Malaya in the Federation including special rights and privileges for the abolishment of Cabotage/Transport/Trade policies that negatively affect the Borneo states.

4. Demand for the abolishment of Cabotage, Transport and Trade policies that negatively affect the Borneo states.

5. Demand for the respect and implementation of Native rights/NCR and articles 153 of the Federal Constitution.

6. Demand for a shift in the economic development focus to Sabah and Sarawak including the narrowing of the economic and digital divides between Malaya and Sabah and Sarawak, and;

7. Resolve the illegal immigrants (PTI) and “Project IC” problems and the threat to territorial integrity of Sabah and Sarawak including the passing of the heaviest deterrent sentence on rimes related to the issuance of citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Its mission is to reverse colonization-style form of governance and restore the special rights, privileges and equal partnership status of the Borneo States in the Federation.

That the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak will be a free, politically autonomous, democratic, secure and economically progressive state of Malaysia.

To ensure that the Malaysia agreement including the 20/18 points conditions, assurances and the undertakings by Tunku Abdul Rahman and those contained in the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) Report as well as the Cobbold Commission are respected and implemented as per Article VIII of the Malaysia agreement 1963.

Empowering the people by educating them about their political economic history; their rights and responsibilities, and to inculcate the spirit of our struggle for justice.

UBF, as a pressure group and civil rights movement, will align itself with political parties, organisations, and individuals who believe in our struggle and who can support, fulfill, or satisfy our objectives, demands, and agendas. We stand on the side of reason, logic and what is right for the people of Borneo.

The Broken Shield: Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan was supposed to meet leaders of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) and Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) at Telang Usan on Thursday night, beginning from 7.00 pm. But because the hall was booked for another function, the meeting place was shifted to SNAP Headquarters where Dr. Jeffrey had met SNAP leaders earlier in the afternoon.

Sadly none of the SDNU and SDGA dared to come out to attend the function on the reason that there were many Special branch Officers around. They were scared that they might be “marked”.

I would have thought that SDNU and SDGA leaders are the cream of our society. If those civil servants who sit in the committees of the two organisations dared not come out, fair enough. But what about committee members who are pensioners?

Jeffrey Kitingan has been sent to Kamunting Camp under ISA for fighting for the rights of peoples of Sabah and Sarawak, you and me and our children and their children’s children. He is still fighting for it.

I thought we were the descendants of the famous headhunters of Borneo. But now weare so ‘takut’.

No wonder our community continues to be suppressed, oppressed and marginalized.


tuai bilik said...

UBF on paper it looks good, but implementing it is another story.

Hearing a thunderstorm and sees clouds in the sky, a frog knows it is going to rain, so the amphibian is singing for the rain to pour hoping to fill dry pond which can attract other frogs.

Malaysian Malaysia said...

Thank you JT.

I am so touched by this article. I hope that many Sarawakians (irrespective of race and / or religious belief) shall understand and support (the objectives) of UBF.

There are of course the SUPP's, PBB's SPDP's, and PRS's opportunist who shall make a big hoo haa against it for potential rewards-bargain with the Malayan Politician.


NewHope said...

Dear "descendants of the famous headhunters of Borneo",

Do you relise that you people are stretch out thin in PBB-PRS-PBDS-SUPP-SNAP (evil BN) and the poors makan maggi-mee while your so-call-leaders drive aroung in Mercedes.

Look further at Pakatan. PAS - no famous headhunters only religious Islamic Malay. DAP - only few famous headhunters, mostly Chinese. PKR - many good headhunters & mixture of good Chinese & good open-minded Malay.

Why do you, "the BN headhunters" oppressed the "non-BN headhunters" so that your so call BN leaders can grab your ancestor's (should be yours) land ? You know the evil BN's tactic calls "Divide & Rule" ?

God give you a brain to think & reason. He give you a month to eat maggi-mee and to spread the truth to the other headhunters.

Today. Now. Throw your support o your leader Baru Bian. Let Pakatan Sarawak liberate you famous headhunters (also me non-headhunters) from the evil BN regime. CHANGE government so that we can eat KFC instead of maggi-mee.

Forget the BN's hopeless SNAP-The-Frog aka SNAP-The-BN-Mole !. (Remember? Divide & Rule!).

After you headhunters CHANGE the government, your leader Baru Bian will open a book that he always read. It's call "Implementation of the 18-Points .....".

So famous headhunters, stop headhunting. Vote for our KFC !

(With Barang Naik, I haven't taken KFC for nearly half a year).

Iban Polis udah pencen said...

After 47 years of independence in the Federation of Malaysia,why only know Dayak/Kadazan aware of their native rights.

Sabahans and Sarawakians are fed up with the federal government`s failure to fulfil what has been promised in the 18/20 Points Agreement.

There is a limit to the patience, just like the people in Kelantan, Perak, Pulau Pinang, Kedah and Selangor who made their unhappiness known through the ballot box. Sarawakians and Sabahans have to follow suit.

For instance, the federal government is purposely not in favour the appointment of qualified Sarawakians and Sabans to head the federal departments and agencies in these two states. It excuse for always rejecting the promotion of qualified the natives officers from these two states is that they are junior to their counterparts in Peninsula Malaysia. It is all rubbish!

A good example is in PDRM,where the most highest ranks hold by Dayak are Superintendent of Police, but there are few Sarawakian Malays/Melanaus holding the ranks of SACs. Are Dayak officers really not qualified?

I am not instigating neither being a racialist, but those are facts.

Mata Kuching said...

SNAP should at all times during its campaign and preparation for the coming state election inform its supporters and the rakyat the difference between a political coalition in which it is a committed partner in PR4 and a civil liberty movement in which SNAP is aligned to and subscribe to the agenda of United Borneo Front (UBF).

No leaders and individuals in SNAP should outrightly criticise PKR or other partners in PR4 for the lack of political will to fight for autonomy of Sarawak as SNAP has been there and was a coalition partner of UMNO controlled BN before. Do no issue any statement just to fish for political mileage.They should focus on dismantling Taib’s regime and UMNO hegemony in the coming election first. SNAP must stay focus in the main battle ahead before pressing ahead for a bigger agenda that will benefit both Sarawak and Sabah ultimately.

Anonymous said...

UBF is good if it really stick to it objectives. It's a pressure group like Ibrahim Ali PERKASA but of course the latter is not racialist (I hope).The question here is its"s leaders especially Dr, Jeffrey Kitingan is he reliable or has other agenda.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Broken Shield

After reading your comment on SDNU and SDGA which were afraid to attend the UBF function, I find I have no respect for the committee memebrs anymore especially on the SDGA leaders, who are supposed to have courage and brains to espouse for the well-being of the down-trodden, suppressed, oppressed and marginalised Dayaks.
I know a number of them are non-civil servants. The fact that they refuse to be associated with UBF, which is an NGO like SDGA, then the Dayak community will go to the dogs.
I know you want to be an apple polisher so that you can get some funds from YBs and ministers.

Your are no different than Jabu whose actions you often condemned in the past.

Cewek Indon said...

SDGA????? -
Even the credentials of the line up is DOUBTFUL

SDNU????? -
Cakap tidak serupa bikin.
Rumah Dayak???
Good in showing off to our dayak brothers in Kalimantan only?????

Should have invited SADIA. The genuine Dayak NGO.

By d way, how is brada sa lim chin mi and Ah Lim doing?? Why 2 days "doing noting" in Pontianak during last cruise? Bapak Gabanor juga Dwean Adat Dayak Indon tahu sebenarnya lawatan itu bukan direstu SDNU ya pak???

Waduuh waduuh waduhh kesian mawan keliru derma uang kementerian kepada individu

Selamat Siang pak