Wednesday, January 26

A RM1 billion fund for Dayaks

On Sunday, 23 January, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, announced at a Press conference that the Pakatan Rakyat proposes to create a RM1 billion Dayak Endowment Fund, when the Pakatan Rakyat takes over the state government in the coming election.

The fund is be headed by Dayaks who will be elected by the Dayak themselves, said Lim who is also DAP Nation Secretary General.

“This fund is to redress the gross neglect, improve the economic welfare and uplift the educational standards of the Dayak community,” he said.

First to react to Lim’s proposal is President of Sarawak United People’s Party George Chan who described the plan by the opposition a ploy to win Dayak votes.

Dayak leaders in the Barisan Nasional have so far made no comment.

What do readers think of the proposal? – The Broken Shield


Ambai Punai said...

Jabu has his own "million million $$$$$$$ fund". Unfortunately the binifactourist of the fund are non=Dayaks. This is simply because his next generations are non-dayaks;

Son Rentap = Chinese Limbang
Daughter 1 = Lebanese / Arab
Daughter 2 = Swiss / ???
Daughter 3 = Chinese KL

See!!!! Do not blame him for ignoring the dayak needs. His next generation is no more dayak.

retired cop said...

Whatever ways the opposition tries to do to help Dayak community, BN leaders will always not agree, because for them the opposition cannot fulfill any promises.

Yes, we know some BN leaders are also merely singing promises to Dayaks, but whatever comes out from their mouths sometimes are just like songs that are sweet to the ears.

I can still remember in 2009, while visiting Sarawak, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has mooted the idea of setting up Dayak Endowment Fund Borad to help the poor Dayak community in the state. Lim proposed aid for Dayak was honest and sincere, but the first BN state minister who did not agree was Jabu the Kepayang promoter. He lambasted Lim for being bankrup of ideas in trying to win popular support in Sarawak.

For Lim Guan Eng the setting up of the Dayak Endownment Board is to adopt to help the section of Dayak community who are marginalised and left behind, because in Sarawak there are Dayak families earning less than RM200 per month.

I don`t really understand why Jabu did not agree with Lim`s good and sincere intention to help Dayak community?

For information of Jabu, Dayaks community are still living in poverty, despite the state is blessed with much natural resources like land, timber oil and gas as the revenue from these resources are pumped away for mage projects which were benefited in the hands of the few rich, elite families and the cronies of ministers.

Anonymous said...

Don't think! Just vote for PR!! After that then we should be thinking whether to vote PR again in the next election if they don't fulfill their promises!!! So easy mahh...As for George anak lelaki Ho Nam, he can just say goodbye in advance before he's kicked out in the next election!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the proposal is very good and every Dayak must think about it. Barisan is fishing for the Dayak vote also with lot of promises once the electio is around the corner BUT they never fullfilled it look at Batang Ai(Lubok Antu)where is the Bank, tar sealed road and etc. So let the voters decide who to vote

Anonymous said...

Good effort. Just make it a reality when PR comes to office so that all can enjoy the spillover effect.

Anonymous said...

Even if they deliver only half the amount stated, Pakatan would have done more than what the band of thieves in BN can do for the past 30 years. It's up to the Dayaks if they want a new direction into a better future for themselves or get cheated by Taib, Jabu and Masing until they become slaves in their own state.

Anonymous said...

Grab this opportunity and vote for Pakatan without 2 thought.BEWARE-BN is playing another game. They are trying to get SNAP and PKR quarrel over seat.They have failed to get Baru Bian replaced with a less popular leader.

Original PKR said...

Just be cautious friends. Ever thought of the followings scenariosss:-

1. What if half of PKR candidates (in Sarawak) are BN planted candidates?

2. What if there are 2 different name list of PKR candidates (in Sarawak). One from Baru Bian and the other from someone close to PKR top leadership. Which (candidates) list would you think the top PKR leadership endorses??

Anyway, would be good for Sarawakians if someone could shed some update of the PKR meeting 26 Jan 2011.

Happy guessing

Anonymous said...

pity jabu losing his iban generation tree.
after all he knows very well the ibans are a fool, every election come, just get their vote for few cents only bah.he got reason for not choosing the iban. sori jangan harap, saya pun tidak mahu kawin orang iban, nanti very cheap.

Anonymous said...

You are the one out here trying to disunite PR.
To answer you, internal trouble is nothing worse than being ruled by the the bandwagon of thieves, dont you think so?
Well if PR cannot perform, then we rakyat vote them out again. Making any single coalition party ruled too long breeds all kind of evils like the BN now. Najib has been talking sweet under the sun, but we rakyat being a sensible beings, are the one who decide whether they are to stay of kick their ass out.
Disbanded SNAP save PR!Dont plir(play) stupid and cheap money politic.

Wise Old Man said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous.

Please do not avoid the question posted earlier re: Who in your frank opinion is the de factor leader of PKR ? Is it Baru Bian or Baharuddin Moksen or ?????.

Pok, please re-try to work on your own malay-melanau seats for PKR. Jangan lah kerana sik di terima di kawasan melayu-melanau, kita berebut mau control the dayak areas. Ketara gila ia pok. mun ada stragegi kita mau ngancur dayak politik yang akan idup semula melalui SNAP, the dayaks are getting smarter lately.

Good day

Ganeng said...

Yes, a sincere gesture that benefit the marginalized Dayak must be supported wholeheartedly. You can count on my vote.

Jako Apai said...

Jako apai sigi endang amat sereta bisa

Anonymous said...

To all my fellow Sarawakian....time to CHANGE....what we all 1 is the right people or person who really do the work for the people d come next state yr right....i know we all 1 NEW CM n NEW YB who can really work.....not penipu to rakyat..

Anonymous said...

just pay back all the sarawak's money that has been pumped to dev malaya and shipped into amno's pocket

sure the total more than billion or trillion

Anonymous said...