Tuesday, January 11

PRS Youth criticized for lack of activities

Former supreme council member of Parti Rakyat Sarawak Joseph Allen has criticized the PRS youth for lack of activities especially when the state election is very near.

“I have not seen them doing anything at all, whereas youth wings of other political parties are very active organizing this and organizing that,” he said, pointing out that if they do not do anything now they will be held responsible for the defeat of PRS candidates.

“Please do not rest on your laurels. You better do something to help the party. Today’s society is very well-informed on what is going on,” he said.

PRS youth is headed by Assistant Minister Mong Dagang and he is very busy in his constituency attacking and criticizing retired civil servants including retired teachers and army personnel who do not support him.

He even called them “left wing” elements for badmouthing the government.

Mong of course does not know why they are unhappy with the government, because Mong has never worked in the public sector.

These retired civil servants are unhappy because they have been deprived of their promotions even though they are qualified to hold even the highest post in the state; their children have been deprived of places in the universities, scholarships, recruitment to the civil service, and worst of all, they know their parents’ native customary rights land and their own land have been taken away by the government and have been leased to crony companies.

If all these happen to you, will you not be angry with the government especially with the Dayak ministers and YBs?


Empaling Demo said...

Broken Sheild, you are so right. If your NCR land is being taken away, you dont get promoted just because you are not having a certain name and religion and from a certain race, your children cannot get a scholarship or a place in the university even though they not only meet the requirements, because most of the scholarship are given to that group of people, and worst of all the Dayak ministers and ALL the YBs are keeping quiet, WOULD you not be angry??? Wouldnt you Mr Mong Dagang???
The general population of Sarawak are seemingly not angry with the BN goverment that is because the vast majority are ill-informed on what is going on in the country and the state. They are fed with only BN propoganda, through RTM, TV3 and the so-called mainstream newspapers, that always paint a rosy pictures of the BN government.
If Mong dagang still do not understand why many people are angry, just go to ANY government office in Sarawak, and see for himself which group of people are mainly there. It is obviously not from the Dayak community... Even in Sri Aman just to name a few.
Is it because the Dayaks do not like to work in the government services??? NOT at all.
This is what happens when our so-called representatives only care for their own well being, and never the peoples he calaim to represent.
Any YB care to say differently???

JJ said...

Masuk U pen kena profiling boss!

Walaupun pemutus presa ka nyadi lutor, ka nyadi loyar, ka nyadi engineer, ka nyadi architect, etc, tang asuh nyadi pengajar etc. nda nith ke utai ke di pinta sida!

Pemutus lebih manah ari cda p.., tang cda p.. senang nitih ke pinta cda ia. bisasiswa pun sengan bulih ke luar negeri kah dlm negeri kah.

SCORE oh SCORE! sapa ngisi nya deh y y?