Monday, April 11

SNAP candidates should withdraw

KUCHING:Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian has called on Sarawak National Party (SNAP) candidates to withdraw from contesting and to throw their support to candidates of the Pakatan Rakyat if they find their campaigns are not making any headway.

“I heard many of them are not making any headway due to limited resources or due to lack of support from the voters.

“If this is the case, I advise them to withdraw and throw their support to Pakatan Rakyat candidates.

“After all our aim is to topple this government and bring change to Sarawak,”
Bian said in a telephone interview with FMT.

“The Barisan Nasional state government is our enemy and we should pool all our resources to defeat them,” he said.

He added: “If there is a one-to-one fight against BN candidates especially in the Dayak majority constituencies, there is likelihood that we can defeat the BN candidates.

“Therefore, I earnestly beg SNAP candidates to reconsider my appeal,”
he said.

SNAP is contesting on 27 Dayak majority seats following failed negotiations between itself and PKR, and in almost all these constituencies SNAP and PKR are facing each other apart from contesting against BN, independent and Parti Cinta Malaysia candidates.

It is reported that SNAP’s chances are almost next to zero.

On his own campaign, Bian said that he has been going around villages near the town. Starting from tomorrow, he will proceed to the interiors.

“On the whole, my campaign is going smoothly,” he said.

Bian declined to comment on his chance, except to say that he and his campaigners are working very hard to win over the hearts and minds of the voters.

There are more than 6,000 voters.

Meanwhile, reports from PKR candidates in rural constituencies are picking up momentum as the campaign enters its fourth day.

The reports say that campaigns for Ibi Anak Uding in Balai Ringin, Willie Mogin in Bengoh, John Tenewi Nuek in Tasik Biru, Brudi Anak Mawong (Engkilili), Nicholas Bawin (Batang Ai), Ali Biju (Krian), Stanny Embat (Layar), Mengga Mikui (Tamin), Dr. John Brian (Meluan) and Harrison Ngau (Telang Usan) are fast picking up.

“Most of the issues are centred on the grabbing of native customary rights lands, lack of development and failed promises.

“Given the momentum, you can expect a number of surprises in these constituencies,” said Langga Lias, a PKR worker in Batang Ai.


Anonymous said...

PKR is running scared of SNAP, they're now alarmed that SNAP may just defeat all BN candidates. PKR who is funded by Taib Mahmud through Sng Chee Hua is severely flogged by Taib for failing to be an effective spoiler.

Anonymous said...

Aku setuju patut SNAP nyukong PKR ba tempat ti pedis endor sida ia menang, aku nemu maioh bal chalon PKR endang lama udah bejalai baka di Saratok, Betong enggau Lubok Antu. Enti sida PKR tu enda mujur baru SNAP ga nguji dudi ila anang belaya laban tuju ati endang sama deka ngalah ka BN/UMNO. Aku nemu SNAP nadai duit ngagai jam ke diatu, nadai orang deka bekerja pechuma, lebih agi baka transport, minyak/sewa Perau pemakai pama agi, tinggal berapa hari ti nadai duit nadai jalai. INGAT PERAU PECAHAH IKAN YU/BAYA BN KENYANG,ANANG MALU BEKORBAN KA BANGSA, MENUA ENGGAU MERUAH KITAI. TU MEH MAIA KITAI BERUBAH. PEDA BANGSA CHINA (DAP/PKR) NADAI MAIOH PENYARUT.

Anonymous said...

Apart from NCR issue, PKR or DAP should focus more on issue of JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam)quota on job application. Quota being imposed on University and colleges intake for the dayak.

If we are to look at the present situation in State & Federal departments, who is the majority and the minority (dayak, chinese & indian)? Who hold most high post in government sectors? This include the Police & Arm Forces.

Are this minority (dayak, chinese & indian) illegible to hold high post both in State & Federal?

What is the current ratio or percentage of bumiputra (malay)compare to dayak, chinese and Indian working in state & Federal dept?

We vote the government and we must see changes through our vote.

Tiyung Dayak said...

All the best to Mr. Baru Bian and his comrades!

May God bless them, including all of us in Sarawak (and United States of America as well)!

Let’s fight for justice with mercy...

Lord Jesus Christ says:
“I have appointed you as covenant of the people to restore the land.” (Isaiah 49: 8)


Anonymous said...

"The reports say that campaigns for Ibi Anak Uding in Balai Ringin, Willie Mogin in Bengoh, John Tenewi Nuek in Tasik Biru, Brudi Anak Mawong (Engkilili), Nicholas Bawin (Batang Ai), Ali Biju (Krian), Stanny Embat (Layar), Mengga Mikui (Tamin), Dr. John Brian (Meluan) and Harrison Ngau (Telang Usan) are fast picking up."

Hopefully the name above will win. Interesting that Pn Ibi will be the women that will present Dayak women in ADUN. Hope Saudara Baru will win with big majority.

Our prayers with all of you.

To Anonymous 2:45; peda2 meh ka bejaku au.. anang ka relate Taik Mahmud ngau PKR. Nti nda nemu nama ka jaku, anang ingar. Ngai ke dk kumbai org nda mereti@nadai adab..

Bitonggang said...

SNAP has not got enuf time or chance this time round. I guess they have own strategy but now I do prefer SNAP to give way to PKR . Just. Come next General Elections, SNAP and other PR components should work together. I think SNAP is now only testing the ground after many yuears being dormant.