Thursday, January 13

Don’t let Opposition into your longhouses, village chiefs told

This was the headline in The Borneo Post dated 10 Jan 2011 which quoted Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Andrew Shilling Banggit as saying.

“Longhouse chiefs have the right to say who can or cannot enter their premises. For instance, they can shut the door if they are approached by members of the Opposition who only want to spread ill-will in their longhouse,” he said.

“Don’t accept them (Opposition) into your longhouse. Longhouse chiefs have the right to prevent them from coming into their longhouses,” he said when officiating at a fire-prevention programme at Rumah Unjah Besh, Sungai Melanggan, Sibu.

The programme was organised by Rumah Unjah Besh’s village development and security committee (JKKK) in collaboration with the Sungai Merah Fire Rescue Services Department.

Penghulu James Semilan, Penghulu Jeffrey Sut and Tuai Rumah Unjah Besh were among those present.

Shilling, who represented Second Minister finance Minister Datuk Sri Wong at the function, cautioned longhouse dwellers that the opposition had the capacity to ‘poison’ their minds to hate the government.

“Thus, you must all be careful when allowing people or parties to come to your longhouse".

He added that longhouse folk especially from Bawang Assan constituency must continue to back the government as they still needed numerous developments to uplift their living standard.

Now let us compare this story with another from Opar, Lundu. Both of these constituencies are under Sarawak United People’s Party. The following story appeared also on The Borneo Post dated 12 Jan 2011.


Landowners from Kampung Stenggang along Bau-Lundu Road, whose lands were given to private companies for oil palm plantation, blamed Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) for its lackadaisical attitude in helping them solve their problems.

They claimed that SUPP and its elected representative had failed them on the issue despite many appeals and “SOS” calls made.

According to a press statement issued yesterday (11 Jan), which was signed by its village chief Motion Sodiap and chairman of Kampung Stenggang, Bau NCR Defence Action committee Carolus Joim Langis such inaction by SUPP had invited adverse remarks on the party.

As it is now, SUPP’s rating in our area is at its lowest ever since Ranum Mina held the seat some two years ago", they said.

They also said that the affected landowners had no other option but to go to court after having exhausted all political avenues.

Kampung Stenggang is part of Opar State constituency which is held by Ranum, representing SUPP.

“If Barisan loses in Opar, it is not because the people in the area dislike BN, but because SUPP’s inaction and indifferent attitude to the people’s complaints,” they said.

They said that BN had been performing satisfactorily in their area and it was now up to SUPP to show that it can work in tandem with the BN spirit of 1Malaysia – People first, Performance now, failing which SUPP ought to be ready to hand over the Opar seat to the Opposition in the next election.
In the first story, what does it imply? To The Broken Shield, Shilling does not want the Opposition to know the problems faced by the people in the Bawang Constituency. Nor does he want the people to tell the Opposition about their problems.

During the Sibu by-election in May last year, we went to many of the longhouses and found that the majority of the longhouses have no clean water, no electricity and no proper roads.

Worse, their native customary rights lands have been grabbed by the government and leased to crony companies.

Shilling wants all the people in the constituency to have a blinkered view of seeing what SUPP wants you to see. Wake up and get rid of your “Apai Saloi” mentality.


Empaling Demo said...

Andrew Shilling I hope you too read Broken Shield, like many people who wants to know how the other side of the coin looks like.
Why are you so scared of the opposition, you are so unlike an Iban, scared of the enemy. An Iban warrior will confront the enemy head on.
You are a disgrace to your Iban race.
Let the opposition come, and tell their side of the story, or lies as you said, and you counter them, tell everybody why your BN government is so good, and how the BN government has developed the state, to the extend that people who lives within a stone throw from Sibu are still without clean water and eletricity.
And please dont take the intelligence of the people for granted, let them decide who to vote for.. your excellent BN government or the ugly opposition.
It is wrong for you to prevent them from exercising their rights as per the constitution.
If the BN government is as good as you are telling the people, then why are you scared of the opposition???
The only reasons you are trying to prvent the opposition from coming is because you are scared they will rip your lies apart. You are the one who is telling lies and not the opposition.
That is the sad truth.

Banting said...

An Iban political secretary who does not know Iban`s Adat'. May be he is influenced by Jabu`s remarks " Don`t mess around with Ibans, outsider told."

Iban have Adat, tradition and culture. All class of people, regardless of race, religion or stature are welcome to Iban longhouse because Iban feel that they are respected for for being open, generous and friendly.

I am an Iban and had been staying in longhouse before. Our longhouse inhabitants would be happy and showed their hospitality by welcoming guests to our homes.

By telling village chiefs not to allow the opposition into their longhouse must be crazy. May I ask Andrew Shilling, is it a symbol of racial harmony and catalyst for unity under the 1Malaysia umbrella?

I suggest Andrew Shilling should read more The Adat Iban Order, 1993.To me, tuai rumah may refuse the entry of any visitor to his longhouse as stipulated under section 39 and 42 of Adat Iban Order 1993.

Anonymous said...

It's absurd to advise the Tua Rumah: Don't let the Opposition into their longhouses. Those who grew up in the interior know the Dayak friends always welcome visitors to their longhouses on many festive seasons and celebration. How long can you segregate the various communities as suggested by Andrew Shilling?

Org Lama SUPP said...

Unggal Andrew Shilling Banggit,
It is a real disgrace to the Iban and all the Natives in Sarawak who are friendly to their visitors. Opposition are not going to poison the mind of the Iban, but telling what are the problem the BN/SUPP gave to the Native and the Iban alike.

BN/SUPP are only interested in Iban and Natives Votes for them to stay in Power. Do you think George Chan and his team in SUPP gave a damn to the Iban Community in Rejang Basin, other than looking for their votes and once the election are over, they are nowhere to bee seen. It is a normal greedy practice of sort for the Chinese in SUPP whose mentality are nothing but greed and greed. Look at Rimbunan Hijau, Shin Yang and Samling Corporation. Do you knows that these are the front line for the Government to rob the Rakyaat and the Iban of their land. Do you ever realize that or not Unggal.

OK, I think I need to give a few line in Iban. Kasih amat nuan Unggal Shilling, laban nama nuan empu pen di spell baka duit ari UK, sepatut ia nama nuan ukai Shilling, tang Siling anak Bangit. Laban are spell nama nuan ke enda menuku, dia penemu nuan pen sama, baka bala China ke di kering ka nuan ke rangka, kepapas, serta ngerebut reta kitai bansa Iban.

Uji nuan betemu enggua Rimbunan, Shin Yang & Samling, bisi nuan meda bala kitai Iban megai Pengawa Managing Director dia, abis besai pangkat kitai Iban dia, kada enda naka ordinary clerk deh or at best pen enti bisi Junior Line Manager.

Nya alai nuan anang sekali,kali ngemeli ka diri deka di kena orang SUPP nan ka penuduk diri. Aku lama amat nulong SUPP serta gawa ka SUPP di Sarawak, tang maya peluang bisi, sida lalu bejaku Mandarin dia kitai enti bisi, semina tingal keruping utai, laban semua isi iya di empu sida ia kediri, taja pen kitai meh ke bebendar ngulih ka utai. Aku nemu amat strategy bala sida SUPP tu, nya alai kami di Miri, baik di Senadin, Pujut enggau Piasau endang enda nyukong SUPP agi. Semua 3 iti kerusi tu endang di ambi oleh PR udah election tu ila. Nya asai kita SUPP laban Bam serta rangaka.

Anonymous said...

i have been to so many longhouses that i have lost count and i have NEVER met one that did not welcome visitors. rich or poor, they would offer at least drinks and the richer ones even offer food.

for a politician to incite them to become otherwise is to change the adat of the natives.

it looks like these BN politicians are in a great fear of losing power in the next state election.

NEI said...

Manusia Andrew Shilling tih paguh toran kaang opad oyuo negeh, da oyuo man ruang de duoh noh. How could a private sec to the Swak CM speaks like an idiot.

Andrew Shilling promotes totalitarian as against democracy!
Sure he has the lowest rating IQ!

Iban de ni tih akan sukup-sukup bako eh!

Anonymous said...

"BN had been performing satisfactorily". Another syiok sendiri punya statement. Who are they kidding? Are they joking or what? Satisfactorily? I don't know which part are they satisfied with but I don't see any way that the bidayuh people in Bau area are developing at par with other races because of the government, other than the ministers, YBs, and others who are politically affiliated to the BN's ministers or YBs. Government's aid? Naaahhh!!! Kasi bikin jalan, api & air, balai raya , itu memang tanggungjawab perintah mahu kasi! Tak perlu rakyat mintak, sapa2 pegang kerajaan pun patut kasi dan tolong rakyat! but when it comes to NCR land, not even one YB/minister dare to lend their fullest support! Setakat menyalak sekejap lepas tu thanks!! NCR land is the only asset that the natives ie the bidayuh have that can be used as capital to start some bussiness etc.. but what have the bidayuh YB done to help? They just tell the people said that the procedure is too complicated and time consuming. The funny thing is, after the land transfered to 'other' names, very fast process one!!! thats one reason, and the only valid reason why the people should not even think about trusting any of the YBs n politicians, especially from the BN camp.

Anonymous said...

Orang macam Si Shilling ni memang cetik dalam politik, dia hanya idup bergantung dengan jawatan Political Secretary sahaja, dan kalau SUPP terutama Wong Soon Koh kalah dia punya nasi periuk pecah-belah itulah dia takut. Bodoh punya orang. Saya hairan banyak Bumiputra digunakan oleh SUPP untuk mencerminkan SUPP adalah parti pelbagai kaum konon nya tetapi kalau awak tak pandai cakap Mandarin apa guna, kalau ada benda sulit memang boss2 SUPP cakap mandarin.

apai irau said...

Unggal Andrew Siling,ti enda salah ingat aku nuan belajar di Mara,Shah Alam urung pun taun 90s.Nemu nuan begulai engau semua bansa suba peda aku.Tang diatu,makin ari makin lain utai di sebut nuan,maioh agi munyi ke ngemeli ke bansa diri.Enti nitih ke pelajar nuan,anang klalu ngemaroh ke bansa diri.Opposition or not,these people are human being.If you think BN or SOUP has done splendid job for the Dayaks,that's it.Nama utai dikenakut ke kita deh? Ka ke engcekik nuan mantah opposition besari-sari nemu meh orang sapa ti betul engau salah.Ngetu ngemba bansa diri empu,badu nunjok ke pemeli diri.

John. J said...

I wonder if these longhouse chiefs can make their own judgement and that they should tell their fellow villagers to vote wisely and not let anyone tell them what to do.

I have been to many longhouses in the Sarikei and Sri Aman ( Lingga, Spaoh, Layar,) areas and saw that many of them are still living in hardship. Hope that by now all have improved under BN's Politics of Development" which i believe so otherwise Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Andrew Shilling Banggit would be put to shame.

John. J

Anonymous said...

How about outsiders UMNO?? Don't let UMNO into longhouse too! UMNO are outsiders, unclean evil spirits that robbed cheated RM Billions Sarawak oil money!

Apai Semalau said...

Promises of basic amenities to longhouses during the last election by BN representatives have still not meterialised in Pantu, Lubok Antu etc...........
So, Andrew Schilling whose the biggest liar, BN or the opposition? Liars should no longer be admitted to longhouses would be more appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Do these BN goons and retards realize that their days are numbered? And when they are in the opposition, will they complain if they are barred from longhouses? Stop treating the rural Dayaks like they are your personal slaves.

Anonymous said...

The most effective way to counter this stupid act of the BN is for the opposition to tell all longhouse chiefs that their allowance will be increased once the opposition come to power. Give them goodies to look forward to like annual trips (seminars) to somewhere interesting with lots of Maggie mees thrown in. They are greedy like everyone else so have to be thrown baits like what the BN always do.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Shilling people like you are really stupid.WHY?It looks like other races are making use of you to become minister.I think by right you should be the minister or even chief minister.It looks like you want to be the solder and not captain foerever.

Anonymous said...

Hammer that unvaluable shilling flat....there must really be alot of bn dirt that you turah bn goons are trying to hide...kiek sinik !!!

Your kampung mate from Tanjung Penasu, Sibu said...

Andrew Shilling. You are no better than jabu. WHAT A SHAME.




Anonymous said...

BN's cheap & outdated tactic Andrew Shilling Banggit... real democracy's not like what BN practice now.. they will be more awareness in their rights soon.. enough fooling your own races..