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Dayak Symposium Resolutions: State Government unjust and unfair!

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Dayak professionals, political leaders, retired senior civil servants, businessmen and members of Dayak Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) from Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu communities have come up with a united voice saying that the actions of the BN government have forced the Native customary land owners into confrontation with plantation companies and with the police and have in many instances created adverse public order situations and the blame for the emergence of such situations lies with the BN government.

This was one of the resolutions adopted at the Dayak Symposium held on Saturday, 31 January 2009 in Sibu where issues pertaining to NCR land had become the focal point of discussions.

The symposium agreed “That as a long term and wholesome solution to the injustices and unfairness and the undesirable public order situations the symposium is urging the people of Sarawak of all races to strike at the root cause by effecting a change in the leadership in government, that is, to remove the State BN government from power through the democratic process at the next general election.”

Other resolutions include:-

# That the Sarawak BN government under the leadership of the present Chief Minister has formulated and implemented polices relating to land that are unjust and that are burdening land owners;

# That the Sarawak BN government policy of freezing the survey of NCR land and freezing the issuance of native titles and its amendment of Land Code placing the burden of proving native customary rights on the land owners are unfair and unjust and, by design or otherwise, will result in Dayaks gradually and eventually to be dispossessed of their NCR lands;

# That the extinguishment of NCR lands without adequate and proper notice is resented as being unfair and unjust;

# That the Sarawak BN government does not pay due recognition and respect to Dayak customs and traditions relating to land rights and land use and does not recognize “Pemakai Menoa” and “Pulau Galau”;

# Grant of state leases which are now on the increase involving large tracts of State land and NCR lands to relatives, nominees and cronies of or companies belonging to BN leaders without due regards to customary rights over these lands and without regards to the consequences to the NCR land owners is unjust, abuse of power, irresponsible, a breach of fiduciary duty as a government and tantamount to corruption;

# That the word “Dayak” to be reinstated in the definition of “Natives”.

# That the Dayaks be identified and called according to their respective ethnic groups instead of being classified as “Lain-Lain” in various government official forms and documents;

# That the Dayaks being a minority Bumiputra group ought to be allocated special quotas in the award of scholarships and study loans, in placements and colleges, in appointment and promotions in the civil service, Police and Army;

# That in the delineation of the State electoral constituencies, the number of Dayak majority constituencies is to be proportionate and commensurate with the Dayak population in Sarawak.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, PKR vice president and Sabah’s deputy PKR chief, when closing the symposium, reminded the Dayak professionals and leaders that changing the State government was not good enough.

“We must strive hard to change the Federal Government too. It is not good enough to change the State Government. We must learn a lesson from Sabah.”

Dr. Jeffrey was referring to the change of government from BN-Berjaya to Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) in the 1990s.

“The Federal Government sent ACA and ISA to undermine the PBS government. They created a Federal department through which federal money was to be channeled; they deprived the State of financial assistance and they even bought over PBS elected representatives to defect so that PBS government would collapse,” he said.

He stressed that the Dayaks together with Sabahans and Pakatan Rakyat must change the Federal government.

The symposium was opened by Datuk Sri Daniel Tajem, a prominent Dayak leader and former Deputy Chief Minister.

Some 200 professionals and Dayak leaders attended the symposium. The next symposium is likely to be held in Kuching. - The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Augustine Liom, next election don't do last minute preparation like last election..tired lah if no proper plan..but I'm happy because you'll lead us together with other PR leaders to topple Federal & State Gov in next coming election.
Rgds, Royal Aup

Anonymous said...

Symposium Resolutions?...Its same old songs , sang by the same group of singers.
At the end of the day what was resolved at the symposium remained so for the State BN continue to reign.
Change this government? But again what make us so sure that the Pakatan Rakyat government would endorsed the resolutions or rectify the our shortcoming!

Anonymous said...

A long journey has to begin with the
first step like this Dayak symposium.
With out the symposium surely many of us won't know how the state BN treated Dayak/Iban unjustly and unfairly.Hope more of this kind of activity be organized frequently.

Anonymous said...

Land issues being brought up in the symposium are dead issues. The Dayaks need somthing more solid to chage the BN Government in the next SE. If I were to say that one of the manifesto in PR for the SE is to PUT A FLOOR PRICE FOR THE COMMODITY, such as CPU, Rubber, Pepper,ect. In my opinion, about 80% of the dayaks living in the rural areas are farmers, thus when the price of these commodities are stabilised, d Dayaks would be better off, maybe in terms of economic, a paradigm shift in their standard of living in the next few years. For years, the Dayaks have been shifting from one commodity to another when prices of the commodity dropped, they will shift to the next commodity, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Politically, it may have some appeal but, price discrimination, and price fixing is another non issue. If the Dayaks are marginalised and displaced from their ancestral lands, then there will be no commodities to speak of. Currently about 40%-50% of Dayaks are engaged in agriculture of one type or the other. The other bulk are employed in other industries and proffessions, and the limited amount of NCR land , that is left now, is shrinking further. So, price fixing is just another mechanism for other tax farmers, and not agricultural farmers per say. There is no economic benefit to the Dayak, in the development model implemented now in the State. It is all down to politics now, and as far as I can see, until the last longhouse is left abandoned or bulldozed by State and Non State Agents, the Dayaks are effectively being DEGRADED and moved to indentured labour category, on par with immigrant labour. Name me one chinese or Malay guy from Sarawak willing to work for $20 a day, in the plantations. Just one.

Menoa Apai Aki dek is no more. Awang Tengah is right when he says it doesn't exists. He is simply referring to a defined area of land that is now earmarked for development. That leaves unemployed and landless peasants, because that is some are now, and more expected to join. That is the wider issue, and if the rural folk prefer the BN for $50 so be it. Let them suffer, let them cry, let them live in poverty and abject destitution, it is what they want. Cruelty is necessary NOW, and this cruelty must be bridged. The rural Dayak must be made to pay for the misery they invite. Until they suffer the loss of their father's land, they will not learn. It is time now to learn it the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Heard these resolutions a few times before.
Changing the government will not necessarily make it any better for the dayaks.
What is really required is a change of mindset and changeout of some of our culture and social traditions which are outdated. We need to look inward first before blaming others for the world's problems. Change is always painful at first. Most of us dayaks are too comfortable with our current status & social system, too preoccupied with internal communal issues. Change is seen as a 'taboo' in most longhouses and villages. Time has changed, and is changing very fast.

Anonymous said...

200 plus professionals in the symposim very impressive. After this what? Back to the blog and blog away or coffee talk at some coffe shop. Mst professionals just talk and talk but won't go to the ground to talk and talk though coming from a rumah panjai or kampong. Let us for once do something. Go to the base of BN support that is the common people at the rural and have a 'SYMPOSIUM " WITH THEM.

Anonymous said...

To Annon. February 3, 2009 2:30 PM

This symposium is just a small steps towards a achieving bigger 'agenda'.

Everyone has a role to play including you, be it in the form of seminars, workshops, forums, blogs, coffee shop talks, randau, etc.

We need to use all kinds of platform to disseminate the information to different target groups which include working professionals, Dayak NGOs, Dayak youths and Dayak grassroost leaders and the masses as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3 Feb 6:32am,

You can't even suggest the best option for the Dayaks, so why speak!! I don't believe there only 40%-50% of dayaks in agri. Most of the Dayaks YBs are representing the rural areas. What's the use of everyone in the Construction works, besides those in the public and private sector?? Everytime the Dayaks would be going for the F licence and envy each other for the projects that each one has. If we are only given land titles to our land, or even if not, once it it planted with a commodity crop, the likelyhood that the land is to be sold as Forest is less. Think about it!! If you disagree, come up with another solution, I challenge you!

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone,
We all keep on writing down our ideas here and no doubt some make sense but the end product will bear little impact or not at all unless we put them into a jumping platform.
Ofcourse land issue is still a major issue and it is NEVER a dead issue. It is akin to a cancer sufferer. He has got his cancer for quite some times but then the pain and suffering keep on increasing from day to day. And that is why a land issue is never a dead issue.
Yes, inorder to change the people's mindset, we have to present facts before them. Beside land issue, there are so many other important issues. Issues brought up during DAyak Symposium are too important issues that affected the Dayaks. So we preach these issues to our people and when we preach, we must have bible of facts. It is not that difficult to have facts gathered to be laid down before their very eyes. And that is why, we must start our wheel rollling by now especially our political leaders.

empanggup said...

Looking at the faces on the attendees at this "Dayak Symposium" group photo - seemed it was a political rally of some sort.

Having said that I fully agreed with the resolutions.

The question I would like to ask, what would have happened, had YB Gabriel was allowed to continue to stand as a BN candidate in 2005? Would he be still attend this Symposium? apo deh - tak salah tanya uchak empanggup....nadai hal YB..pikir ke aja, sigi bisi orang nanya nya ila

With the involvement of veteran politicians such as Datuk Seri Daniel, the symposium was clearly about Dayak political struggles, perhaps continuing from the struggles of SNAP, PBDS, PRS, etc. The many faces here are very much the same group of people who were unsatisfied. This dissatisfaction actually dated way back, the same dissatisfaction last time as they are now. May be it does take such a long time for Dayaks to realise their situation....

But the credibilty of the faces, the frequent "in" and "out", be they are joining or leaving political parties, from opposition to BN and then back to opposition again, the faces such as Datuk Jeffery Kitingan, even Datuk Seri Daniel, etc. are really awesome. In addition, the YB wannabe aspirants persist. So while the Broken Shield is about failures, the faces in the photos are also perseverances, resiliences, fight on in the face of failures.

With PR - could this be a bigger thing than Ming Court? We shall see....

Anonymous said...

Correct...Correct...Correct .I could not agree more with your finding and observation Unggal Empangup. The so-call "Dayak Symposium" in Sibu is nothing but perhaps the launching of yet another PK (Project Ketua-mentri).During the infamous Ming Court incident 1987, the group launched the PK (1) but failed to unseat Taib. Now they are talking about toppling the Central BN. Just wondering how on earth is it possible to topple the BN when... siko Taib pun enda oleh laban.
To put it blindly, the Symposium in Sibu will not achieved the desired replace this government. What say u Empangup?

Anonymous said...

Empanggup, you know what? I just found out that 100 or 50% of the attendees to the Sympsium were indeed the YB wannabe aspirants.
Anwar should be a happy man knowing pretty well that PKR is not short of election candidates. Wish them luck !

Anonymous said...

Even Stanley Embat who inspire to challenge Jabu in Layar brought his wife along...

Anonymous said...

Undeniably, all the initial works (be it just a mere ideas) against Dayak misdeeds are mostly denied by the Dayak goons themselves. F*cking shame on you Dayak detractors.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I am a goon or a Dayak detractor, but I think Dyakblog is too quick to give people such scolding when they were merely giving comments. Calling people "shame on you" is saying that those who have different views from you are wrong. In another word you are always right and is the best, how nice.

Anonymous said...

Dyaksblog...I agree with a Dayak Iban I'm so sad because even our own dayak ppl also not support dayak..why are they happy if next generation of dayaks will be a beggar in their own land..? are they happy if only 1 dayak rich out of 100'000 dayaks in Sabah/Sarawak?

Anonymous said...

Anon ; but Stanley Embat is Jabu bodyguard after he retired from police...i'm afraid that he's Jabu spy..last time he's with mawan..hmmm bahaya gak jang tuk..

Anonymous said...

i hope Stanley Embat come up here to declare his stand. Are you really serious to topple jabu or are you copying the tactic of Tun Rahman to bring the Dayaks down into a second ming court catastrophy!
Yaaa i c that now, korek, korek, korek, Embat could be jabu's mat bond.
PR, scout for some other alternative personalities around. Neither Embat or Ngumbang is a good finalist for this contest.
bujang sigat ari betong