Friday, March 12

Doris Brodie made a senator

KUCHING - A 49 year-old Doris Brodie (pic above), Women chief of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has been sworn in as a senator at the Dewan Negara, making her as the second Iban woman to be appointed as a senator.

The first Iban woman is Empiang Jabu of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra.

PRS President James Masing described Doris’s appointment as an honour to the Dayak women in the State.

He said: “Indeed it is an honour for PRS and Dayak women folk in the rural areas of Sarawak for Doris to be appointed as a senator.

“We would like to thank Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud for their support in putting Doris as a senator,”
Masing said.

It is understood that Masing met the Prime Minister during his recent visit to Kuching and requested for a post of senator be given to his party.

The name of Doris Brodie was given to the Prime Minister who on the “spot” approved the appointment.

All parties in the State Barisan Nasional have each a candidate to be appointed as a senator. PBB has two, one to represent Parti Bumiputra and the Malay community and the other Pesaka and the Dayak community.

When Sarawak National Party (SNAP) was still in the Barisan, its allocation was always held by a non-Dayak and when Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) formed out of SNAP in 2002, SPDP continues the tradition of appointing a non-Dayak as a senator until today.

Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) which broke away from SNAP in 1983 was not given such an allocation. Its allocation was held by SNAP.

PRS, which has replaced PBDS, is now happy that the government has finally recognised the role of the rural-based party like PRS to be allocated a senator post.

So for the first time in 46 years the Dayak community has a senator who comes from a party, other than Pesaka, that represents the Dayak community.

For this, Masing must be praised for his effort as he dares to ask the Prime Minister directly. Usually such appointment must be nominated through Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu. But if such an appointment is to be made through a proper channel, i.e. through Taib and Jabu, I am surely they will object it.

I was told that when Masing informed Taib about Doris’ appointment, Taib was taken aback.

Even the appointments of community leaders (Temenggong, Pemancha, Penghulu and Tuai Rumah), I am give to understand must pass through Jabu. Many Iban areas now have been waiting for community leaders, for instance, Limbang and Sarikei to name a few - all because, the nominees are not PBB supporters or members.

These are the grouses overheard by The Broken Shield.



Apai Semalau said...

Maybe you would enlighten us on the role of a malaysian "Senator". Why are dayak leaders so obsess with 'pangkat"? The bottom line is, so long as they are a mouth piece of BN it isn't going to make any difference for the next 46 years! Being one of the female subservient gender does not make any difference to the dayak community. In fact we might even be losers because male chauvisnistic pigs in BN rules and dayak women are known to be tongue tight when it comes to open debates.

Balau said...

Are Ibans feel proud with the appointment?

I think Ibans would be very happy if an Iban is appointed to the Chief Minister of Sarawak or appointed to be the next Governor.

If Taib retires, do Ibans expect Jabu to take over or other Iban from PBB to replace him?

Ibans, being the largest single race in Sarawak, do they have more employees in the state civil service? Do they have more students in the state universities and colleges? Do they hold more business licences?

As disclosed by Jelaing Mersat today in the Borneo Post, 29,000 Sarawakians are without Mykad, about 2,500 are students, mostly Ibans. This was the failure of our Iban Temenggong, Pemancha, Penghulu and Tuai Rumah or councilors who have not taken pro-active attitude to look after the problems in their villages. Whoever appointed these native chiefs are also to be blamed.

A state minister said, he had helped the Penans for more than 30 years. Why thousands of Penans still have no Mykad and birth certificates?

Come on Iban ministers, wake up!

Anonymous said...

This must have come to Jabu like he's got a nest of fire ants in his underwear. hurts man. It looks like Najib don't give a shit for Taib too. Just to rub salt in the wound, Masing now will go around bragging like a peacock.

Empty drum make the most noise. said...

senators are just name only. It's better to appoint a person who can access the prime minister directly to get aids and allocations, instead of going through the chief minister's office.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, Masing managed to pull a fast one on Najib and Taib. Having a Iban senator will make the Ibans proud? What had Jabu wife who has been a senator for donkey years done for the Ibans? She must be seething that she got a competitor now. If having another senator can make the Ibans proud, I must say the Ibans can be satisfied easily. No wonder they keep voting the BN.

Inseparable said...

There are better and deserved Ibans for the Senatorship.

Anonymous said...

Masing pulling a fast one on Uban and Najis? That is the joke of the century!!! Hahahaha paloi amat paloi bala iban. Given a senatorship so that dayak specifically iban votes stays with NCR robbers. Paloi amat paloi bala iban ikan masin.

Anonymous said...

Senatorship is a reward only. So many senator have been nominated by Sarawak DUN (with exception to appointment of Doris Brodies) but none make any impact. Some of them you never heard of like Hii, Pau other than the "Broken Leg BN candidates" like Kanyan, Bujang Tembak, Janggu, Ding Seling and few others from Sibu were appointed just to reward them from being defected during the election.

Do not forget that if you complete the term of Senatorship, it comes with permanent pension too. (Half of the current Senator's allowance) Wow... good money to finance the retirement activities.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to YB Senator Doris, PRS President and all members PRS.

At least, PRS is much better than SPDP, it shows that Dr. James and his team are more matured and knew the expectation of party members and Dayak community as a whole (walk the talk).

Chakui Chabu said...

Mr. Anonymous March 15,2010 @12.25PM,

If you believe that PRS is better than SPDP, I put it to you that you are wrong. The results of 2006 Sarawak state election proved which party was better.

In 2006 state election, SPDP won all the 8 seats it contested, while PRS lost its Ngemah seat to an independent. " I did not deliver what I promised. I have lost one seat." Masing said.

Secondly, comparison on the number of memberships in each party, PRS has smaller memberships compared to SPDP what more to say after Larry Sng had been sacked, who has a lot of followers from ex-PRS members. Would you agree?

I am not a member of any political party anyway.

Anonymous said...

I had expected my friend Mr.Ricky Shall to be appointed as a senator should PRS been given a post.Besides he is a more senior member than Doris.

Well this is politics JJM being the party boss has his own criteria for selecting his favourite candidate.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chakui Chabu, what I mean PRS is better than SPDP is based on the party office bearers which is 98% Dayak compared to SPDP only have 57% Dayak,42.5% Chinese and 0.5% other bumis (Muslims and Indians) again no BIG TOWKAY in the party.DR James must have learnt from past experience.

I am not a member of any political party also for now

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal being Senator?!

Dayaks must be crazy to think this will make any difference.

She will be there as a wallflower!!! Or worst help to ratify repressive laws on the Dayaks!!!

Are 50 years not long enough for Dayaks like Jabu to keep on robbing his own kind?

No wonder, in frustrations, some Malayans call Sarawak Dayaks tree people!

Hot Soulmate said...

BLATANT FAVORITISM! - Hands out perks to his favorite individual and literally bulldozes over those who get in its way. Like it or not, this is all about life, friendship and love - a never ending SOULMATE!

Chakui Chabu said...

Mr. Anonymous March 17, 2010 @9.54 AM,

Each political party is judged by its performance. What for if it has Dayaks majority memberships when it does not fight for the Dayaks cause.

" We thought of only Dayak, Dayak and Dayak. I was born in that atmosphere; I grew up in that culture. I was very convinced that the Dayak must fight for the Dayak. If we don`t do that nobody else will. I was wrong."

If a Dayak leader makes the above statement, does he fight for the Dayak cause?

I am a Dayak and I will not support him.I think many other Dayaks will do the same.