Sunday, March 7

Isn’t it strange?

The Broken Shield received reports regarding the visit of Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) leaders’ to Selangau last week.

The reports say that everyone who filled a form and became a member of PCM received RM10 each as an incentive.

The truth of these reports is yet to be verified. But if it is true, then PCM is perhaps the only party that I know of giving incentives to those who want to be its members. They (leaders) must be very desperate to get people to join the party.

I heard that PCM will hold a function at Villa Orang Asal at Simpang Simanggang on 27 March 2010 beginning from 10.00 a.m. Some 500 people from Batang Ai, Simanggang, Bukit Begunan and Balai Ringin will be attending the function.

Foods and drinks will be free and at the same time this will be a chance for people to earn RM10.00. After all PCM means “Parti Cari Money” and distribute such money to the people.

Meanwhile, Baru Bian, Chairman of Sarawak PKR has described PCM as the “creature” of Barisan Nasional and as such PKR will not have any electoral pact with PCM.

“How can we have any understanding with PCM, when it is the creature of Barisan Nasional, which intention is to disrupt our preparations for the coming State election”? Baru asked.

He was asked to comment on the intention of Sarawak PCM which is headed by a former PKR leader Gabriel Adit to contest as many as 40 State seats in the coming election.

Baru said that PCM had right to contest in any seat it wanted to, but he hoped the general public would know that the party was part of the Barisan Nasional’s strategy to disrupt Pakatan Rakyat to contest against the State Barisan Nasional on a one-to-one contest in the 71 constituencies.

“You remember or not that before they set up PCM, the Sarawak Chairman had lunch with the Prime Minister.

“And recently when the Prime Minister visited Sarawak, PCM leaders attired in their best dresses were at the Kuching Airport to greet him.

“It does not take a rocket scientist to know that PCM is the creation of BN and its job is to disrupt our preparations for the coming election,”
he stressed. - The Broken Shield



Iban Pantu said...

Murah betul harga orang Iban hanya RM10.00 sahaja.

What ever it is, I believe PCM will be wiped out during state coming election.

Kami Iban di Pantu enggau Iban di Batang Strap enggai meda reriga (katak), semina rauh-rauh lebuh maia hari ujan.

Di Pantu `katak` di kena kami umpan taut ikan tapah.

Anonymous said...

Only RM10? How to cari makan like that? Better I go to PBB, SUPP. Get more than RM10 incentives? PKR no incentives? Still want to depend on the volunteer spirit of the people?

Does PKR honestly think it can do better than BN? This is not Pen Msia where infrstructure is better and people make a better living there. Sini orang mauk carik makan dulu.

Please tell me which person don't want to cari makan? If PKR so strong why takut of mosquitoe party? Fight saja. 3 cornered, 4 cornered, 5 cornered...lawan saja la...

Why Baru not worried about SNAP? WHy not worried about PPP? I thought all party leaders last time say PCM is election party only? No need to worry.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that when money is used to entice, the BN is behind it. I just for our sake that they are not using our money. Something tells me that I'm too optimistic.

Anonymous said...


This love party's do what? Joke la, any voters voting them looking for love?

Which idiot came up with this stupid name! One would be mistaken for thinking its a joke to make people laugh lah in these hard times..

How an anyone take them seriously!

Anonymous said...

Rm:10.00 nya ukai upah masuk parti PCM tang nya Kupon kena orang ti datai makai enggau ngirup ba Villa Asal Simpang Engkilili/Sri Aman

ahmadurai said...

Trying to count the chick before they are hatch is what this posting is trying to say. let wait till election and see if this PCM is capable of doing what others have failed to do.

Banting said...

The public know it that PCM is the Penang-based party and its president is Tan Wen Chew, but Adit said, "It is a Sarawak-based party," avoided mentioning themes like `rural-based and multi-racial."

But Sarawakian politicians have their own views about PCM. PBB deputy president Abang Johari said. " PCM is just one of those parties that pop out every time an election is around the corner, then when election ends, it closes."

Dr. Stephen Rundi, who is PBB Secretary General viewed it, " The state BN does not feel threatened by PCM and we will not cooperate with PCM and Adit."

Deputy Parliament Speaker Wan Junaidi commented, "He was disappointed that some senior politicians had joined PCM, saying that they are wasting their time and energy in the party."

While PKR chairman Sarawak Baru Bian has said recently that PCM could be a thorn in the flesh for opposition parties in their bid to topple the BN government in the next state election.

Perhaps, Adit hopes to get tonnes of money from PCM to be able to sustain itself to fight against BN in the coming election.

One thing is for sure, after the demised of PBDS, Adit joined SPDP,left the party and stood as an independent during 2006 state election and won. Later he joined PKR and left when he complained that Anwar could not give him tonnes of money. When a politician jumps from one party to another, what type of politician is he? Can we trust this politician?

Iban Baru said...

To Banting:

Based on your posting, how do you think the opposition can take over Sarawak? You mean PR does not need tons of money? DO not be naive. Unless you are planning to sacrifice hundreds of man hours to volunteer your own vehicle to ferry voters to and fro? Are you a millionaire in disguise and plan to contribute millions for the betterment of the poor Dayaks? Maybe you need to convince the Linggi's to do the same? Tajem spend RM300K in the last election of his own money. Also he ask PKR to reimburse it.

I dislike the fact that money plays such an important role in politics but it is the real world we live in. Not coffeeshop talk and no action talk only.

You should base a candidate on the issues they can help you with. Not how much money they can give you or other short term promises. If you don't like Katak politician then long time ago we should have kicked out Masing, Jabu, Gramong. They also katak, they also follow the money but they are still around...its because of money also.

What is worst than money being used to win politics? Its the people who accept them and sacrifice their own future and complain complain complain for the next 4 years. Grow UP! Do not be a sucker.

I hope PCM gets tonnes of money. At least I know they all not cakap kosong saja.

Banting said...

Iban Baru,

Feel guilty, eeh! Give me a clue where your political stand is.

People say, "Money is root of all evils" But money is precious when it is wisely used. You cannot live with money alone, and even in an election tonnes of money cannot guarantee you for a win. Worst still if money is used to buy corrupted voters. Intelligent voters evaluate you on your behaviour,personality,force of character and temperament, if you have qualities to be their elected representative.

It is not me, but it was the public saying that "political frogs" are unethical and irresponsible, betrayal of the party`s struggle and trust of the people who gave their mandate to the elected representatives.

Let me put it in general and I am not referring it to a particular person. Candidates with little or no integrity or honesty, betray their own family and their principles, betray the party and the constituents, should not be given any chance to represent us.

I don`t think modern Iban like you will support this type of personal characteristic, aren`t you?

Iban Baru said...


My political stand is to pick the best candidate. The best meaning to serve me and take care of my issues as well as issues relating to the community.

I am sorry to tell you this but tonnes of money will win the election. Everybody has a price. You have a price and I also have a price. Why do you think politicians can change their minds? Why you think when police stop you, you will offer duit kopi? Everyone got a price.

The public only says that "frogs" are bad but that does not mean you have to believe them. If they tell you eating shit is good for your health then you also makan la...dun la be so naive. First find out why these politician change their minds and so forth.

I hope you understand and don't be too easily mislead.

Banting said...

Iban Baru,

To pick up the best candidate even he is tainted by sex, corruption or scandals, dishonest to mislead the people and cheating the constituents?

You assume, imagine and speculate which is not a healthy thinking.

You said, ' Everybody has a price." So, you want to use money to bribe everybody? Is it good?

The policeman is doing his official duty when he stops any car. Why you assume, speculate or imagine something else? Are you sick?

Agom said...

Iban Baru,

Still young but corrupted minded. Not everybody can be bought using money. For your info, any person being a candidate in election, offers voters gratification as an inducement to vote for him is committing corrupt practices. He therefore will pay for the PRICE for his crime.

Over to `political frogs`, while it is not illegal by virtue of Article 10 of the federal constitution for an elected representative to jump ship, but the act is immoral. What more to say if he or she is being bought or offered with money to do so.

Do you know, under section 112 of Road Transport Act 1987, a police officer has powers stopping any vehicle when he believes that a driver of the said vehicle has committed or is suspected of having committed an offence under this Act. Why do you have wrongly perception on the police to carry out its duties?

If you are a politician, and being still young (Iban Baru), it is sad that you might have associated yourself with wrong accompany perceived to be be practising corruption, money politics and abuse of power.

It is not too late to repent or change.