Monday, March 8

Why are they scared of the truth?

On 1 March 2010, a special seminar on land was held for members of PBB delegates who were in Kuching attending the PBB general assembly.

Initially every one was encouraged to talk or raise questions. Encouraged by the atmosphere, one of the Iban delegates described the taking away of NCR land by big companies as “PL disease” (provisional lease).

Among those listening to the grouses by the delegates were Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang, (most powerful) Second Minister of Planning and Resources Management Awang Tengah Ali Hassan.

After the delegate described the taking away of NCR land as “PL disease”, the ministers and the organisers of the seminar did not allow the seminar participants to talk or raise questions on problems affecting the NCR land. They were only to listen to explanation from the government.

Many delegates from Kanowit, Selangau, Simanggang, Lubok Antu, Lundu, Simunjan, Bintulu and Niah wanting to know more about the “disease” were fumed with anger as they knew they were not told the truth about NCR land issues through JV.

Certainly delegates and land owners from Kanowit wanted to know why they have not been paid a single cent as dividend even though their lands have been planted with oil palm through a JV about 10 years ago.

While Jabu seemed to be quiet (according to delegates who talked to The Broken Shield), only Awang Tengah tried to explain the “PL disease” blaming the contractors appointed by the provisional lease (PL) holders for encroaching into some native customary right lands.

Have the NCR land owners been told the truth about the evil of joint venture schemes? – The Broken Shield



apai irau said...

Awang tengah bluffed the Dayaks,its a well known fact.Awang Tengah was raised and sent to school by an Iban family ,its a well known fact.Jabu only good at scolding the Dayaks,its a well known fact.Jabu never dare to bark for the Dayaks,its well known fact.WHAT DO YOU EXPECT !!!

Anonymous said...

gila...those in the authorities must be nut if they tell the truths...

wake up from your slumber & be wise, only u can solve this desease. the power is in your hand to stop all this nonsences.....dont complained only yet you still put them in power..

lu fikir la sendiri...cheers!

Brangking Kilau said...

Land is very important to the Dayak community. They would want very much to know about their rights over their land especially on NCR land which has market value.

The government, Dayak leaders and the minister in charge of land portfolio, must explain in details to the landowners about their rights over land, community`s entitlement to use and benefit from their ancestral land in accordance with their laws or customs. If their land are acquired for development, what are terms of payment of compensation, and if the land are utilized through joint-ventures for commercial purposes, explain to them the points in the agreement.

If there is discussion, talk or seminar on NCR land, apart from explaining the government policy on land matters and presents his ideas, a minister should invites questions from the audience/participants and considers their views for discussion. He should always keep an open mind and be receptive to suggestions and helpful criticisms from others. To resent advice is a sign of personality weakness or conceit.

Greedy Dynasty on the rampage said...

The are scared of the truth becos they conspire with the thieves .Liars are always scared the truth will ruin their name.
If the rakyat have kick out these liars then they won't face such problems.
43long years ,they have been given time to repent but they just never change and instead kept on lying.
Time is running out and we the rakyat must wake up and once and for all show all these lairs the door.
We can be cheated but not our children and our grand children.
This land is ours and will always be ours.They can steal but we will stay and be united in this fight to right the wrongs.

Anonymous said...

Komen2 yang di utarakan oleh para penyokong The Broken Shield ini memang sangat baik ia mencerminkan kematangan orang yang ada berpelajaran atau mereka yang dah besara dari Perkhidmatan Awam atau swasta.

Saya berharap semua mereka ini akan memberi penerangan dan tunjuk ajar kepada keluarga, sahabat andai mauhupun saudara mara mereka kerana saya percaya mereka hanya terperanguh dengan berita TV mahupu Radio sahaja. Tiba lah masa nya kita menukar kerajaan BN sekarang.

Anonymous said...

The seminar was probably a means to undress dissidents within the party!

But it could have provided an opportunity to express something, provided they had done in "group" basis, otherwise, they would just hang you high!

After, the "3 Sarawak Ladies Dinner Crashers" last week or so, they're getting very nervous !!!

Anonymous said...

Do you really expect Jabu to enlighten you on land scam? Come on lah. He's one of the biggest landowner and plantation owner in Sarawak. The rest of you can get lost in the jungle or whatever remains of the jungle. Just kick the greedy bastard out in the next election or stop moaning.

Anonymous said...

not only are the native lands being stolen but look around in kuching town... former Batu Lintang government quarters. Jalan Uplands.Jalan Bamflyde... who are these given to.. big shot leeches or crony companies ...wake up la Sarawakians !!