Monday, March 1

PKR welcomes the renegades

Sarawak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is willing to accept Peter Nansian and his group to join the party if they cannot join Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) after they have found Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) losing its idealism, said its chairman Baru Bian (pic above).

Baru was asked to comment on the current problem faced by the five elected representatives of SPDP who have abandoned the party due to their unhappiness and lack of trust on the party leadership.

The five – State Assemblyman for Tasik Biru, Peter Nansian, the State Assemblyman for Marudi, Sylvester Enteri, State Assemblyman for Batu Danau, Paulus Gumbang, State Assemblywoman for Bekenu, Rosey Yunus and the Mas Gading Member of Parliament Dr. Tiki Lafe – have cited loss of confidence on President William Mawan’s leadership.

They are seeking to merge with another BN component party Parti Rakyat Sarawak, but PRS president James Masing cannot simply merge with them as they have not been authorized by the party to do so. Masing wants “full merger” with SPDP.

Nor can they be parked temporarily with PRS due to strong opposition from other BN component parties especially SPDP.

“Well, if that is the problem, it is better for them to join us in PKR as it is the only multi-racial and multi-religious party in the country.

“In PKR there is no one dominant race. Each leader is fighting for every Malaysian,”
he said, pointing out that political parties based on race and religion are no longer relevant in the country.

Previously such parties might flourish, but nowadays they should be dismantled. And the country needs a party of multi-racialism, he said.

He added: “What is important is what the party is fighting for. What is the dasar (policy) of the party? For PKR it is true to the word – keadilan (justice).”

Baru who chaired the meeting of the State leadership council told the Press that by the end of March, State PKR will come up with the State policy taken from the National policy such as on land issues, economy, petroleum and so on.

He said the central leadership has agreed to recognise the 18 points of Sarawak’s guarantees in the federation of Malaysia and they want to impose them.

“The other attractive point in the national policy is the decentralization of the state economy and this is important in the federation such as the federation of Malaysia.

“What Kuala Lumpur gets from Sarawak so much, but what we in Sarawak get in return are only peanuts. We want to reverse it. Currently we are the 4th poorest state in the country and through this decentralization of state economy we will be one of the richest States in the country.

“I am sure we will be able to transform Sarawak and the coming election is the golden opportunity for us to do so,”
he said.

Baru also disclosed that the Register of Societies (ROS) has approved another 14 of its divisions bringing to 29 it has formed so far. Only two more are yet to be formed. Each division represents one parliamentary constituency.

“We are also discussing issues pertaining to the reorganization and the setting up of our divisions and structures with a view to prepare ourselves for the coming election. Prime Minister Najib was here and his presence was an indication of an early election.

“We are moving to every division. And we have some leaders from Kuala Lumpur to come to Sarawak to see our party members and opinion leaders,”
he said.

On the allocation of seats, Baru said that they have not finalised it and he would be meeting with leaders from DAP, PAS and SNAP very soon.

They hoped that in every state constituency of the 71, we will challenge the BN on a one to one basis, he said. - The Broken Shield



Banting said...

The `group of five` SPDP did not attend the party`s supreme council meeting in Kuching yesterday like a wife is deserting a husband, but not tantamount to a divorce. However, if there is no reconciliation, it may lead to a divorce.

The party`s disciplinary committee has to step in if the group has breached the party`s discipline.

Suntat said...

If they are not allowed to park at the parking shed then they can park at open parking lots so that they can feel the heat of the sun and the cool of the rain, waiting for Najib to build free parking lots (direct BN`s memberships for BN-friendly individuals, political parties and NGOs).

Anonymous said...

helllo Mr Baru Bian....PKR would not survive with these can u trust froggies that only interested to enrich themselve instead of the rakyat??


Anonymous said...

PKR never learn. What is happening in peninsular is the direct result of having BN's rejects (frogs are always frogs).Welcoming the five frogs is penny wise and pound foolish.

Anonymous said...

TO PKR, dont ever take the risk of having these desperados, they could burn your boat one day, so watch out.

Hauntu Laut said...

This 5 musketeers must face the music. They are party members and are subject tom party rule. The party must not be held to ransom by the minority. If they are allowed to do what they fancied, then all parties who have such rebels will collapse.

PKR is having spring cleaning and they do not need such frogs , especially dayaks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr Baru Bian, do not be blind and foolish to accept these unprincipled men/woen. These people were never SPDP's but planted candidates by PBB.

Mata Kuching said...

Is PKR the ONLY multi racial and multi religious party in the country? This kind of strong opinionated and egoistic statement is not good for any political leaders.

If PKR wish to do well in Malay majority seats, they will need to field fresh, young, educated candidates who are not tainted and known to be well liked by the people and have high moral integrity.

In due respect to Wan Zainal who has been loyal to PKR cause, I feel he should immulate senior Chong of DAP for strategic reason and play an advisory role and actively involve in strategic planning.

As for Dayak seats it's hard to understand why the Dayaks have yet to revolt against the regime that impoverished them for the last 50 years. Let's hope the year of the Tiger will make a difference as the NCL owners had finally realised that they can challenge the government against injustice and won.

Congratulation to PKR legal team too. Now PR coalition must impress upon our rural brothers and sisters that they need not take Taib and BN to court but just to mark an "X" in the PR box this coming election to ensure they will not fall victims to BN land scams again.

Show video clips to longhouses of the jubilations of these owners after the high court ruled in favour of the oppressed owners in all ceramah and campaigns.

For the most inaccessible contituencies, send PR "troops" there and station there now and educate the voters why this coming state election is very crucial and why they must not allow themselves to be pawned by BN ever again with promises of developments.