Monday, March 22

Survey of NCR land

During annual general meeting of the Kuching Division of Parti Keadilan Sarawak on Saturday, a resolution was passed urging the State Government to conduct a perimeter survey of the NCR land of the indigenous people, and facilitate conversion into titled land.

Under a revised Sarawak Land Code on which PKR seeks to legislate, the resolution further demands: (a) automatic land lease renewal on expiry of lease; (b) issuance of land leases of 999 years or in perpetuity, and (c) land sequestered under section 47 should be automatically released back to the land owner after two years if no public development takes place. That is the PKR Kuching division’s resolution.

Even a perimeter survey is still not good enough if our NCR lands are being leased for 60 years to oil palm plantations under a JV concept. None of the land owners will be able later on to locate which is his land.

What the government should do is to survey an individual land and issue land titles. If he passes away, at least his children can continue to own the land legally.

By the way the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Datuk Douglas Ugah who was briefed on 12 March on Sarawak’s Land and Survey Department at Wisma Pelita on the new land concept to develop NCR land agreed with the above suggestion - that individual lands should be surveyed and be given titles.

I was told that he was not happy with the perimeter survey alone where all the lands belonging to individuals will be lumped together. According to those who were present, Ugah asked a number of questions and the officer just could not answer.

After 60 years, can the land owners identify/locate their lands?

Assuming the present land owners who are in the region of 50 years of age or more pass away, do their children know exactly the lands owned by their parents?

And if they do not know the exact location of the lands, will the lands just disappear like that? Definitely when the 60-year agreement is due, many of the current land owners will pass away. It is for sure that the lands will also “pass away”.

If this happens, it is likely that one day the Dayaks will lose all their NCR lands to all big plantation companies. In fact, the majority of them have already lost their lands.

Is it not possible that the children and their children’s children of the current land owners find themselves as “Kampar” in their own land and as “temuai” in their own longhouses in the future?

Those who are fortunate enough and have academic qualifications may have a brighter future. But for those who are not that fortunate may find themselves scavenging for foods in towns and even sleeping in boxes or under the bridges.

I thought I read something like this already happened somewhere in Sibu and in Miri. – The Broken Shield



The seventh layer of hell surveyor said...

Survey what! We all know that the L&S have never survey NCR land. Only those in power can do this.Even if you ask L&S to survey your graveyard, they are reluctant to do so.Only that white hair can do so if there are people who are interested to JV into oil palm.Filling his pockets to the end but alas, he can't bring it with him when Allah call him to the final judgement

Anonymous said...

The land grabbing of Sarawak started during Tun Rahman's time, he gave away chunks of land to the royal families, all of course at a fee. He then got the Chinese to do the job of bulldozing everything down, logging activities then went on and on and on. Many of these smart Chinese contractors became billionaires and they are the ones who balance the economic scale of Sarawak's politics today.Taib has been fortunate enough to see things through and reaping what his Uncle has sowed.

Anonymous said...

to all readers..

do u know your right as malaysian? kindly visit MYCONSTITUTION campaign or PERLEMBAGAANKU... visit their facebook..this is by rakyat for rakyat..


Anonymous said...

If only our Dayak ministers and wakil rakyaat like Datuk Douglas Ugah who dare to voice out his concerned for Natives plight there should not be so much probelm for NCR owners as it is now, but they are all just a bunch of useless clowns.

Banting said...

Douglas Unggah agreed if NCL are surveyed? But the Iban most handsome MP, William Nyallau seems not in agreement. If the NCL, are delineated, surveyed and issued titles, Ibans will sell them off to the non-Bumiputera, so NCL should remain as such so that they can be best protected by the government, Nyallau said.

Mohd Naroden Majais, as Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister`s Office Department has a different opinion on the issue. He said, giving land titles to NCL owners NOT POSSIBLE, if we do, it will take years and it will result in NCR land not developed. LCDA has been entrusted as the management agency so that NCR would be better recognised, even without the titles, Naroden explained.

You can see here, even the BN leaders contradict in opinion among themselves regarding NCR issue. How to help the landwoners? Until when NCR problems in Sarawak can be solved? Najib has given instruction to the state government to solve the NCR problems before the next state election if they want to win.

So Jabu and Masing, what are your suggestions?

Anonymous said...

the ncl issues will never be solved amicably if bn is govern....

time to change state and federal goverment to solved this ncl issues

if pakatan rakyat in Penang can convert all residential land from 99years leasehold to FREEHOLD then sure it have hapen here if the dayaks willing to kick bn & umno out...

lufikir la sendiri..

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