Monday, March 1

Empurau and solidarity dinner

SPDP president William Mawan’s remarks that the “group of eight” who were looking for empurau – the most expensive fish in Kapit (now about RM500 a kilo) - when they attended a PRS function last Saturday, have irked them.

“We don’t look for empurau. We are serious about merger,” said Peter Gani, a member of SPDP council member who together with five lawmakers and two other supreme council members last month walked out from a SPDP council meeting.

“Mawan’s remarks show that he is not interested in the merger proposal as he poked fun at our efforts,” he added.

On the proposed solidarity dinner, Gani said that Mawan could order a lot of empurau for the dinner.

“But can a large amount of empurau and crates of beer drown our problems in SPDP? Can our differences be washed away with the drinking of beer?” he asked.

Gani said that the SPDP president made a lot of promises even swearing by the light (api) and before the light went off he had already broken his promises.

“While on one hand he tries to mend fences with the renegades, he on the other hand introduces a disciplinary committee. Actually he is sharpening his daggers.

“We must beware not to stick our heads into the lion’s mouth,”
he added.

Meanwhile, the five – State Assemblyman for Tasik Biru Peter Nansian, State Assemblyman for Marudi Sylvester Enteri, State Assemblyman for Batu Danau Paulus Gumbang, State Assemblywoman for Bekenu Rosey Yunus and the Mas Gading MP Dr. Tiki Lafe – met the BN secretary general Tengku Adnan soon after their return from Kapit yesterday.

According to one of the leaders, they told the BN secretary general that they would never return to the fold of SPDP as they have no more trust on the party leadership.

“The real root cause of the problem is that the president has been lying to us many times in the past.

“We cannot stand it any longer,”
they told him.

In replying to a question posed by The Broken Shield regarding the solidarity dinner, Gani said: “We can forget the empurau as we prefer to go for smaller and less expensive fish, the one we can afford. Even ikan pusu is good for us.”

“You can tell SPDP leaders that we can only return if the three leaders step down,” he said, refusing to reveal the names of the three leaders.

Isn’t the shield of the SPDP going to be broken? Any bet? – The Broken Shield



Chakui Chabu said...

`We can only return if the three leaders step down` Peter Ghani said.

The public will keep his words on record if Peter Gani honours what he has said.

If the group is serious about the merger with PRS, why they " exiled " to Kapit instead of attending the party`s supreme council meeting? It was just an excuse. Even my three year old grandson knows it.

Anonymous said...

The gang of five should heed Baru Bain advise. Why should they join SDP when eventually it will als end up as another split Dayak party? This never-ending circle of party splitting is a master stroke by Taib in his "divide and rule" principle. The best option is for them to join Pakatan which is multi-racial where they can help the Dayaks more. After all, the demise of BN is surely a matter of time. Or are they too engrossed in BN's Maggi mee carnival?

Anonymous said...

lompat katak lompat jangan tak lompat hahahaha, orang dayaks biasa la cari makan sendiri sendiri mana dia orang tahu hal dan masalah rakyat.
what is your political agenda and vision katak-katak lompat?
none of you katak-katak lompat ever spoke about the problem and misery of your own people. You all are after your own bowl only. bikin malu saja belajar pandai-pandai tapi jadi ular sawa juga seperti orang jual minyak urut di kaki lima, tidak ada beza, sudah tidak laku, cari kaki lima lain untuk tempat cari makan.

Lachung Ajak said...

Barely hours after the group of five had left Kapit, ex-Kapit ADUN and MP, the late Sng Chin Joo, the father of Dato Sng Chee Hua passed away yesterday in Kapit. MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY AND HEARTFELT CONDOLENCE to Dato Sng Chee Hua and family.

What is the significance of this dead with the visit of the group of five? Anything to do with omen or rituals?

If the visit to Kapit happened to be Anwar and PKR members, I do not know what Jabu is going to say.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Malaysia Boleh, BN Boleh these " gang of 5" can be BN direct candidates if the 3 top SPDP partY leaders wont budged down

Apai Semalau said...

Lying by BN leaders is nothing new. Prolific liars are bountiful in the federal level. Its part of their culture and norm.
Don't dismiss the possibility of the "group of eight" dinning on "ikan jabu". In which case, PBB reigns supreme! Dayak law makers are but a bunch of opportunists too? Quarrelsome, gullible and easily manipulated. Once again everyone wants to be the chiefs and not foot soldiers. The dayaks are becoming a laughing stock in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

typical dayak politic! killing each other n very disunited & poorest in they own state...


Hungry ghost said...

Aiyoh, Who cares what they are up to. These frogs will surely leap into the fire and it will be bye bye for them.

For now it's the clowns and the circus. They are washing dirty linens in the streets.Such is what dayaks leaders are good at.

Anonymous said...

Someone from the SPDP must be reading this blog as I remembered clearly that someone mentioned about some PBB moles in SPDP. Maybe they didn't mention all of them but the ringleaders (Nonsense and Backside-Entrie) were both clearly mentioned. And now when SPDP wants to do some house-cleaning these ppl suddenly want to merge?

James Masing better beware as this group's original plan was for a bidayuh party. When their planned takeover kenak potong now they decide to move onto another political vehicle. So now the rot has gone from SPDP to PRS. Why want party based on race? Just a Dayak party cukup la.

Let me pose this question to James Masing. You think if this merger jadi, what post you going to give these 5 ppl? Sure got another fight again. And Lanun Tengah will say that PBB cannot and does not campur tangan...again...when he very well knows he's the REAL ringleader.

If you really popular then stand as independant. I am sure you made a lot of money already. Now the trend is to be independent assemblymen.

People are laughing at all of you. Behave like small children. Marah bapak pindah rumah. Of course everybody else's parents look nice tapi you belum kena lagi the James Masing treatment. Satan pun kalah.

But please continue doing what you do. Let everyone see who the real Dayak leaders are. Sikla boring baca suratkhabar everyday.

Banting said...

Just less than two weeks, the group of five has given contradiction statements.

A few days ago, the group said `Mawan is good president` and today the group said ` We lose confident in him`.

The group also denied there was a crisis in SPDP.But when a number of elected representatives voiced their loss of confidence in president, does it not mean `crisis`. When the BN Secretary General wanted to step in, does it mean not `crisis`.

As I can see it, the group of five is wandering in the wilderness, has no house and place. At the end, it turns into `lompat si katak lompat`.

Who wants to support `frog politicians`?

Anonymous said...

What solidarity dinner he's garnishing at when he is losing support by the day from his grassroots. To many Ibans now, he's a "liar" and not a man of his words - Tugong Pemula (jaku Iban). Words are spreading now that he's using money politics to win back the hearts of 2 Yang Berhormat. Do the Dayaks want to keep this kind of leader?

keling ati said...

Eight SPDP members left, about 1,000 members are coming, a sign good support for Mawan.

Let the eight frogs jump and jump until they fall into a river. Some of them can`t swim.

Anonymous said...

The SPDP President have his time. Perhap it is time for him to step down and not to overstay the welcome.

Infact he have enjoyed more than he should have if we go back looking at his history in politics. I am informed that he was one of the promoters of DAP in Sarawak in the 70' together with SKY.

Back to "empurau", I believe al of you would agreed with me that the President have eaten an empurau upfront than any of the Group of 5/8. Please do not be too sarcastic Mr. President of SPDP. We, the outsiders are watching and following your politics closely because you infact is nice person which the Group of 5/8 also admitted.

But if this the time to go, please do it gracefully.