Wednesday, March 24

Look after the plight of the people, says Ibi

By: Joseph Tawie
24 Mar 2010

KUCHING – Sarawak PKR Women chief Ibi Anak Uding has called on the government to provide electricity and clean water supply to longhouses in the Balai Ringin constituency in line with the government’s concept of ‘1Malaysia, People first and Performance now’.

“Although Snowdan Lawan, the incumbent State assemblyman has distributed some funds for minor rural development projects, there are about 80 % to 90 % of the longhouses which do not have 24-hour supply of electricity and more than 90% do not have clean water supply.

“Even few schools have no electricity and water,”
Ibi said after a visit to several longhouses along Simunjan/Punda Road.

Ibi who has been visiting the constituency almost daily is a potential PKR candidate.

She said: “The lack of electricity, water and other infrastructure in the majority of the longhouses is a cause for concern. It appears that the situation in Balai Ringin contradicts Prime Minister Najib’s concept of ‘1 Malaysia, People first and Performance now’.

“For the past 46 years, the people’s needs are last and the performance later. The people here are worst than the animals where the animals are given first priority such as electricity and water at the Pig Farm near Jirok,” she lamented.

Ibi questioned why projects such as football fields were simply handed over to the people when they did not ask for them.

“This is wrong priority. What the people need is electricity and water,” she said.

On the question of NCR land issues which are very “hot” in this constituency, Ibi said the people’s two representatives, the State Assemblyman and the MP for Sri Aman Masir Kujat, are ignoring the misery and the plight of the NCR land owners.

“Where are Snowdan and Kujat and why are they keeping quiet? And why are they not fighting for the interests of the people?” asked by Ibi.

Ibi was referring to some 741,000 acres of land in the Balai Ringin area, the bulk of which are NCR lands which are owned by Ibans from 15 longhouses and Malays from one Malay kampong, have been proposed to be given to Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd, Hock Seng Lee Bhd, Cocolin Industries Sdn Bhd, Poh Lian Plantation Sdn Bhd and Sarawak Economic Development Corporation.

The villagers have written a memorandum to the relevant authorities including UMNO seeking their intervention and they have also engaged a law firm to look into their problems.

Ibi expressed concern over the interests and livelihood of the people as they have been told to leave the area if their lands are untitled, failing which the Land and Survey Department in Kota Samarahan will initiate court actions.

She said that the farmers are adamant in staying in their own lands which have been passed to them by their ancestors and at the same time they have consulted their lawyers with a view to sue the government.

Ibi also expressed anxiety over another big oil palm plantation that has allegedly encroached into NRC lands at Ubah, Tekuyong, Abok and Empaling in the Pantu area.

“Several land owners have been arrested for defending their lands,” she added, pointing out that they have now sued the government and the company for the alleged encroachment.

The case was heard last week in the High Court in Sri Aman and further hearing will be held on 7 April.



Anonymous said...

PKR - PARTY KELALU RINGAT nadai jalai sekali-kali. Manah aja diau Ibiiii.

Anonymous said...

Every 5 years the Iban leaders (we) will howl and make noise about the BN government in Sarawak,obviously controlled by Taib and his cronies.And at the end of the day, BN wins with thumbing majorities in many areas. Will it be different this time around ? I have my doubts.
The fact is we have not done enough to let the poor folks (our brothers and sisters) in the longhouses know about the real "going-ons" in the country. The real issues are almost hidden from them because what they get via TV 1, 2 and 3 are propaganda stuff of the BN government.

Anonymous said...

keni iya enda ringat deh. laban rakyat sarawak udah idup merinsa, taja menua kitai kaya enggau asil menua. Berunding ke diri empu kaban.

Anonymous said...

ringat ngarika rayat nadai salah..arapka nti ia dipilih rayat maya bepilih ila mai masalah rayat lebuh ti meeting ADUN..nya aja..idup "Ketuanan Rakyat"

apai irau said...

to Anonymous,anang pandai-pandai madah ke Parti orang Parti Kelalu Ringat.Parti nuan ni deh? At least Ibie dare to highlight our plight,talking about our fading rights and issues affecting our community,etc.If you want to vote for BN its your right,but has PBB,SPDP or PRS ever talk about our rights to Ncr,or our predicament after 47 years joining Malaysia? Personally,i would give my respect to leaders who are with the rakyat,not those who are only interested in feeding themselves.

indai irau said...


Nya alai undi meh PKR manah ke nuan.

Greedy and corrupted YBs said...

Ibi, your cry is in vain.they will never do what you ask for. The YBs of these area are deaf, dumb and ignorant. They won't go near this area when there is no election. If they do they said their bank account will be emptied by these hungry folks. Only when they need their precious votes will they hang around and use a few ringgits as bait.
Ya, even the pig farm have electricity and clean water. Shame that these dayaks are treated worse than pigs but they are to be blame. Just don't vote those corrupted into poweer and I can guarantee there will be electricity and water. Give them a taste of defeat and they will be bitter.
NCR land! forget about these. All NCR land are for the rich and famous. The dayaks , if they still vote for BN will see their NCR land stolen.

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do to help the people of balai ringin Ibi? Thanks for highlighting these problems and I sincerely hope that you already have the solutions. We as the voters of Balairingin would like to see what you and your party will do to change or reform the lives of people here. We do not wish to be told of our problems only but rather seek for the solutions.

Balau said...

The animals at pig farm near Jirok are given electricity and water whereas the longhouse dwellers in Balai Ringgin do not have such basic amenities.

"Animals first human later." Whose concept is that?

Maybe the people in Balai Ringgin have to find matured YB because young YB tends to love musics more than to serve his constituents.

Anonymous said...

I was in the Kedai Kopi this morning when an old man came and sit next to our table. I overheard him say "SPDP" - Semua Palau Dalam Pub? Now, what is that supposed to mean? A friend then interjected and said, PBB stands for Persatuan Buaya Besar.
I laughed.

Corrupted to the core said...

Balai Ringgin folks should wake up by now. They should vote for PR to teach those corrupted YBs and the gov't a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Ibi wants electricity and clean water to the area but why she objects contractors from entering her land carry out electricity projects. Nonsense... Nemu jako bulak aja...

Anonymous said...

Ibi "wants electricity and clean water to the area" BUT the proposed projects only bypass the longhouse and DOES NOT even benefit the kampong people(the rakyat). That is the reason she objects contractors from entering her land to carry out the proposed electricity projects.