Sunday, March 21

Jabu, the stooge of Kuala Lumpur, says Jambun

Daniel John Jambun, the leader of the Sabah delegation to Britain, today challenged Deputy Chief of Sarawak Alfred Jabu anak Numpang for an open debate.

“We want to call on Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang to prove that he's a 'somebody' as he implies by briefing the people on his track record in defending the rights of Sabah and Sarawak under the 1963 Malaysia Agreement.

“We challenge Jabu to an open debate on the issues raised by the Common Interest Group Malaysia (Cigma) during their briefing to members of the House of Commons in London on March 9,”
Jambun said in a statement emailed to The Broken Shield.

The Broken Shield had earlier published Jambun’s memorandum presented to the House Commons.

Jambun who is the deputy chairperson of Common Interest Groups (CIGMA) said: “Jabu is turning a blind eye to the serious plight of Malaysians in Sabah. Or is it more likely that he is actually ignorant about the horrendous problems faced by Sabahans because he has not been to Sabah often enough.

“Cigma's memorandum titled 'Shattered Hopes and Broken Dreams' detailed Sabah's expectations upon independence as were promised by Tunku Abdul Rahman and under the Malaysia Agreement, the Intergovernmental Committee Report and the 20 Points, the issue of state security and threats to national sovereignty.

“These included 'reverse takeovers' arising from the influx of illegal immigrants, poverty, unfair sharing of oil revenue, lack of fair benefits from land alienation to Felda and Felcra, and other socio-economic problems as a result of the unjust distribution of wealth and opportunities for Sabah from the national economic cake.

“Over the past 50 years 'various modifications and adjustments' to the Malaysia Agreement have eroded the rights and privileges of Sabahans. Forty-six years after independence, Sabah is now the poorest state despite its abundant natural resources.

“Whatever good we had received from Malaysia, it is all totally negated by the fact that we are not secure as a state and that the federal government has reaped a huge economic harvest from Sabah and returned so little to us,”
he said.

Since the takeover of Umno/BN in Sabah in 1994, Sabah, he said, had been plundered to the point of becoming the poorest state in Malaysia.

“We are in such dire straits with a very uncertain future, so what is the point of praising the government? Jabu surely knows that Sarawak has had no better deal in Malaysia than Sabah.

“He must not think Sabah is in the same position as Sarawak which still has some of its original rights intact. Even Umno daren't enter Sarawak. But we in Sabah are in a much more different situation. We are under a state government which is under the directive of Kuala Lumpur.

“Brunei, which opted out of Malaysia, and Singapore which later left the federation, are in a much better economic position regionally and globally. In fact, with all the rich natural resources that we have, Sabah should be richer than Brunei.

“We reiterate that we are ready for an open debate on these issues with Jabu anytime at any venue of Jabu's choice. Let the people judge who is a 'nobody in his own country.' At the moment, the consensus of public opinion is that Jabu is a proxy and stooge of the ruling elite in Kuala Lumpur and hence a traitor to our people.

“There is nothing wrong in Cigma calling for the re-activation of the Inter-Governmental Committee on the Malaysia Agreement. The IGC was meant to be a permanent institution to monitor the Malaysia Agreement.

“Jabu must explain why the IGC has fallen into inactivity and disuse over the years. We call upon the Malaysian federal government and the governments of Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and the UK to return to the IGC as soon as possible, failing which we will relentlessly pursue the matter further in various international forums.

“We appeal that the governments of Indonesia and the Philippines be accorded observer status at the IGC. The presence of Indonesia will ensure that the re-colonisation of Sabah and Sarawak by Malaya, after the departure of the British, is reversed. The late President Sukarno of Indonesia did warn against re-colonisation when he launched his policy of konfrantasi (confrontation) and ganjang Malaysia (hang M'sia) in 1963.

“The presence of the Philippines will ensure that we can bring the so-called Sabah claim to a closure. Following the successful briefing at the House of Commons in London on Mach 9, we intend to pursue the introduction of an EDM

(Early Day Motion) on the Malaysia Agreement in the British Parliament as soon as the forthcoming UK general elections are over.

The writer is deputy chairperson, Common Interest Group Malaysia (Cigma).


Apai Semalau said...

Sadly, Jabu is a stooge and blind follower with not an iota of leadership attribute otherwise he would have been promoted out of the deputy post. As such, it would be an extremely difficult task to smoke him out of the hole for an open debate!

Anonymous said...

Jambun, Afraid Jabu will not go debating with you lah....he is enough of his money counting and busy with SELL-Kra business. Furthermore, he cant think and speak properly therefore having difficulty with debating. Forgive him as he has just a recent by-pass

Balau said...

So Jabu, will you accept the challenge for an open debate with Daniel John Jambun? You have been telling the whole world that Sarawak, under Malaya, has achieved tremendous development and economic progress and its people are enjoying comfortable life. I am sure you can corner your opponent easily if what you have been telling the people are true. If you don`t take the challenge, the public may believe Daniel John Jambun that you are a traitor to your own people.

Greedy corrupted servant of the rakyat said...

jabu continued interest in the state administration is only to serve his own interest. He is doing nothing to benefit the state but only to benefit himself. Look at how he enrich himself with so many buildings and badminton courts.Ask him to declare how he got so rich.

Anonymous said...

Accusations can either be baseless and unsubstantiated or merely rhetoric dressed in language of the writer. When a politician is accused of being a stooge, then he must be an idiot of sort but Jabu is no idiot as he is elected by his people, the Ibans of Sarawak.
But rightly so, Jabu has always been the passive guy of Sarawak's politics, cool and willing to praise his boss the CM at anytime anyplace.That is a known fact.
The KL UMNOrians have a liking for people like him. Our Federal Lords will complement those just nodding their heads to indicate agreement.They are the "Yes Men" of Sarawak and you find them not only in PBB but from all the other BN parties in Sarawak.Only a handful are quite vocal and dare to get out of their shell. One such elected representative is the Deputy Speaker. The SPDP cowboy Tiong tried his ways too in a different fashion.
Coming back to facts, Sarawak and Sabah have spent 4 decades under the thumbs of the Federal rulers where the "politics of development" was the game plan. Everything it seems are for development purposes, BN leaders would harp that through development, the people stand to benefit. Yet it is a fact that Sabah has been left stranded with development, the state capital KK without a GH is unbelievable.
The state of Sarawak equally shares such predicaments, longhouses only a few kilometers from main roads are still without water and electricity. Even in Jabu's own constituency, longhouses are left with dirty river water caused by environmental pollution from logging.
There must be a head start to everything and only the brave and bold will stick their heads out to challenge the Federal Lords.IF the English had ruled us once and plundered our oil, it's about time we stand up and claim back what is ours.

apai irau said...

Yes,that's right,but he is not only a stooge for KL but also a mad dog for Taib's regime.I cant recall if there were any instances that Jabu had ever made 'noise' over broad daylight robbery of Dayaks NCR land,the under-representation of Dayaks in key governmentposts,the ever backwardness of Dayaks'economic status,no treted water and electricityafter 47 years after helping the malayans forming Malaysia,etc.Jabu is a 'never-ever man'.All he did all those years was to please his aging master and to fill his pockets.

Corrupted Apai said...

Ya lah, why throw dirty accusations at this old jabu. He is only doing taib a favour,you know lah, he is very good at polishing his balls.Let him do what he know best as we all know he is just a rusty sh.. bucket.He si only waiting for one thing and that is the call from the above. He can't go back to his longhouse becos the folks there are not on good terms with him. They said this 'Apai' is not helping them.
Let this old man enjoy his final twilight years, enjoy his ill-gotten wealth to the best , knowing too well he wouldn't be bringing it along ,as the devil of hell will not want this ill-gotten wealth. They are dirty so they don't want this dirty money to make them dirtier.

Anonymous said...

So Jabu is only a "cicak" after all ! :)


Lachung Ajak said...

So Iban ministers, anyone of you keen to take the challenge a substitute for Jabu? I am sure Jambun will agree to face you if you have a courage.

Anang kita semina rigang-rigang enggau rauh-rauh lebuh datai ba rumah panjai.