Wednesday, March 3

Should the contractors to be blamed?

Second Minister of Planning and Resources Management Awang Tengah Ali Hassan was quoted by The Borneo Post today (Tuesday, 2 March) as saying that contractors appointed by the provisional lease (PL) holders to be blamed for encroaching into some native customary right (NCR) lands.

He said that even though it was obvious that they could not enter NCL, they just bulldozed their way into the area.

He explained that land claimed as customary land would be omitted when the authorities issued PLs.

“This condition must be adhered to, and normally it is the contractors appointed by the PL holders who bulldoze, and this creates problems.

“They just bulldoze even land which come native customary rights,”
he told reporters after officiating at a seminar on land and economy for Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) delegates at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching here on 1 March.

Tengah was asked to comment on what a delegate termed as “PL disease” during the question and answer session in the seminar.

“I urge Penghulus to ensure that the appointed contractors would ensure that land which are being claimed as NCR land would be omitted unless they (land owners) ask for the contractors for assistance,” he said.

He said that PL holders had been reminded to ensure that their appointed contractors carried out their tasks in an ethical manner.

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu was among those present.

Awang Tengah now seems to be very sympathetic towards the NCR land owners. Could be that the State election is coming and NCR land problems will be major issues in the campaigns.

But I still remember when he answered a question in Council Negeri a couple of years ago that “All untitled lands including NCR lands belong to the Government.”

He has been warning Penghulus and Tuai Rumah not to endorse any NCR land claim by the land owners otherwise they will face troubles.

Now if it is true that contractors are to be blamed for bulldozing NCR land, destroying fruit trees, cash crops, longhouses and farm houses, why are staffs of Land and Survey Department supported by the Police helping the contractors to destroy the fruit trees, cash crops and longhouses?

Why are NCR land owners being detained for defending their NCR lands? Why are the State Government and the Land and Survey Department being sued by the NCR land owners? And so far why are the NCR land owners winning their court cases against the State Government and the Land and Survey? And why is the State Government using the tax payers’ money to pay millions of ringgit worth of compensations to the land owners and to the lawyers? Why? and Why? And there are so many “whys”?

Awang Tengah is not telling the truth. In countries in Europe, South Korea and Japan, Awang should be asked to resign. Should the contractors alone be blamed? – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

The PBB politician is like monkey..
The higher they climb they are bull shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Awang is a dummy Melayu lah!

He thinks by being "tengah" he won't be screwed left or right.

He's a slave to Taib!

And he thinks its money he has rightfully earned! Moron!

Ihearnothingbut LIES said...

He is the biggest land owner in Lawas. How he got those land remain doubtful.

Ya, when the election is around the corner, they will speak with a softer voice and are more approachable but see what happen after the election.

Contractors are not to be blamed becos they are given the area to be clear. Blame the one who sent the contractors to site.

Agom said...

Awang Tengah is not consistent regarding his land policy. At one time he said all lands that were not surveyed or did not have titles were government lands, but now he says NCL disputes best resolved in court.

He changes his song. Before he sang `keroncong` favourite numbers by the elders and now he sings ever green song `pop yeh yeh` favourites by both the elders and youngsters.

He blamed the contractors for the encroachment into NCR lands, in actual facts he is defending the act of Land and Survey Department, a state government agent to carry out demolition works into NCR lands. Secondly, when he knew the recent High Court`s ruling in favour of land owners who should have exclusive possession of their lands.

Maybe after the state election, he will sing his old song again.

Bigmouth LIAR said...

He is barking at his own shadow. Never have he done anything for the dayak community. Name me if any and I will use my hands as my legs.