Sunday, December 7

Dayak Governor visits Tajem

The former President of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU), Dato Sri Daniel Tajem and his wife, Datin Ivy on Saturday night played hosts to the 150-member delegation of Majlis Adat Dayak Nasional (MADN) led by the Governor of Central Kalimantan (Kalteng), His Excellency Bapak Augustin Teras Narang at their residence.

The MADN members were here on a three-day visit to reciprocate the visit made by members of the SDNU early this year.

Also attending the dinner were SDNU president, Mengga Mikui, the president of Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA), Sidi Munan and executive members of the two organisations.

In welcoming the guests, Dato Sri Tajem said that he was greatly honoured to have the opportunity to play host to the most distinguished guest from East Kalimantan, His Excellency Bapak Augustin Teras Narang.

“This is the first time that a visitor in the persona of His Excellency the Governor has ever come to visit my humble house since I moved here 22 years ago.

“I hope His Excellency’s visit to this house will bring us luck” said Tajem and added that he might name his grandson who was due to be born in a week’s time after the name of His Excellency.

In his reply, Bapak Augustin said that he and his MADN members had high regard for Tajem as a leader of the Dayak community in Sarawak and hoped that MADN and SDNU members would make every effort to strengthen their cultural ties.

“Although we may be separated by territories, it will not stop us from being together and united in cultural and social fields. After all we are all Dayaks of Borneo.

“The aim of our visit to Sarawak and Sabah is to exchange ideas and experience, to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, to discuss common problems and to safeguard and promote the Dayak culture of Borneo,” he said.

The Dayaks of Borneo, he stressed, should not be defeated by obstacles in their efforts to promote their culture.

“If we cannot do it today, we will do it tomorrow; and if we don’t do it, who else will do it. It is up to us to do it” he added.

Later there was an exchange of gifts. Tajem presented several copies of The Broken Shield that featured Dayak politics in Sarawak to Bapak Augustin and other guests. - The Broken Shield



chapchai said...

I am glad to see Dato Seri Daniel Tajem resurfacing in Sarawak politics. Sarawak needs moderate leaders like him. He will, either as a CM or Governor, once more instill pride in Sarawak, a pride that has been undermined by you-know-who.

NEIL said...

Turn this gathering into a force to ignite the fire that will burn all traitors of this land,the land of the Hornbills.
Let this force be enough to trigger a change that will overthrow Taib.
Let this be a chain reaction that will lead to the rise of dayakism.
Yes,we can!

Apai Semalau said...

I envy the dayaks of Kalimantan. The reasons being they embrace unity and know that unity comes strength. Their culture seems to dictate respect from all quarters. In Sarawak, our culture has deteriorated to such a level that many dayaks in position of power would stoop so low as to exploit their community for the interest of third parties. The bottom line is, there is so much distrust amongst the dayaks. Dato Daniel has contributed immensely to Sarawak. Having known Datuk Daniel, I for one see him as one true dayak and someone who could still save the dayaks from poverty.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the rekindled spirit of Dayakism will burn on and on until victory.And victory is within sight.Dayaks especially Ibans must wake up to realise they have been marginalised far too long by one man.The Malays and Melanaus are going people just as the Chinese and others. It is the one man and the family who has caused so much harm and loss to Sarawak and its people

Anonymous said...

I am happy to learn that the Dayak Governor from Kalimantan and his group were entertained by Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem and hiswife at their residence on Saturday.

It's the beginning of a giant step to forge closer Dayak ties in Borneo.

And I hope it will help to mend the broken shield caused not by the Dayaks but by others who bear illwill towards the original community on the island that we all share.

swisserikin said...

Though I am happy for this historical occasion, I am disappointed that the writer was blind not to have noticed the presence of Dr Patau Rubis, another Dayak leader.
We can only be united if we stop calling ourselves Ibans, but Dayak Iban or better still Dayaks.
In Kalimantan there are officially no Ibans and Bidayuhs, but ONLY Dayaks.
Throughout the official speeches, the various Sarawakian Dayaks always mentioned IBANS, where the appropriate term should be DAYAKS. I can safely categorise them, including the writer of this post, as actors in Taib's script of dividing and ruling over us Dayaks.
Are we for Dayak Unity? Or are we still actors in Taib's script for Dayak disunity?
Alim GA Mideh

Anonymous said...

Swisserikin said: "Though I am happy for this historical occasion, I am disappointed that the writer was blind not to have noticed the presence of Dr Patau Rubis, another Dayak leader".

I can understand your frustrations when our people still identify themselves by raced instead of Dayak.

You are right on one hand, but on the other hand, you must accept the fact that Dayaks are still much divided among themselves.

And you must also accept the fact that an organisation like SDNU has all these while been described as an Iban association.

Well, you cannot blamed the Ibans since they are much more active and more ‘vocal’ in championing the rights of the Dayak Ibans especially on NCR land issues.

Unlike the Bidayuhs, their leaders tend to be more ‘reserved’ and supportive of the ruling government.

For example, organisations like DBNA and BGA tend to support the government and don’t want to be associated with SDNU and SADIA when these two NGOs speak about Dayak rights. That’s why the Ibans tend to ‘dominate’ SDNU because they are willing to speak their mind without fear or favour.

If the Bidayuhs want to be recognise as equal partners in SDNU, they must be willing to be part of the SDNU’s struggle…

We need Bidayuhs leaders in SDNU to be more vocal to give constructive ideas and criticisms to the Govt and not act like passengers. We need them to rally together with their Iban brothers and unite under SDNU to speak towards common a vision and mission. Only then, they can speak as one voice i.e. Dayak voice.

jumpover said...

yes..the bidayuh young generations have to realise that their leaders have do nothing to them..especially about the NCR. So..the power was on your hand..make a better decision when the time is come. Let us kick out those who inore our problems. Yes we can!!!!