Thursday, December 18

Naroden - Simunjan’s oil palm king

For most of our elected representatives be they MPs or DUN members, they do not want to antagonize the Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud because they know the consequences. In fact almost all of them heaping praises on him hoping that their voices can be heard. Once he notices you and becomes his confidant, you are on the way to a millionaire’s club.

Look at the State Assemblyman for Simunjan, YB Haji Mohd Naroden bin Haji Majais, who comes from an average family in Gedong. Since he became YB in the 1991 State election, he not only becomes a confidant of the Chief Minister and is now an assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s department, but also he is locally known as the “king of oil palm” in Simunjan owning among the largest areas of oil palm.

According to the Land and Survey Department’s Laporan Statistic Suku Ketiga Tahun 2005 (Statistic Report for Third quarter 2005) his companies have now owned seven areas in Simunjan consisting of 16,486 hectares (roughly 41,215 acres) of land for the planting of oil palm.

The breakdown is as follows:-
  • Tanjong Midin, Batang Kerang, Simunjan/Serian, Lot 2984 Melikin land district of 4555 hectares approved in 1996 under the Pelita Nirwana Muhibbah Sdn Bhd;
  • Batang Kerang, Simunjan/Serian, Lot 2981 Melikin land district with 3770 hectares approved in 1988 under the Gedong Plantation Sdn Bhd;
  • Batang Kerang, Simunjan/Serian, Lot 2980 Melikin land district with 3480 hectares approved in 1988 under the Gedong Plantation Sdn Bhd;
  • Between Batang Sadong and Sungai Simunjan, Lot 1226 Sedilu Gedong land district with 2182 hectares approved in 2004 under the Hydroflow Sdn Bhd;
  • Between Lubuk Teba and Sungai Sentok, Gedong, Lot 1227 Sedilu Gedong land district with 593 hectares approved in 2004 under the Hydroflow Sdn Bhd;
  • Tanjung Embang, Simunjan, Lot 1228 Sedilu Gedong land district with 189 hectares approved in 2003 under the Indranika Jaya Sdn Bhd;
  • Between Tanjung Sap and Sunhgai Benat B, Simunjan, Lot 1229 with 1717 hectares approved in 2003 under Indranika Sdn Bhd.

This list is only up to the third quarter of 2005, but what about from thereon to this day? Imagine the amount of money his companies have earned all this while when CPO (Crude Palm Oil) was RM3,000 in March this year from the matured oil palms.

We do not envy him, or jealous of him (incase Alfred Jabu says so,) and how can we envy him when we, as voters, also contribute to his wealth. But what we – Malay and Iban voters – ask of him is that he should leave our NCR land alone. - The Broken Shield



Gerasi Bansa said...

Naroden better you stop now or the voter make you stop...Which one you wanted to be...Noraden you must know that the land you take is The Dyak and malay land that who vote you.

Dont you think can take advantage from your position as YB or "yes Boss" to buban Taip Mesin.....Remember makkal sakhti will came to Simunjan in next election...enough is enough................

To all,
lets we unite to making this type of leader know what the meaning of "makkal sakhti", the meaning of "mandate from the voter"

----Remember "hukum karma"......-----

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of such Provisional Leases are given by the Ministry of Resource Planning to politicians all over Sarawak,by the thousands and thousands of hectares.

well,Broken Shield,the records are here;who were given,how they were given,areas,premium paid(or unpaid)
whom they had sold them to(for a fortune),those given"for payment in kind" also ada,brother,dont worry! All will be revealed!! Wait...

Anonymous said...

Hukum Karma is neither negative nor positive. It is the Buddhists and the lying MF Brahmins among the Hindus who give a negative interpretation to Hukum Karma to frighten people into submission. Their aim is to make people accept their fate meekly on the promise that "if you behave yourself in this life, you will be born into a higher caste and better life when you are re-born".

There's no such thing.

Nothing is good or bad. What is good or bad is human interpretation.

Life is not black and white but mostly shades of grey.

What is important is our response. There's a silver lining in every cloud, count your blessings, consider everything that happens as a blessing in disguise. Be thankful and grateful so that you will have even more reasons to be thankful and grateful in future. Look on the positive side and see what you can get out of even a bad situation.

So, that guy Naroden stole the Dayak and Malay land? Use that as an excuse to flog him with it and bring down the government.

Once the government is gone, you can take back the land.

Sim said...

Dear J

We need more posting like this one.

sim kwang yang

NEIL said...

Show me what you all dayaks and Malays can do to him .If there is no unity,I will see how you can dethrone him.You all are barking at the wrong tree.
If the head goes,the tail will follow.

Hari Hari said...

To reveal the truth is very nourishing to note. It adds up to what people in power can and will do.
It will act as an eye opener or a wakening call that enough is enough.
In the past the undertable information are mainly for the west, at least now we have our own "local" blogs to highlight the disorders of the state.
Keep up the good and fine work, Broken Shield. Let them understand that with a Broken Shield, we still can defend ourself.

jumpover said...

To everybodys..let us spark this noredin wrong doing to the villages. Don,t wait..let do our part.
It's realy worse. They cheated our communitys by saying that was "projek pembangunan tanah" .But it only profitable to them , and wjust get nothing.

Go to the villages and mention about their bad behavior,and how greedy they are..which like to stole,robe our NCR land.
This pirate Noredennnnn also use the tuai2 rumah become his idot cheating the org2 rh panjai.

Next coming election...he will get the punishment from rakyak simunjan.

vote him ( noredennnnnn) out..tikus hutan

Bugau said...

Don't forget about Dato Sng who have acquired a large portion NCR land in Balai Ringin area for his Kelapa sawit

Those dayak in Balai Ringin who owned NCR land are being written off as 'no right over such lands.'

Those dayak has no proof of the said NCR land in Balai Ringin,so Dato Sng with his money and power, managed to own that NCR land.

Those dayak in that area are forced to accept the situation are work as 'kuli' in that Dato Sng's kelapa sawit.

Hope that Broken Shield could exposed the issue.

Young voters from Simunjan said...

It is no wonder that most if not all BN YBs are very well to do including some senior civil servants in key positions who own luxury cars and houses. Some even have “extra-families”.

“Politics of Development” OR “Politics of Greeds and Self-Enrichment” ??

Thank you for the posting.

Apai Semalau said...

I for one have no qualms about YB Naroden venturing into the oil palm business and having been successful in it. The bottom line is, did he do it ethically and are the ventures beneficial to the communities surrounding his palm estates? Did he exploit the local labourers and paid them poor wages or did he import foreigners to slave there at the expense of the locals?
If the locals are happy about it and received decent wages, then so be it.
This Naroden capper may not be an issue when comes voting time. Other more important issues like having proper water supply,easy access from interior longhouses, health and medical care and education should be given priorities. Only when we have this make available to us all will we see our standard of living making its way above the poverty line. The "I, me and myself" mentality of modern dayaks have to make way for the "we, our and community" spirit and values of our forefathers.


Winston Churchill once said, "If you want to profit, learn to please" . This is what Norden Majais and Sylvester Entri did. Apple polishing Taib's balls and kiss his ass. That's how they got to confiscate Dayak NCR lands with the help of the Mafia King.

Gedong Plantation Sdn. Bhd (455636-D) also owned by YB Sylvester Entri anak Muran aka Mohamad Hadi Abdullah (541027-13-5709) Director since 29/04/98 and with another chinese towkay from Marudi. This company also confiscated Iban NCR land in Balai Ringin constituency.

Anonymous said...

well..i don't blame the YBs..its our own people who vote themmmbut i believe now is new generation era & we're educated..they can't preach lies to dayak anymore & manipulate them..

Reban Resat said...

If it is true that "The Broken Shield" has all the information/evident, it is time that we stop this act of Naroden
exploiting the rakyat. Why not make report to the police or ACA. This would be a fair act so that if Naroden is innocent he can defend himself and if otherwise the law will deal with him.

Anonymous said...

Gedong Plantation Sdn. Bhd (455636-D) also owned by YB Sylvester Entri anak Muran aka Mohamad Hadi Abdullah (541027-13-5709) Director since 29/04/98.

KIta perlu tanya berapa banyak Rimbunan hijau kelapa sawit, KTS kelapa sawit. Gedong plantation tak sampai 5 percen drp yang dimiliki rimbunan hijau. Itu perkongsian ramai2.
Budaya dengki sesama bumiputera menyebabkan bumiptera tak maju. Bagi mentaliti ini, untuk maju kena lawan melayu atau iban.
sepatutnya, untuk maju kena tanding towkay2 rimbunan hijau, kts dll.

kena check plantation siapa yang lebih menjaga kebajikan pekerja? si simumjan atau milik Kts, atau rimbunan hijau.

sekiranya berterusan dengki sesama bumiptera sedemikian ornag iban/melayu/bumiptera tak akan maju 200 tahun.

tawkey cina akan ketawa lihat bumiptera suka jatuh menjatuhkan sesama sendiri! Yang untung siapa??

Anonymous said...

Dengki sama sendiri!

The issue here is that we are not "denki" to Malay or Iban that owns oil palm estate but we are against those that have one out of conflict of interest and in expense of other Iban or Malay..These people are elected to represent our interest not to further their own interest.Those that lick balls of the Uban gets contract and PL but what about those poor Iban or Malay or in general Dayaks get!!Their rights taken away from them.There are thousands and one way a compassionate government can offer the people of Sarawak.

Sometimes election does not change anything as long as we have YB fighting the wrong fights and agenda.

The younger Sarawakian should say not to 'old school politics'.

Change is inevitable!!!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with apai semalau. i dont understand why the need to fight among ourselves and let other races laugh their ass off at us bumiputras...we're simply judgemental still and fikiran sempit and kampongan. Look at our main priorities for the rakyat...even if pembangkang can get into those constituency and become the next government, would it make any difference that in future don't think they want to buy and own tanah like whoever already owned it today?? that's reality. as long as they dont mistreated their rakyat and if they are happy with the way they are, then let them be.some people like to waste time and dig crap so they can hantam other people out of jealousy....or shud i say lack of education! be a little more smarter please. pity the rakyat to be lead by a leader who go in & out of court guilty of sodomy!