Wednesday, December 3

SADIA and SDNU accuse Jabu of being childish

Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) and Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) hit back at Deputy Chief Minister and chairman of SALCRA (Sarawak Land Consolidation & Rehabilitation Authority), Alfred Jabu anak Numpang after he criticized the two social organisations for not saying thank you to SALCRA’s success in helping the Dayaks.

SDNU spokesman, Dr. John Brian Anthony accused Jabu of trying to politicize SDNU and added: “We do not want to politicize SDNU by supporting this and by not supporting that. We want to concentrate in preserving and promoting Adat Dayak and Culture. That is our priority.”

SADIA secretary general, Nicholas Mujah said that SADIA had never criticized SALCRA; in fact SALCRA being a voluntary member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) was the “best” authority to solve the plight of natives in respect of NCR land issues.

“SALCRA has that mechanism to solve NCR land issues that have plagued the indigenous people of the State,” he stressed.

On the visit of the fact finding mission to SALCRA that was cancelled on the advice of Jabu, Mujah said that SADIA had recommended to the mission that SALCRA was the most appropriate for them to study the impact of oil palm plantations on the livelihood of the indigenous people since SALCRA was a party to RSPO.

Referring to the so-called politicians in the group, Mujah said they were SADIA members and they were not members of any political party.

Mujah also questioned whether it was right for Jabu to distribute SALCRA participants’ money of RM50,000 to the Resident and District Office, Miri, in order to initiate a Penan Website and another RM50,000 to St. Luke’s Church building fund in Simanggang.

“Did Jabu obtain the consent of the SALCRA participants?’ Mujah asked.

Meanwhile, another leader of SDNU who preferred to remain anonymous blasted at Jabu for criticizing SDNU for not saying thank you to SALCRA.

“What a stupid thing to say?” he asked and questioned Jabu why should SDNU praise SALCRA when it (SALCRA) had not submitted its statements of accounts for decades.

He said: “There must be something wrong with SALCRA when it is not transparent. I do not know if there are P and L (profits and losses) in the accounts. And where has the money been siphoned? And many more questions remain unanswered.”


NEIL said...

SALCRA is the personal piggy bank of Jabu,Taib and a few top officials.They ran SALCRA as if it's theirs.The money they give to the people are peanuts.They are using SALCRA to take those NCR lands away from the dayaks and in return they pay the dayaks a small sum.But as for the NCR land that are planted with oil palm,it belongs to SALCRA.The day SALCRA finds that oil palm is finish,the land will lay idle and the dayaks still don't have the title for their land.Next year I hope they will still pay out bonus but I don't see any chance becos with the oil palm price plunging,they will keep their piggy bank intact.Ask Jabu how much he is getting from SALCRA for allowing them to plant oil palm on NCR land!He is already superrich!

Julau Headhunter said...

What is that Jabu actually has against those two Dayak Ibans NGOs anyway? Do you have any idea?

Why is Jabu begging for their 'thanks'?

He's been on attacking mode lately. Previously while in Betong he reluctance to name who he was referring to.

Perhaps - he can't take it anymore and yesterday in Miri - named those he detest - SADIA / SDNU guys.

Anonymous said...

When I read what Jabu Anak Numpang said in the Borneo Post report on Wednesday I could not believe it -- a DCM asking people to praise him!
The problem is in the eyes of many Dayaks, especially Ibans, he is only good at apple polishing, quite prepared to sacrifice his own community for the benefit of one man -- Taib Mahmud!
If he is not concerned how historywill judge him, that is his business. As as a member of the same community I dont want to see my community being marginalised and sidelined ,bullied andthreatened and our NCR lands taken away and given to a few non Dayaks at the expense of the people. Jabu is only helping to perpetuate the system that is bad for Dayaks in Sarawak. When will he awake to realise all this?

Anang Ngenusah Bangsa Kitai Agi, Jabu

Anonymous said...

Aiya, why bother to respond to Jabu's remarks? Not worth the time and effort. Everyone knows he's been a 'yes' man for years and that's the reason he stays where he is at the behest of Pek Moh. All Sarawakians know it unless you are dumb.

Aki Josh said...

Admittedly SALCRA has had its problems and is used by Jabu as a platform for his political ends. But in the general scheme of things I think SALCRA is the wrong target. At least under SALCRA, land rights are retained and proceeds are paid. The big concerns are the joint venture (Konsep Baru) schemes, which pay no dividends, and even worse, the provisional leases to land claimed under customary rights, where landholders are simply excluded. Jabu's complicity in these land grabs is a much more important basis for criticism. Let's not worry about personal remarks but focus on critical analysis of policy failures.

Aki Josh said...

It occurs to me that Jabu's concern to highlight the 'relative success' of SALCRA is a way of distancing himself from the failed Konsep Baru approach, with which he was closely aligned at Taib's behest.

Aki Salcra said...

It is most unusual for Jabu as Chief of SALCRA to crave for a praise for the success of SALCRA under his stewardship. The word “praise” is only reserved for the Lord. Praise like respect must be earned not coerced.

Jabu blames SADIA for not praising him skyhigh. SADIA wanted to commend him in April by inviting International NGOs to Salcra’s headquarters but because of Jabu’s prejudice against NGO, SALCRA missed the opportunity to showcase it’s success, when he stopped SALCRA staff to entertain the visitors form overseas. Sapa ti jugau?

Bugau said...

Next time address Jabu as 'timbalan ketua menteri yang kita amat kasihi.' (it makes me puke...!)
Why Jabu has to drag those 2 NGOs into SALCRA affair?
Why SDNU & SADIA have to thank Jabu for SALCRA?
What is his motive actually?
Jabu must remember that he is just numpang only.

Anonymous said...

someone who is a salcra participant must come out and logde a police report against jabu for misusing salcra money without the consent of members. it amount to cbt u/s 409 pc.
common dont let this .... to do what he thinks he can do. who he think he is?

Anonymous said...

anyone knows anything funny in salcra, please email me you all are most welcome to sent any information on salcra to the hotmail above.
Your info is strictly confidential, rest assured.

Bugau said...

Jabu enda di beri Empiang demalam nya kebuah iya pedis ati ngagai SDNU & SADIA.

Anonymous said...

It would be greatly appreciated if SALCRA and its Chairman, The Board and the CEO would just keep quiet. Dont invite unnecessary warfronts or else all will break loose.

SALCRA has no idea, not the slightest idea that your worms are known in the cans,awaiting to be opened!

SALCRA wants to get the cans opened? Think again,and think very hard.

Salcra Forests sdn bhd? Ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone.
i wish to amend spelling mistake. i shoulld be lodge not logde.
tq. dont forget to feed the email with informaions on SALCRA.
SYABAS SADIA,DBNA, OUNA and all in organizing the get together of the Borneo DAyaks. Together we stand united.

Anonymous said...

well..well.well...nama agik deh..ngelama tuk kitak SADIA, SDNU, SIDS bejako election tumbang ka BN..laban ngena mata pen..enda ibuh kerah2 agik..tuk maia kitak nulong bansa..kemaya agik...?

Anonymous said...

Jabu is numpang only..Taib is just a dear dayaks bro & not be afraid of election we show them our power..but do not be blinded by RM20 OR RM50 di beri BN maya ngundi ilak..seput, semengat serta tubuh kitai dayak enda mudah di beli..diatu kitai berserakup..dalam nama Yesus Kristus sitan sigi deka di alah ka..

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone,
incase PKR manage to wrest power from PBB in the next election, i pledge tajem yang dikasihi to bertanding to be the CM. He is uncomparable to any dayak leaders as of now.masing untak kelalu berpusing jabu selalu mudik paku, nadai utai temu. So common your are not too old my respected tuai. You are a real leader, be courages Ya ke Ti Pebasa(YKTP) Tajem.
A reminder once again, once in power, be vigilance NOT to trough trouble water. Adieu idup dayaks

Anonymous said...

I totally agree..Tajem for CM...God Bless Sarawak under Tajem..Pls Tajem do not ignore our pledge...Only you can bring us forward..we only trust you..

Apai Semalau said...

"Childish" is an understatement. More appropriately it should be "Senile". By the way, looks like SALCRA is now a political wing of PBB. With world prices for oil palm tumbling, and once its no longer profitable to harvest the fruits, will SALCRA pay for our daily meals?
In Jabu we see someone playing second fiddler for donkey years. The dayaks are the majority. What exactly is stopping them from leading Sarawak. Just look across to Malaya and see who reigns. The likes of Jabu have eroded the aspiration of many dayaks. Followers instead of laeders!

matadua said...

BP 8 Dec 08- For the last 32 years(since 1976), Salcra has paid RM20 million in dividends to 14,ooo landowners. If you calculate it, each landowner would get 16 cents a day. Is this what Jabu proud of what he believes the Salcra efforts in improving the livelihood of rural people? Aku nginti ikan di parit bulih agi ari nya.

jumpover said...

utai ka dibaginya..pakai manok kitai enda cukup. Beli jabuuu nya. laban ia udah sekaban ngau "mesin taip" .Udah nampuk enggau R Mugabe.

borneo headhunter said...

reply to julau headhunters...Let me gives you the perfect ANSWER bro,
1.JABU was so fear of the two NGOs because they knows most of his secrets.
2.Jabu is not Begging for THANKS but begging for NOT TO REVEAL HIS SECRETS
3.Jabu was actually reffering to his NO.1 Political Enemy who knows most of his secrets.The 2 NGOs r MR.PETER JOHN JABAN(SADIA National Executive Committee for the FACTS FINDING MISSION)Mr.Nicholas Munjah is SADIA sec gen.Peter and Nicholas mujah went to SALCRA HQ

Anonymous said...

Will Mr. Peter, Mr. Nicholas Mujah and Mr. Peter John contact me through my email salam_mesra@hotymail through your email, please brothers.