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SUPP has never neglected interest of Dayaks: Dr Chan ~ ref. The Borneo Post

Dear readers,

The following article entitled "SUPP has never neglected interest of Dayaks: Dr Chan" was published in The Borneo Post today, 24 December 2008 (page 3).

The article was in response to my posting in this blog entitled "What is the Dayaks' role in SUPP?" (22 Dec 2008) and was later republished in Malaysiakini news portal. Click here.

As Christmas is approaching, I will taking a few days 'leave' before I response to the news report. In the meantime, I would like to hear some comments from my valued readers on this issue.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot understand firstly why SUPP especially its President that no one wants it says the Dayaks in SUPP have not been neglected.
Dr George Chan say what he wants but the few Dayak YBs in SUPP know exactly where the Dayaks are placed and how they feel about everything.
It's a waste oftime for Dr Chan to deny the Dayaks, as you have stated, have been neglected.
The sad truth is even the Chinese are abandoning SUPP.
SUPP is not what it used to be. What do you expect when Dr Chan is related to Taib Mahmud by way of the marriage of their children.He will protect Taib because otherwise his daughter who is married to Sulaiman will have no means to protect herself from the physical abuse of Taib's playboy son.

Anonymous said...

Of course SUPP didn't totally neglect the interest of dayaks. However the dayaks were marginalised by SUPP and PBB since day one. Jabu is a fine example. He is comfortable in his hole as the second lieutanant with no prospect of being the CM. The dayaks get to pick and eat the crumbs while the others feast on the meat. For Dr.Chan, the dayaks eating the crumbs is as good as not neglected. Can we dayaks honestly accept his explanations?
Capable and out spoken dayak leaders in SUPP have all but gone. The present dayak leaders don't represent majority dayak interests but that of their political mentors the reason being UNITY is a hard formula for the dayak community to grasp even in the 21st century!

Anonymous said...

May be what Dr and SUPP says is true that they have never neglected the Dayaks because they have not even remembered the Dayaks' quiet but sincere contribution/supports to the party all these 30 plus years and in time of elections. SUPP is no more it used to be and how it has been well respected. Leaders have no time looking after the well-being of communities under them and instead, put much of their time quarelling for powers and seats amomgst themselves. On a boat, when the Master/Mates/Officers are quarelling, who is really paying attention to the direction/course of the boat ? So,we, the passengers have to quickly put on our life jackets and jump off board before any collision or sinking or grounding occurs. No choice, we have to board just any boats that can rescue our little lives and take us to our destination. Before we go, Brother/Sister Dayaks, do not forget to say "Bye Bye Leaders, see you next election." "Oh, SUPP Leaders, please have a few days of peace and rest, then continue to show your spiritful faces on the front pages and continue to attack one anothers." But to those in SUPP who really sacrify and work, please receive our salute and greeting - "Merry Christmas and An Awakening Happy New Year" - Always remember that the people elect the government and not the other way round -

NEIL said...

If he says the dayaks are not neglected,then tell me why are so many chinese been neglected by SUPP.Neglecting the dayaks is not as serious as neglecting the chinese and the chinese have already told him to F... off by not voting for SUPP.So that why SUPP suffer a humiliating defeat in the last election.Till now he haven't show any remorse and he is still surrounding himself with those old and useless guards.He have even gone back on his promise to retire gracefully in December 2008 but change his mind and stay on.Many grassroots SUPP supporters are fuming and Team B from Sibu will be showing him the door when the next election comes.
As for the dayaks in SUPP,ask them what SUPP have been doing to help their constituencies.Go and see how the schools are like chicken shed,there are no piped water,muddy path to the school,leaking roof,no hostel for those who live far away etc.Just go there and ask the folks if SUPP have help them in anyway.George Chan is just paying lip service to the dayaks.And all the dayaks cannot even answer why these few dayaks are hanging precariously to SUPP.
Why are all these old guards overstaying in SUPP, wait for the next election then we will all know this answer.Wong Soon Koh is cleverly denying any interest in the presidency post becos he have found a political guinea pig.
To be honest,with all the infighting in SUPP,and the weakness of the president for not healing the rift,SUPP is a time bomb,waiting to explode.SUPP today ,is not what our forefathers have been fighting for.Supp is lost,in disarray,aimless,a failed party,etc.
Let see if the chinese will prove me wrong in the next election.I say SUPP will be dead.Read mu lips!

Anonymous said...

Supp leaders are a spent force. Their party only exists to ensure Taib Mahmud's survival and along with his a few other Supp leaders' survival. Full stop.

As to looking after Dayak interests, forget SUPP.

This means give all the Dayak seats it holds to either PRS, PBB or SPDP.

Let these parties represent the Dayaks and let them face the keen competition from Pakatan Rakyat

Anonymous said...

Commenting on Andrew Shilling's comment in the Borneo Post (25/12/08). He can deny for all he wants. But that's what has happen to the Dayaks during the PBDS days,where they think that is baseless when PBDS mentioned that their land will be taken away if the BN government is not defeated. Only the grassroots know what actualy happen to them.

Moreover, Dr Stephen Rundi also commented that Beginda's bully comment was baseless. Ask the PRS grassrooots today, we'll know whether it is baseless or the truth.

Being an origin from Engkilili, I personally think that Engkilili town is a cowboy town. Nothing seemed to improve as far as I remember from my schooldays till today. And were talking about SUPP being the representative in the DUN there.

But with Shilling's confession that SUPP lose ENgkilili, Meradong and Kidurong state constituencies due to having the wrong choice of candidates, is rather hilarious. The Supreme Council would have to endorse the candidates for each seat. We're not talking about one head but many. Could everyone in the supreme council have made the wrong choice by choosing them? I doubt it. Or could it be that their choice of candidates are also interfered by Jabu's decision, (in reference to ENgkilili, being a Dayak majority seat) alike other PRS and SPDP seats. Over and over again, the SUPP candidates for ENgkilili is no one who is even related to the area, historically.


Hantam pulai sida Dr Chan and SHilling nya udah christmas tu ila. We're all behind you.

Anonymous said...

SUPP - You are good nowaday to show your faces in front pages about visiting several blocked drains, planting some more landscaping, unnecessary but costly fences and beautification of your beloved cities and towns. Beside these, can you really assess and realize the so much needed things to happen for the rural communities where you continue to enjoy their votes every election. Touch your chests, close your eyes and say to yourselves what you have really done and memorize the party's motto when it was originally founded. If you (Dear Leaders) really have loving hearts, hot tears will run down your faces. Despite Dr.'s saying of never neglecting the Dayaks, facts and realities never tell lies like him and his "abang-adik". Look at the living in some remote and rural areas, you will find that not just a few pieces of plywood and atap zinc can cover the pain in the hearts of the people. We have gone through a long 50 years after independence, we are (supposed to be) one of the richest states in Malaysia, we dont believe Sarawak BN and you SUPP cannot bring forth agressive development to us in the rural areas where you (Leaders) come begging for votes every election and forget us after swearing in as YBs and Ministers. You will only come back to appoint some Kapitan, Penghulu, Councillors and Tuai Rumah2.
Dear brother and sister Sarawakians (regardless of your race and belief). I have to remind you in tears, WE all have lost a wasteful 50 years and we should be very very sorry for our younger generations. We have all these while put our faith and trust in the wrong hands in present SUPP. If their commitment and policies never change, WE have no choice, but to sink the boat "SUDAH ULANGKAI PURA PURA" in all its contested constituencies in all coming elections. Tell our aki-ini, apai-indai: "Do not bow down to RM50/100/200..and sell off our only 1 piece of rightful vote in our hands to the cost of destroying the future of our community and descendants.Don't cry in the graves when you can actually turn your sorrow into joy for your beloved home-land now". Look at how the Chinese have denied them in cities/towns and removed those dumb and mute YBs from Council Negri! Should we continue to have those "Ya Betuls" to voice our sorrows and pleas...