Friday, December 12

The proposed formation of World Dayak Federation

When the governor of Central Kalimantan province, His Excellency Bapak Augustin Teras Narang, who is chairman of Majlis Adat Dayak Nasional (MADN), visited Sarawak and Sabah last week with a delegation of 150 MADN members, he just regarded the visit as an ordinary one. Little did he realize that it marked a new chapter in the relationship between the Dayaks of Kalimantan and the Dayaks of Sabah and Sarawak.

As guests of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) and Lembaga Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah (LKNS), they discussed many things of common interests. And out of the discussions came proposals to enhance Dayak cultural heritage, to promote Dayak culture and arts and to form a World Dayak Federation.

It is anticipated that the proposed federation will go along way not only in helping to strengthen the Dayak brotherhood and promote social and cultural interactions among the Dayaks of Kalimantan, Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah, but will also help to open a new chapter, a new beginning in providing global linkages and networking.

In today’s borderless world, such a body is more than just networks of Dayaks of Borneo, but one that helps to reach out to those who have similar aspirations in far flung countries of Northern Asia from where Dayaks are believed to have migrated to Borneo and nearby islands some 3,000 years ago.

Other than creating political, cultural and social awareness, it will also provide avenues and opportunities for business cooperation such as in tourism and joint venture projects. With more than 13 million Dayaks all over Borneo, and the development of Dayak human resources and capital, it is certainly a huge market that is waiting to be tapped and harnessed into a source of networking and strength.

Another equally important aspect of the proposed federation that it must look into is the codifying and collating of all customs and laws of the major Dayak tribes in Borneo as such an effort will not only help to preserve our culture and Adat for posterity, but also help to promote them globally.

It is felt therefore that there is an urgency for SDNU, MADN and LKNS to form a committee to look into details, the constitution, objectives and aims of the federation. The sooner this is formed, the better it be for the future well-being of the Dayaks in the Borneo Island.

And with leadership provided by two Dayak icons – Dato Sri Daniel Tajem and Bapak Augustin Teras Narang – the federation is going to play a very important role towards the promotion of understanding, peace and harmony among the Dayaks of Borneo in a world full of conflicts, racial and religious bigotry. Indeed the federation will be the roadmap to stronger ties among the Dayaks.

Knowing the importance of the proposed federation, Bapak Augustin Teras Narang has thrown a challenge to members of MADN, SDNU and LKNS when he says: “Who should do it, if we don’t do it?”


NEIL said...

What a dream!This is for publicity only and I can say it will be another failure for dayaks to dream such a dream.
Look at your own backyard and start at home not around the world.
This few days,I start wondering if Jetty is trying to grab publicity for himself only by following Daniel Tajem around, taking pictures with him and others.He is not politicizing about dayaks core issues but only interested to show himself with some old top dayak former leaders.Try one with Leo Moggi!
The aim of this blog is to promote dayakism not personal greed.

Tuai Rumah said...

Why do u still want to visit this blog Mr Neil a.k.a. Mr Moron??

I thought you want to promote violence by instigating the Dayaks with your derogatory commnents? You are not welcome here...

Go back to your blog & start writing about Dayak issues in your stupid blog!! And what actually do you know about Dayakism??

Paloi amai nuan nya!!

NEIL said...

Tuai Rumah said...Why do u still want to visit this blog Mr Neil....

What is the use of having this title when in fact you can't talk with sense.I came to this blog becos I want to see how the dayaks will advance but now as I go along ,I find this blog more for personal greed and self publicity.
Promoting that Bapak and Daniel is not what we want here.These people are out of tune with what is happening to the dayaks now.They can't get the gov't to anything for the dayaks becos they are not with the majority.They are isolated and no way will they be accepted by the new dayaks.Going along with these guys will make the dayaks worse and more isolated.

To Tuai Rumah...Tell me which part of my comment promote violence and derogatory comments.Shit!you are a liar if you can't show me one.No wonder people say dayak are dayaks.You are barking at your own shadow.If you don't want me to comment then throw me out .Why should I be welcome.This is a open blog and anyone is permitted to comment.Is only that people with brain like you that are talking like this.Wake up,now is 2008,not 1008.How can you stop what I think I want to write!Go back to your longhouse and have some Tuak to boost your guts.

Anonymous said...

Neil,semua utai berpun ari 'dream'. Martin Luther King bisi madah 'I have a dream'.Sapa nyangka urang kulit chelum ulih nyadi president manua USA?? Enti nuan deka promote violence why not demonstrate infront of central polis stesen, kuching enggau duku & ilang enti?? Bangsa bukai ngambi tanah kitai dayak ngena kuasa pinsel & pen.Neil be rationale lebuh nuan meri komen.

Obama said...

Its a very good idea since its involves our bigger brother in the Kalimantan. If its initiated here in Sarawak I have strong reservation it will ever get off from the formative stage.
Am eagerly looking forward to the set up and whoever from Sarawak are entrusted to look into this may I wish them good luck GOD bless.

Apai Semalau said...

We dayaks must first learn to walk before we learn to run. A World Dayak Federation is just too much for me to chow down. Lets not day dream. More appropriately I for one would agree to a Pan Borneo Dayak Federation afterall the majority of dayaks are found only in Borneo. Lets be realistic!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions/comments. This is a democratic country.

If you don't like what is beind said/written in this blog, the go to other blogs lah...why wasting your time here!

But it's up to the moderators to allow your comments or not...

..and whether the blog owner wants to promote Dayakism or not is none of your business.

Aki Josh said...

I agree World Dayak Federation sounds a bit grandiose, though don't underestimate the growing number of Dayaks outside Borneo. I think the emphasis of such a federation should be on Dayak cultural identity and exchange rather than political mobilisation, though it's hard to keep them separate. For political change in Sarawak, Dayaks have to recognise they have multiple identities - landholder, professional, farmer, businessman, citizen, party member, church member (or not), migrant, and so on. This shifts the focus away from a single unique Dayak identity to practical political concerns that can be addressed in cooperation with others, without rattling parangs or letting out war cries!

NEIL said...

Dear Apai Semalau ,That's right.I fully agree with what you said. We must begin at home and not think big but fail in the end.Today we can't even walk properly and yet they are shouting for marathon.What alot of crab!If this is not for personal greed and publicity ,then what the hell is this!Come on,say what you all like ,but I still say they are not promoting dayakism.They are fighting their own cause.To bring in Daniel Tajem is proof of what their intentions are.We don't need to form big things and use old out of date leaders.What we need is young,intelligence,discipline and well connected leaders to instill fresh ideas,not these recycle ones.They have their years and now it's time for them to sit aside and let the young take over.
Some comment that I write may be not to your liking or words that are not carefully chosen,but the main aim is to get the message through.What the fuss!.
As I have said,what I write is my view and it's up to the blog owner to moderate.Why all those bigmouth who are shouting nonsense.I don't have to leave,stop or start my blog.Why should I!This is a open blog and everyone whether you like it or not can comment.Get it !Stupid asshole!

Jetty said...

All your comments are noted with thanks.

FYI, my next posting will be more interesting...I'm now in the process of editing the Volume 2 of my book entitled: "The Broken Shield ~ The Dayak Dilemma". It should be ready by Jan 2009. It is more daring & thought provoking than Vol. 1



Bugau said...

Come on unggal, we have this blog to pen our views and opinion on the current political issues especially on those good-for-nothing YBs and Menteries.
Let us use this blog positively to expand and gain more supports. Let us be a tree that is known by its' fruit.
It is good that if we could get more support from our brothers in Kalimantan & Sabah or maybe Brunei. Lots of us have relatives or friends from our very own menua working or residing in these countries. They also need to be updated and informed on what happening in our menua, our temuda, our rimba, our temawai and our NCR land.
I know we could defeat those corruptible YBs and Menteries with right ideas or words.
Terima kasih ngagai nuan unggal Jetty for this blogspot.
Thank you unggal Neil, Tuai Rumah, Anonymous and others for your great opinion.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2009.

Anonymous said...

Dear Neil,
Obama has dreams, Taib Mahmud has been he has dreams, and so is Martin Luther King. A great man first has dreams, then he will all means to achieve his dreams. Once he has gathered or collected the means, he tells his friends around that he has dreams and means to achieve his dreams. With the means to achieve the dreams, he looks for ways to materialise the means into realities.
You see, if you have read books written by Obama, he has dreams to be one day the president of the United States. He just achieved that.
So, Mr Neil, Great Man has dreams.
In your case, it is always the worst nightmares.
So, why are so jealous with Jetty for promoting himself and has his pictures taken with the likes of Tajem and Teras Narang.
This blog is the personal blog of Jetty and so he has every right to promote himself. WHY SHOULD HE PROMOTE MR NEIL? There is no absolutely no logic there.
Only an idiot and a maniac would think differently.

Anonymous said...

The proposed formation of World Dayak Federation is good thing as it aims to promote mutual interests among the Dayaks in Borneo and elsewhere.
Through this federation, the Dayaks could help to promote tourisms, cultural exchanges and business among themselves. These are noble objectives and should be supported by broad-minded Dayaks.
The broad principle of the federation has been established, and what must be done now is for a committee to be set up to work out the details.
Perhaps, the promoters of this federation should gather interested Dayaks for a meeting.
Nya aja ari aku.

jumpover said...

To mr."NEIL".

Anang ransi wai. Aku pen bisi macha komen "Jetty". Ia ka difaham ka aku..nadai ga ia nganu nuan tang semina ia madah ngagai kitai semua ka komen2 ba blog ia..anang ngena jaku "parang, ilang" .Amai ko ia nyadeh..enti kitai ngena jako nya ..umbai ka orang nutup blog tu..nah enda ga misi kitai ke ka bejurai penusah kitai dayak ..lalu tergendala.

Badu ringat au..

To jetty..
Sabar meh tuai au..sigi gaya .Ambi meh nya nyadi ka cabaran..k


Obama said...

Apai samalau why too bothered by the word "WORLD" afterall apart from a few outside Borneo the majority are in Borneo. Well it just like calling the best in the world when there is only or two to compare.
Its is definitely not an over ambitious project especially if the Indonesian is seriously pushing for the formation. Afterall the Governor is not just an ordinary Dayak as you can view his particulars from the net.
Good luck

NEIL said...

Only in this blog I find so many anonymous.Why! Becos these balless are hiding behind this and barking the loudest but still in comfort zone.Only devils don't have a name.
At least you can call yourself a dog or a bigmouth etc,so that I can reply to your allegations.I don't read anonymous's shit.

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell,what is wrong with the formation of World Dayak Federation? Its an idea;conceptualisation.It needs framework and ground support.

If there is a World Foochows Federation, why not a Dayak Federation?

Anonymous said...

Neil said:

"Only in this blog I find so many anonymous.Why! Becos these balless are hiding behind this and barking the loudest but still in comfort zone.Only devils don't have a name."


Aren't you hiding behind the anonymity of the cyber world yourself. It is like pot calling kettle black. If you're not, than open up your blog for public consumption. Why restrict readers? Or do you wish to screen your readers because you afraid to get sued for whatever is written in your 'invisible blog'. If you are brave enough, then state your real name and see whether you willing to write such inflammatory comment.

You are using Jetty's blog to espouse you 'insighful' comment but yet you afraid to state in your 'invisible blog'. You are just using Jetty's blog because you afraid to be accountable for what you say but accuse Jetty for being 'close to taib' when he tries to moderate the comment to be in line the defamatory laws of Malaysia.

Neil you're nothing but a COWARD dayak...that is if you're a dayak...who likes to make noises but hide behind somebody because you afraid to be accountable for what you say.

jumpover said...

This formula is very simple; so be part of it....

NEIL + Tuai Rumah + Anonymous + Obama + Apai semalau + Aki Josh + Bugau + jumpover + Borneo Warrior + Jetty + all the NCR Land owner + "dayak" young generations + dayak rh panjai/negeri + our brother "Melayu" + our brother Cina + bloggers out the "Bubur Nasi @mesin taip & chronies"

Let move forward..
Yes UNITED can !!!

jumpover said...

Ngagai bala kaban, bala bakih..!!!

Arap ka "salah faham" nya dibuai ke belakang. Komen lah pasal utai ka bisi ditulis ba artikel tu. Cukuplah nya. Nadai penguntung. Anang ngemesai ka utai nya..laban nya ukai bekaitan enggau tanah NCR kitai,ukai berkaitan enggau penusah kitai bangsa.

Cukup!!!au. malu kitai.
Kami ti ka komen2 ditu nyau enda nyamai..

Kelebih agi Ari Krismas tu..nyau ka datai. Happy X'mas to all of u.

Anonymous said...

Neil enti nuan amat berani oleh nuan madah kediri numbur i.c. nuan, tempat endor nuan diau, tau ke endor nuan bekerja, numbur motorkar nuan etc etc. don't say urung nadai 'ball' lebuh kami ngena 'ananymouses' paloi amat nuan nya

Anonymous said...

shhhhh..anang belaya bala madik..dlm cyber tuk semua org free meri a new dayak generation (born 1974) rileks la..anang jampat state election kitai betelai2 enggau pangan dirik VOTE OUT BN..enda ibuh rauh2..enda ibuh bepantap..enda ibuh berekak..betelai2 ajak...anang alah provocation by others be it dayak or non dayak....Dalam nama Yesus Kristus Amen..

obama said...

Just an observation. The only time when we can see iban s come together irrespective of political affliation is during death of an IBAN.
Something worth pondering au?

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,
it is interesting to read all comments put up here, but please, let us put this together for purposeful means ukai kena kiat belaya pangan diri. sapa ke bisi penemu manah agi, post ditu, ngambika kitai mujur ke ngena jalai ke manah but dont argue or quarrel among ourself because the aim of this blog is knowlegde widening au semua, be cool k.
idup dayaks!