Wednesday, December 31

Our resolution for 2009

As we bid farewell to 2008 and welcome 2009, let us reminisce what we have tried to achieve. For The Broken Shield, I believe, it has highlighted Dayak politics, economy, education, and other problems confronting the community.

It has tried to instill self-respect to the community, to create awareness on our social and cultural responsibility and to drive home the importance of unity, as well as to imbue a feeling of oneness and a sense of belonging in the face of common problems and adversity.

I believe that The Broken Shield has also tried to raise political awareness among the Dayaks – how and why we have remained politically disunited; how and why we have remained mired in the shackles of poverty; how and why we are not even allowed to form our own Dayak political party; and there are so many “hows”, so many “whys” and so many “whats”.

For the year 2009, let us – the bloggers, the readers and other internet savvies – renew our pledge to work harder and together to find the answers to those “hows”, “whys” and “whats”. Let us turn our internet into a “newspaper” as an effective weapon to gain knowledge, to communicate with one another, and even to turn it into a platform to conduct or discuss issues of interests. Our main audience is young Dayaks who are ICT literate.

Why young Dayaks? For change to take place in our community, we should concentrate our efforts on them as they are the ones who can understand the current issues better and can see reasons clearer as to the “hows”, the “whys” and the “whats” things are happening.

Our elder generations especially those above 50 are too much “barisanised” and they are hard to change. In our efforts to find the answers to the above questions, we are sure to meet stiff opposition from our own kind. But let us not be deterred by any adverse comments. Instead such comments should inspire us.

For the bloggers, the year 2009 may see the formation of Dayak Bloggers Association (DABA) as the move is now afoot. Through this association, members can effectively raise issues concerning the community. While some should continue to raise issues on politics, others should touch on economic, finance, welfare, education, laws, ICT and other issues in order to inform and educate our readers.

In this way, we all can contribute to bring changes for the better to our community. This is our objective so that Sarawak, to borrow Martin Luther King’s phrases, “one day, a State sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice” and where the Dayaks “will one day live in a Nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.” - The Broken Shield



Tiyung Dayak said...

Hello A’ya,

May the wishes that are itemized for the Year 2009 will be materialized… Hopefully we’ll survive!

Happy New Year 2009 to you and all the Dayaks!

Anonymous said...

thebrokenshield's resolution for 2009 is approprate - change through the young because the hardened species or, as call them , the 'barisanised' Dayaks or the old are difficult to change.You hit the nail on the head. Therefore, change that matters most for the Dayaks is a matter of time; it will not happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and so on and so forth but change will come to remove that is not wanted by the majority of the people.
It is so sad for the Dayaks who make up nearly 50% of Sarawak's population and have lived on the lands they call their tanah pesaka for so long should be gradually dispossessed of their landed resources by the policy of one man who is known for his greed than anything else, and because of this greediness anything good that has been done by him or the people around him is overlooked or quickly forgotten.
Those guys who run the Land & Survey Department think they own tanah pesaka, ignore the rights of the indigenous people to the lands, and compensate them pittance like in Bengoh (RM3,000 per acre) when market value is 10 times,for reasons best known to many people. You shall pay one day, and Tan Sri Jabu Ak Numpang is an Iban who is not an Iban because he does not look after and fight for the rights of the Ibans and instead tries to ask the Bidayuh to challenge the Iban but fortunately our Bidayuh brethren will have nothing to do with his nefarious schemes to destroy another community.
Thank you, our Bidayuh friends, and hopefully come next State Elections we Dayaks can work together with the Chinese and all the good and fair-minded Malays and Melanaus to oust the corrupt politicians and bring about total change for Sarawak

jumpover said...

Year 2009..
Dayak mesti begempung.Tuai biak indu lelaki dayak mesti didedah ka pasal problem ka nuntung kitai dayak ketegal polisi "DIVIDED AND RULE"... tahip manuk nya .
Nembiak2 baru/ young dayaks mesti di beri peluang ,dibai barandau pasal politik ngambi ka sida nemu utai ka nyadi.

Orang ka tuai badu agi ngemuan penemu tesat lalu bejaku munyi tu " kita nembiak nadai nemu utai" .Jako nya udah ketinggalan zaman. No more relevant.

To... all dayak leaders, partys president..stop quarreling one anothers. Stop condemn your own race.
Open your eyes..put on your ears...
Don't be awake .."Maha Lanun" are trying our community using "DIVIDED AND RULE" tectic.

Our vision is to make sure Dayaks Community will not be bullies any more by the "maha lanun"

Misi kitai ke sekali tu..ia nya numbang ka "dynasty maha lanun"


Dayak Women Network said...

i am in total agreement with what anonymous said. and thank you broken shield for bringing news to me and i am sure many others, via the electronic way.

for a dayak bidayuh who lives and works in KL (and who yearns to return home to kuching to contribute there soon), your blog has been a refreshing, informative and reflective source of news for a busy, corporate executive. i find myself eagerly looking forward to reading the information here.

i am not a "young" dayak (depends on what your age group for that is!) but am ready to "put the broken shield back together again" peacefully or otherwise.

may 2009 see a revival among the dayaks put into action. amen.

chapchai said...

"Our elder generations especially those above 50 are too much “barisanised” and they are hard to change."

The way to get to the older Dayak voters is to use the young Dayaks, who are not pro-Barisan, to spread the word. These young, computer literate Dayaks will be very effective in "preaching" to their uncles, aunts and parents.

A very happy New Year to you, Jetty, and all Broken Shield bloggers. May 2009 bring us the change we need.

Anonymous said...

Selamat nyambut thn baru ke malm tu lalu ngajih ke blogg The Broken Shield maju serta mau agi bala kitai Dayak enda kira Iban,Bedayuh,Kayan Penan,Kenyah semua kitai besatu ngemaju ke bansa Dayak ti jauh tingal aru bansa utama di Malaysia. Sama sama kitai meri penemu ke sama kitai ngambi ke ulih niteh ke pemansang Baru/Dayak Baru serta printah baru ke di ka pinta bansa kitai bermula enggau tertubuh ia parti PBDS.Nya alai enti kitai anembiak baru ke bedau register mesti ngeregister lalu mesti enggau orang ngundi enti maya election mangkah untuk ngemantai ke pemedis ati kitai ngagai perintah ke ngasuh kitai merisak.
Aram meh kita bersatu, bepadah ke sama2 kitai ke nemu reti pemansang ngena cara ti betul enggau adil ngagai semua bansa.

saloi said...

2009..i can see a change in dayak mindset...2009, may be the year we change the perintah...the wave of change can be felt among the bansa dayak...let's hope i'm not mistaken in the feeling...should election come this 2009, we can see the change really happen!

welcome 2009 and keep on blogging to you Jetty

Anonymous said...

Last year PR have given a tsunami to BN, I believe it will give a earthquake in BN again this year.

Broken Shield, we pray that this new year a year of many restoration and good changes to your community. The Shield must be and will be restored, and believe that there are many others ( Chinese, Malay, All Dayak/Ibans) are waiting to help you repair and glorify your Shield

Anonymous said...

Taib and Jabu has to be removed, only then will we see our Dayaks YBs become Dayaks. Presently they are all cows tied on the nose and held by Taib by the string.

Apai Semalau said...

Once upon a time the words "Sarawak for Sarawakians" stands fast and was propagated to unite all Sarawakians. Sadly, this slogan failed to promote unity because of the BN's divide and rule policy. This time round, lets make it happen and let it be Sarawak for Sarawakians first. Lets not play, but look beyond politics of race. Only in unity can we envisage change. All dayaks being the majority Sarawakians should therefore play a greater role leading us to changes. The reality is, the ballot box decides on who governs. In all democracies the majority always have their way.
Changes must come with the young, old and upcoming who are willing to change their mind set. They need to speak their mind without fear or favour. In our culture, respect for elders however may defeat this purpose. How could we seek changes if we fear offending elder statemans? The older dayaks should therefore learn to listen more attentively to the ideas of the young for the betterment of the communities.

Ex. PC. Agom said...

Mr. Jetty, you are 64 years old now.Are you also `barisanised` and hard to change? I know you.

Cr. Lukau said...

Bepecah kitai runtuh, begempung kitai teguh, anang munuh bansa diri, masa depan kitai dayak, anak, ucho, ichit kitai, ba jari kitai. Nya alai begempung meh kitai mansang ke bansa diri ti jauh udah tingal ari bansa bukai.

Anonymous said...


Sa dua tiga empat lima enam tujuh,

Sapa ke ngangau sapa ke mesau, sapa ke ngumbai sapa ke ngelambai, nadai di tanya aku penyuluk tubai kara, nda aku busong ngelangah gunong, nda aku lesi ngelangah hari, nda aku laya nyebut nama entua. Laban pala enggie aku udah tatak lalak minyak malaya. Kaki enggei aku nginji ba bari besi baja lengan kanan enggie aku ditan ka enteran sangkuh temaga pala aku udah di biau enggau selingau ijau manok banda.

Oha, nama ke nidit munyi landai nidit di pungai putting batang, nama ke ngakak munyi tajai ngakak di legai perawan lintang nama ke ngembau munyi ruai ngembau di tatai panjai nyementang nadai di tanya kami kaban Parti Keadilan kami tu ukai ngangau ngapa ngangau saja enggau piring lapan piring sembilan piring tujuh piring belaluh di gayang serinti babi nyepan di biau enggau selingau ijau manok jelayan laban manok jelayan tu suba udah di kena miau Temenggong Koh, apai Kanyan maya ia ngelaban munsoh lelang. Manok tu suba di kena kami miau bala kaban Parti Keadilan di kena ngelaban bala Barisan tumbang magang.

Oha, Sapa ke ngangau nyaris sada, nadai di tanya nya munyi biau segiang manang menya miau ex-YB Jawah nggau Baginda awak ke tampak rita ngelui orang.

Oha, sapa ke dituju aku baka batu galang di dinggai sapa di tepat baka sulap langkau malai aku ka orang ngagau di batang pelai benang tumboh di tumbok jalai mayoh orang bukit tekat remang jalai embun naya laboh ngabang dik sempeta sempandai nyara ngembuan jalai idup sempandai tuai penatau jalai idup, enti dik ngabang bai engparaja mata nuan indo takang temiang banda renggang renggang tumboh di penyambang dulang penyepoh pucong begantong nengan menoa pengurong seput orang mayuh.

Oha, tu manok jelayan beragum nyepit, manok tu suba udah di kena orang miau niang kitai Indit, maya ia nyumpit Bandit, musoh lelang manok tu diatu di kena aku miau YB Adit seduai Hillary Mukit ngambi ke nda ulih tekinsit kena tarit bala barisan.

Oha, tu manok labang dungor masin, manok tu suba udah di kena orang miau niang Bantin, maya ia ngalah ke bala ngetan ke menoa di ambi orang, manok tu diatu di kena aku miau Nicholas Bawin, Dato Sri Daniel Tajem nggau Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ngambi Parti Keadilan nda alah di permain bala Barisan.

Oha, aku ngajih ke kitai bela nuju HARAPAN BARU Taun 2009 tu.

Ari Baginda Minda sebilik

Bugau said...

This blogspot is available only to those with internet access. Those without internet access need to be reach out, too. By what means, it is up to the moderator to work out the way.

I hope that this year 2009, that we as bloggers could escalate this website even more further out.

Happy New Year 2009 kaban.

Tbsbidayuh said...

What change do we need? How do we define change and discrimination, power and autocracy?

2009 will be back to square one if Iban hate their fellow countrymen and countrywomen, leaders and supporters. Jabu hates the Iban and loves the Melanau and Malay and Chinese. That the fact. Bidayuh will get to be the same if they do not know how to take care of themselves.

Chane means we live under one political party and ideology. How? We should learn to love each other and do not do anything that you don't want other people do to you.

The Dayak will never wake up this year if they are fed by sleeping pils by BN. Melanau did not rule and divide us. It was us divide ourselves. Never blame Melanau and malay if we could not see our mistakes.

Say your change and work hard for it. Welcome to year 2009.

Reban Resat said...

Happy New Year. Good, nice, lots of spirit and many resolutions for 2009 by "Broken Shield"...but are those many resolutions achievable ? The many comments I read in this blog seem to put blames on others for the disunity, backwardness..of the dayaks. Not few regard the dayaks have been victimised. The dayaks seem to take a confrontational approach to most matters. There are only few "Jabus" few "Masing" and few "Mawan" amongst the dayak. I am of the opinion that if the dayaks were to be successful in uplifting the living standard of the dayaks and to be accorded the trust by other communities be it at federal or state level, the dayaks must emulate the spirit of Jabu, Masing and Mawan, the spirit of working together and getting the assistance from other communities and community leaders for the well being of the dayaks.

Further to the above, I hope the dayaks and the dayak leaders stop playing the blame game. Look into ourselves..see where we had gone wrong. Only then we can move forward.

I do agree that the future of the dayaks are in the hands of the young ones. But back to reality, do not forget the older, wiser generations in the longhouses and kampongs. They may not be IT savvy.. but the influence they have are priceless. Get also your message across to them.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

hey uncle broken shield....first of all....selamat taun baru ngagai kita sebilik...ngajih ke taun baru tu meri maioh nasit ngagai semua bansa mensia....

regarding the dayak blogger association....dont forget to invite me definitely be the first one to register....looking forward to the DBA

Triplet Js said...

Welcome to the Year 2009!
First and foremost, congratulations to Aya Jetty for thoughtful words and comments on your blog.

I've actually known you in person but i guess you might not remember me as i were younger then, back in 2003.

To cruise year 2009 would be meaningless if the things that we have gone through in 2008 do not serve us lessons be it positively or negatively.

In regards to our community, it is clear we are divided by ideas, choices and even physical being.

one, we have all the dayaks scattered in all 6 different political parties (Gov&Opposition) excluding PAS and DAP (unsure).It goes to show my point.

two, dayaks are very territorial. we always hear of tags such as Iban Rajang, Bidayuh Lundu, etc.

third, dayaks squabble for positions here and there and it was splashed all over the media.

now back to the resolutions. i do agree that we need change.

Now the curent scenario:-

-Land being grabbed (piracy) by some greedy people, displacing the natives under the name of development.

-Unequal distribution of employment among all races.

-Unequal development projects

-Unequal business opportunities

-Injustice to certain people for voicing out against the wrongdoings of top official in the 'democratic' government.

-Doubtful election process.

We are actually staring at a poor state which i boldly predict as one day, gone will be the riches and resources of our state that all of us anak sarawak shall become homeless, jobless and restless!

the riches of the state only goes to a few priviledged people and not to the rakyat.

so what change do we need? politic, community or what? The readers are given the privilege to answer but will it all matter if we are still divided?