Friday, December 5

Governor calls for closer ties among the Dayaks of Borneo

The Governor of Central Kalimantan, His Excellency Augustin Teras Narang (pic below) has called on the Dayaks of Borneo to organise more visits between them in order to strengthen their bonds of friendship and promote their culture.

“Let us organise more visits in order to strengthen our ties and promote our culture,” he said at a dinner organised by the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) at the Dewan Suarah Kuching last night.

His Excellency is a leading a 150-strong Dayak delegation from Kalimantan to Sarawak for a three day goodwill visit.

“Through these visits we can also discuss our common interests and develop our human resources and capital,” he said.

Earlier in his welcoming speech, the chairman of the organizing committee, Dr. Dusit Jaul said that the SDNU members in January this year made a goodwill visit to Pontianak where they met their counterparts from the five provinces in Kalimantan.

“Our meeting tonight will open the way for closer rapport among the Dayaks of Borneo and through our efforts our unique Dayak culture can be made known to the world,” he said.

SDNU president, Mengga Mikui also spoke at the function which was also attended by Dayak leaders from the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu communities.


Ezra Malek said...

UNESCO (United Nation Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) formed and tasked with cross-educational, scientific & cultural advancement inter nations.

One existing non-UN world body having similar objectives for its members is the World Federation of Foochow Associations .

Going by the two examples mentioned above, there is nothing extra-ordinary and “offensive or defensive” about the move to enhance close cultural and economic ties between the Dayaks in Malaysia and Indonesia living in Borneo..

But what made the visit unusual and exciting? In my observation, they are as follows.

1. It is historic and dramatic in that it is the first time that SDNU, SADIA, DNBA and OUNA on one part , and MADN on the other part converged and at par on the same wave length to “jump-start” the human, cultural, economic and regional cooperation between the parties.

2. Chartering one aircraft to fly in to Kuching from Kalimantan is exemplary as well as self-explanatory as to the great initiative, pro-active manner and the degree of seriousness by which and through which the leadership of MADN had gone thus far in order to forge close ethnic and economic ties with SDNU, SADIA,DBNA and OUNA.

3. By his speech, His Excellency Augustin Teras Narang “formulated” the MISSION STATEMENT (“ … to discuss our common interests and develop our human resources and capital.” and also the VISION “…. closer rapport among the Dayaks of Borneo … make our unique Dayak culture … known to the world.”
He also said: “ Akhirnya …. Tuhan yang Maha Esa selalu menyeratai dan memberkati setiap langkah dan perkerjaan baik yang kita lakukan bersama.” It is reflective of his great faith, trust and hope in God Almighty (as Christian) in going about the mission.

4. Blogger Henry Anak Joseph in his posting succinctly described the historic event as:” When Music and the dances Synchronized and symbolic of Dayak unity..”.

5. The “ball” is on the side of SDNU, SADIA, DNBU and OUNA now …
Ezra Malek

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the organising committee, which comprise Dayaks from various Dayaks Organisations, for successfully having organised such a massive full-house dinner at a very short notice, independent of government grant.
They are now ready to host 2009 state level genuine cultural gawai.

Tbsbidayuh said...

I see the Ibans are more extreme in defending their rights. I mean Extreme is spirit and courage. In other word, enthusiasm or very strong desire to defend themselves from being bully. This could be a strong patriotism spirit in them. Bidayuh is quiet different as NCR land is a total lost or better to say they are squatters in the own mother land.

We have several paramount leaders but yet nothing can be done as money and title are always greater than dignity. The rest, uphold to God to help.