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What is the Dayaks’ role in SUPP?

Are Dayaks' YBs in SUPP mere by-standers?

When Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) delegates discussed issues pertaining to Chinese interests on 14 Nov 2008 in Kuching, a handful of its Dayak members sat in silence. After all what could they say when the party leaders and members talked nothing, but the Chinese interests – that the teaching of mathematics and science subjects in Chinese primary schools must be in their mother tongue, the granting of annual grants to Chinese-aided and Chinese independent schools, the town land premium, the future of Chinese, etc and etc.

For a Chinese party such as SUPP, it is natural for the members to be concerned with issues affecting their community, because these are the issues that have been and will continue to be exploited by the Opposition. In the 2006 State election these were the issues that led to SUPP losing eight seats out of 19 it contested.

SUPP leaders and members were discussing ways and means how the party could in the next election recapture the eight seats, and increasingly becoming more frightening at the prospects of big losses especially after the Opposition’s victory in the March election winning five State governments in West Malaysia and the Opposition’s determination to make Sarawak its sixth State government.

Naturally SUPP’s efforts are focused on its battle in urban areas like Kuching, Sibu and Miri; however in the process, the party seems to pay little attention to the interests of the rural communities whose support is also equally critical to ensure its survival.

And reading through the lists of office-bearers of women, youth and the main body, the highest position occupied by a Dayak is the Deputy Secretary-General II by Francis Harden who is also the State Assemblyman for Simanggang.

But what about roles to be played by three other Dayak elected representatives, Richard Riot, the MP for Serian, Ranum Mina, State Assemblyman for Opar and Dr. Jerip Susil, State Assemblyman for Bengoh?

Even though they represent Dayak majority constituencies, it appears the YBs are mere by-standers, only to be called in to add to the numbers. And ignoring the interests of the Dayaks can be fatal to SUPP’s survival more so when the Opposition is making major inroads into the rural areas. Judging by the results of the last State election, SUPP’s position is appeared to be shaky in constituencies where Dayaks form a sizeable number of voters.

Excluding Engkilili (where Dayaks form 86% of the electorate) Meradong (Dayaks 37%), and Kidurong (Dayaks 34%) which are already in the hands of the Opposition, SUPP’s other semi-urban and rural constituencies such as Simanggang (Dayaks 55%) Repok (Dayaks 17%), Dudong (Dayaks 37%), Bawang Assan (Dayaks 30%) Kidurong (Dayaks 34%), and Senadin (Dayaks 30%) are also in precarious positions.

Can SUPP afford to ignore the interests of the Dayaks? - The Broken Shield
Dear readers,

Here's an article which appeared in today's Malaysiakini commenting on the above article. I would like to thank Malaysiakini especially Mr Tony Thien for the write-up. Best regards.

Don't ignore the Dayaks, Supp warned
Tony Thien Dec 22, 08 6:47pm

For a party that represents Dayak majority constituencies in Sarawak, the Sarawak United People's Party (Supp) has failed in highlighting the plights of this community, said a popular blogger-cum-politician. He also accused the party of being a mere bystander, only to be called in to add to the numbers."Ignoring the interests of the Dayaks can be fatal to the party's survival more so when the opposition is making major inroads into the rural areas,' said Joseph Tawie, a well-known Dayak blogger.

Joseph said that judging by the results of the last state elections, Supp's position appeared to be shaky in constituencies where Dayaks form a sizeable number of voters and he wondered if the party can continue to ignore the interest of the Dayaks.

The political analyst, also the pro-tem information chief of the yet-to-be-registered Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC), added that many of the Dayak-majority constituencies were in danger of collapsing to the opposition in the next state elections.

He also noted that the state constituencies of Engkilili, Meradong and Kidurong - all which has a high number of Dayak voters - were already in the hands of the opposition.

Joseph also pointed out that when Supp delegates discussed issues pertaining to Chinese interests on Nov 14 in Kuching, a handful of its Dayak members could only sit and observe in silence.

He added that there was nothing these Dayak members could say when the party leaders and members were more interested in raising issues pertaining to Chinese interests - issues such as that the need to use mother tongue for the teaching of mathematics and science subjects in Chinese primary schools, the granting of annual grants to Chinese-aided and Chinese independent schools, the town land premium, the future of Chinese among others.

He said that for a Chinese party such as Supp, it was natural for the members to be concerned with issues affecting their community.

This was because these were the issues that have been and will continue to be exploited by the opposition, he added. In the 2006 state elections these were the issues that led to Supp losing eight seats out of 19 it contested. Worried over the opposition march

At the moment, Supp leaders and members were discussing ways and means on their battle plans for the next state elections, especially in recapturing the eight seats which it lost the last time around.

The party was increasingly worried with the onward march of the opposition which saw a huge victory in the last general election and has now openly proclaimed Sarawak as its next target, to make the state the sixth Pakatan Rakyat-controlled state.

"Naturally Supp's efforts are focused on its battle in urban areas like Kuching, Sibu and Miri. However in the process, the party seems to pay little attention to the interests of the rural communities whose support is also equally critical to ensure its survival," Joseph said.

And reading through the lists of office-bearers of the party, the highest position occupied by a Dayak is the deputy secretary-general II position held by Francis Harden, who is also the state assemblyperson for Simanggang.

"But what about roles to be played by three other Dayak elected representatives - the MP for Serian Richard Riot, assemblyperson for Opar Ranum Mina and Dr Jerip Susil, the state representative for Bengoh?" he asked.


Apai Semalau said...

SUPP is no longer the SUPP we know of in the 60s and 70s. "SAA'TI" their call for fighting for the interests of the communities in Sarawak is down the gutter and into the sewage tank!. Personal interest of SUPP leaders have overtaken community interests. The dayak YBs are just puppets in both SUPP and PBB. Can they honestly say that they have elevated the standard of living of their constituents or are they more interested in linning their own pockets with silver? Many of them have been re elected for more than one term. If you visit their constituencies you will not fail to see that many kampungs are still without basic water supply, electricity, or road access. Some schools are just sheds with no water or proper sanitory system and are too unfit to be used as schools. Maybe all dayak YBs from all political parties should take stock and look into this sad state of affair before they face the final round and get booted out.

Anonymous said...

Tok Uban give them seats at dayak area to divide dayak in politic..and the dayak YB in SUPP is Tok Uban spy..all party in Swak has Tok Uban own people aka spy..

NEIL said...

Why they are in SUPP is a open secret.
These opportunist are playing safe.They just want their position and some Kantow(financial reward).If they were in some other parties they won't stand a chance to be YBs or MPs.And one thing for sure they will not face any financial trouble during election time and their household bills etc will definately be look after.
For dayaks to join a chinese party,they must first make a effort to study chinese language.Likewise the Chinese who join the dayak prty can speak fluent Iban language.If the dayak can't understand chinese language,how are they going to join in their meetings and gathering.They have no clue of what the chinese are saying.I know English can be use but not all the older generation chinese will like it.
So for the dayaks to be in SUPP,it's just a advantage for the party becos it will look more multi-racial and moreover this dayaks help SUPP to 'look after' these dayak seats,to prevent it from falling into other dayak 'hostile party'.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder why Dayaks are in SUPP in the first place. Richard Riot for one is in because he is a TRAITOR to the Dayaks when he jump ships from PBDS in 1988. Actually, he won due to the support of the Dayaks who wanted changes, especially in regards to the land issue then and continues to haunt us until today. Maybe it is due to the "reward" that is given to them then which makes them forgo their responsibilities being Dayaks and to the rakyat.

How about those in the SUPP's branch line-up? What are they for? Simply for position purposes, maybe? I have a friend, when I ask him why he is in SUPP? His answer was merely because his friends are there, previously schoolmates from a chinese school. Then I realised, how shallow our level of politics are. We don't look at the overall picture of SUPP before being a member. What benefit has we got?

tsunami said...

Richard Riot, you got your MBA last year.
Ranum, my selako friend from statutory body told me you MBA.
Dr. Jerip, you are qualified Medical Doctor.
Francis Harden, you i don't know. What you got? MBA ? Degree ?
Please clarify.

You guys got your MBA and presumably well learned. Do you guys understand and know the word SHAME? From the "dictionary of the the damned", shame is described as being an idiot, goon, man with no principle, person who can be bullied, person who trail behind as asse of another idiot. You dayaks ybees within SUPP are worst than an idiot (latest survey) conducted by the House of Dayaks. And your rating are going down and are doom. Behold.

You will lose your seat. Behold.

The dayaks has awaken. For you to continue with SUPP is a disgrace to the dayaks. You seem to set a trend to fellow dayaks that we shall remain being bullied, sidelined, silence observers, moroon, cheap and worth only for buy-of. But today's dayaks are different from your yesteryears of your time. Yes man mentality. Don't tell us you are being bought over.

You will have your worst nightmare and sleepless night come the day. Don't tell i didn't forewarned you.

Dyaksblog said...

Reversing The Divide-And-Rule Tactics

Another freezing rainy morning to you all Dayaks! As freezy as some Dayak goons pour cold scorn on DAP's newly open branch with mostly Dayak members. It's a good move and as time goes by most of you will say it's a good move. To split the Dayak further? Why rest the case when that is the order of the day: to split, divide and rule over the Dayaks. Same goes to Dayaks that joined PKR and some waiting for MDC to be registered as legit political parties while SNAP isn't dead yet, just being resurrected even though STAR will be branded as aimless as some will never understand the mind of its founder Dr Patau Rubis. For BN goons, they will propagate this whole opposition mess as how insecure the opposition in Sarawak hence there will be almost zero threat to state BN coalition. Fine, they successfully made the Dayaks in disarray and lost. As I looked at it, those who used divide-and-rule tactic basically riding on a curse. A curse is like a funeral procession, it'll come back to where it started. That is why Dayaks must reverse the curse and not used it the same way we wish to split the BN goons. Whether you Dayak realise it or not, the curse can become our gift to steer us how to overcome Yang Dikasihi and his goons.

First of all, we must remind ourself that we live in a democracy of the highest bidder, stupidity is a great commodity and the authorities works like a fox guarding the hens in the farm. The manner of how SNAP and PBDS being dissolved is really an act of video game being played in God mode. Death and closures are at will. The design of such tactics is to ensure dissents and opposing views are removed even by closing down the party while the apparent goons are salvaged with renewed lease of life. ROS duty is the grim reaper that coming to ensure that BN will not lose a single MP so as to maintain majority in Dewan Rakyat. Whatever the rest is up for yang Dikasihi to castrate and the testicles to be ripped out and roasted. The bad sheep will be left numb for life while the obedient one will be keep on for the breeding. 1987 should be remembered as the year that Dayaks can no longer trust a dope. People like Yaakub, Nor Tahir and dopes like that. In fact Nor Tahir is fond memory of how his own son took away his cash for 'good stuffs' and going broke to obscurity. His once lively animal zoo at Jalan Semariang now a long gone, broken banglow is a curse for cohooting with Yaakub to dupe the Dayaks. Yaakub's grand birthday hosted by Yang Dikasihi seems to be more than just full circle, blood is thicker than water (or money), shit like that but the final fireworks postmothously to mark the death of Dayak unity thanks to the perfect divide and rule tactic employed. Not over yet, my Dayak folks.

In fact, it's the beginning of the curse being reversed back to Yang Dikasihi and Yaakub should live long enough to witness it in due time. Instead of waiting for a single, powerfull all-Dayak party to emerge, it is a rather easy target for Yang Dikasihi to blew it again, to be deregistered by ROS and sending its members for shelters around begging on the street. The playing field is like that, always uneven so be it. Instead, Dayaks should joined at various opposition parties and keep the same enemy in mind that is Yang Dikasihi. DAP will not be deregistered just because they will field one of the most influential Dayak leaders as their candidate so the same goes to other opposition parties. Before, pro and anti BN camps in certain party will be quickly interfered by ROS to be dissolved to the much pleasure for Yang Dikasihi. Dayaks can no longer consume that. Being split is only on form of political base but the substance, the objective will remain the same. The gameplan will be harder fought when done in guerilla warfare so as to keep Yang Dikasihi guessing where the Dayak opposition coming from; by alliance from Chinese DAP, Peninsular PKR or own moles inside BN or just all-out revolt from all Dayaks. It's far outragous than reversing J*bu jokes but the manner this time for Dayak is to form multi-racial alliance to avoid being an easy target.

Do not be disheartened if Dayakism shall be set aside. It's a good give and take, a first step to stop the seed of greed and fanatics. It should be viewed as justice struggle, not another Ketuanan shit crap hoping for subsidies, handouts and shortcuts without deserved merits/ competency as all those shit will make Dayak even weaker and ever-dependent. The Malays are good enough example and let them be damned with it. Being divided and ruled by Yang Dikasihi actually a turning point for Dayaks to seriously rethink their strategy now. The voices and creeps out there for opposition to take cover is substantiated so Dayaks must split and spread themselves well. Online guerilla warfare also will play a bit role for now but the message is clear and same: the common enemy is Yang Dikasihi for Dayaks to slit it out. Time is on Dayaks' side so the writing on the wall shall suggest otherwise for Yang Dikasihi. So do not view the spreading out of the Dayaks as bad thing, it will mitigate a bit damage should Yang Dikasihi try to dislodge the opposition party (as usual) but view it as contigency plan as Dayaks are no longer fixed themselves in one fragile basket in order to survive in unlevel playing field created by BN. Divide-And-Rule now ironically turned to be manipulated for advantage to the Dayaks.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Perhaps, the more Dayak spread themselves in different platforms, the harder for Yang Dikasihi to hold it's aim, concentrate and shoot. In the event of mixed government coalition with no single party dominated the govt, the chances for that leader to be sabotaged will be low unlike the case of Kalong Ningkan (an easy prey with no back-ups of whom Yaakub being the prime sniper to shoot him, all in the name of ensuring Ketuanan Melayu to be transcended and implemented in Sarawak) as another Dayak leader can be appointed with Chinese backers will continue their part in economy mechanism with more business pouring in and finally the Melanau leeches can be weed out. Sarawak will be better off under the joint-alliance of Dayak and Chinese with true reflection of the majority rule. Detractors can always say 'keep on dreaming' but piss them, we never dream as we just reverse the curse that you brought in for so long. Dayakism is not another race supremacy ideology crap. It is a justice for all Dayaks and with it the justice to Sarawak. The English and the Chinese brought with them some civilisation to Sarawak but nothing can be learned from dope race such as Yaakub. Full of bollock dopes indeed. Damn the greedy Dayaks for being duped by it. But damn the Dayaks now if they don't reverse the curse this time. The tips are all yours Dayaks!

chapchai said...

If these Dayak reps in SUPP have an ounce of decency left in them they should up sticks and leave the party to join the Opposition. The Chinese leaders are fighting among themselves for scraps left at the table by Taib. Where will they find the time and will to bother about Dayak interests?

Anonymous said...

Pama amat kaban aku Jetty, masuk alam malaysiakini write-out ia siti tu. Sigat amat gamal kaban tu.. Ha..ha..

Create more propaganda... Hurray!!!

Bugau said...

Come on, SUPP is definitely for the chinese.

Dayak as whole is not in top 10 list in SUPP agenda. Only those blindly-led dayak would vote for SUPP.

As we read in newspaper or any issue on SUPP, mostly it touches on the chinese, not the dayak!

Dayak is only important to SUPP when election come. On dayak's plight, SUPP has no interest and neither SUPP want to be part of it.

Even the chinese themselves have lost faith in SUPP. That is why most of the chinese prefer DAP or PKR. Why? Simply because SUPP has failed in it's mission to help the chinese.

Then, SUPP has definitely failed to help the dayak.

Wake up SUPP fans!!!!

tsunami said...

I seriously agreed with you dyaksblog. Almost in total. Not for the sake of just to agree. We don't need a fake PHD to figured out. It's common sense and logic and very real. If i can still recall on some article / write-up about the / a "common enemy". The divide and rule policy is the brainchild of the axis of evil, or should i say the "melanauism doctrine". The famous ming court affair where the dayaks are duped, tricked into believing that there is heaven in hell. That hell is better on earth. I was told many yearsss ago that is was actually preplanned strategy to divide the dayaks. Giving out few or safe to say thousandss, i don't know. I was young then and thought of something like, "to hell to all those". Don't care attitude. Reflecting those words and seeing the present axis of evil mastermind and reenforced the divide and rule concept, my comment/s in many of my friends blog (yours included) are but so-called "dirty". The axis of evil manipulated and instilled the "melanauism doctrine" with which the dayaks goon willingly help, is but taking us for a ride and playing and fooling the very soul of us. Believed me friends if will. And to me it is not only "dirty" but.... no words can described it. Many "generations" suffered. So, me fucking the dayaks goon within the axis of evil, telling them to suck my cock or fucking themselves is but the nicest words ever. And that's the best i can offered. They never rewarded the dayaks, anyway.

So, back to your writing on DAP's new branch and the dayaks joining. Kudus, go ahead make your day. And OR but REMEMBER THE COMMON ENEMY. Stay focus on the / a common enemy. I for one as of now agreed with Datuk Daniel tajem's remarks that it does not matter who will be the next CM. The focus must be the / a COMMON ENEMY.

iF AND WHEN A CHINESE BE the next CM and instilled the chineseism doctrine, i believed ONE or a dayak will be DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER. Friends, wouldn't that be beautifull???

Dayaks, awake from our "inn self" being reserved, sidelined, bullied etc..etc.. because that is the worst curse we made of ourselves.. Don't listen to My Call Main-main famous saying, "doh rawan mai tak suk", the bm version, "jangan lawan perintah sebab kita sikit" or iban version, "agi idup agi nyelaban". The ex-master can't even bothered to understand "rawan" more so to tell the dayaks what "rawan" is all about. Am i correct or slightly correct or slightly wrong and totally correct.....????

Dyaksblog, again i agreed. The beginning of reversing a curse of divide and rule doctrine....


Anonymous said...

SUPP bulshit again!