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The Layar constituency: The battle of relatives

In the next State election, the Opposition is expected to give the BN component parties a run for their money especially in the 29-Dayak majority constituencies. Of all these, the focus is certainly on constituencies like the Layar constituency of Deputy Chief Minister, Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang who has lately been exchanging spats with the Opposition, Dayak bloggers and leaders of Dayak non-governmental organisations.

They have been questioning the effectiveness of Jabu’s leadership since he became a minister and later deputy chief minister for more than 30 years. These Dayak leaders have been calling for his replacement come the next election. But then it is not going to be easy to dethrone Jabu.

However, the person who is going to challenge him must be someone who is related to Jabu; someone who has an equal number of relatives, because in this constituency it is the number of relatives that counts. It is going to be the battle of relatives.

The constituency has an electorate of 7,415 with 72.2% of them are Ibans, and the majority of them are related to Jabu. Since the 1974 election, Jabu has been challenged by those who were either a political novice with fewer relatives than Jabu’s or with little financial means or those who wanted to “kacau” (disturb) him only.

But the next election that may be called the latest in 2011 is going to be different, as Jabu is expected to face a serious and determined contender, someone who is going to be backed by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and who is related to him. The contender is expected to bank on those voters and his relatives who have not been happy with Jabu as many of his (Jabu’s) promises such as the construction of roads have not been fulfilled.

In the last election, the majority of the Chinese and Malay voters either gave their votes to a SNAP candidate or they absented themselves from voting.

Like the Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, Jabu is over staying his welcome and no longer has ideas to help the people who want change, the change for the better. But if he is to defend the seat, he is expected to be aggressive in his campaigns, and as in previous campaigns, he often hit his opponents below the belt. But this time around, his opponent is ready to open Jabu’s cupboard where he has allegedly kept many skeletons in the past 30 years. - The Broken Shield

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Gerasi Bansa said...

I think lets YB CHUAT anD JABU one by one...hahahahahhaha..kapa enda duai ia kronisme belaban..HAHAHAHA..>WHY NOT DURING NEXT ELECTION, JABU AND ANYONE WHO CHALLENGE HIM DEBATE ABUT SALCRA ISSUE....Who ever challenge Datuk Seri James Masing debate with him about NCR LAND.....










NEIL said...

May be this comment will stay!
There is still no dayaks capable of toppling Jabu becos he is the cleverest among the stupidiest.He is clever becos he knows how to faithfully stick to Taib.I don't blame him becos all the dayaks are never united in their goals to make their race a better one.All they are interested is to dream and built castles in the air.The best examples are, the dayak parties that have never unites due to constant infighting among themselves for positions and ranks.So you see they can't even get their house in order ,then how can they challenge whoever they want.Read your history book and you see that the dayaks have never been united in their lives.I think everyone will agree with me that IF the dayaks can be united ,the post of the Chief Minister in in their hands and they knows too well.But can they unite for this goal!I doubt very much becos their mentality is not ready for this even though their mouth say so.Forget about your goals and keep on dreaming the impossible dreams!

Anonymous said...

Jabu The Irrelevant, Jabu The Liar must be go by whatever means. He is an obstacle to the Dayak Agenda.

NEIL said...

Today dayaks MUST learn this very important word and it's not difficult to learn this particular word "UNITED".If they can implant this word into their mind then,my God, everything is possible.
So I will say this again,get down and start some good forums ,negotiations or talks,to instill dayakism among the fellow dayaks,not just dream and built castles in the air.You can dream but now is not the time.We have more important issues that need urgent attention.We need to fire up the masses so they will see the needs to have a capable leader to lead .They must be steered to the right direction not left aimless,wandering about.Somewhere in the crowd,there must be a few capable dayaks if not one,who are as capable as Leo Moggi,the official paramount chief of the dayaks.He is my mentor and I really appreciate his guts to stand up the CM.He still command the support of the majority but he refused to be tested.If God will allow him to live another 20 years,he is the person that will make another come back.I personally knows this man who walks his talk,not like those in PRS or SDNP.Another capable one is Joseph Salang.I salute to these 2 dayak leaders becos they are humble and are not in anyway tainted.There may be others but these are the 2 gentlemen that I know of very well.If these 2 can't do it then who will!Stand up and be counted my fellow dayaks.Dare you!

jumpover said...

Kitai dayak sekali tu patut matang ka agi dalam politik. Anang meda utai ka ba mata ngena sekali lansa aja. Kadang-kadang utai nya semina lakonan ngambi ka kitai teperasa.

Agi ingat peristiwa " Mings Court" 1987 suba ,kitai Dayak begulai enggau kaban kitai bangsa Melayu nyau udah deka datai ba adan numbang ka perintah menua swk ka betuai ka "mesin tahip".

Kitai dayak dalam PBDS lalu kaban kitai Melayu dalam PERMAS. Tang enti kitai bepikir enggau sekali langsa PERMAS bendar amai ka ngelaban mesin taip. Nya meh alai maioh bala menteri/ yb kaban kitai melayu join parti nya suba.

Tang siti utai ka enda diperati enggau bendar2 ia nya Ketuai PERMAS maya nya diketuai ka uncle mesin taip empu.

Sekira aja maya nya PBDS & PERMAS menang lalu merintah swk..ulih kah sida merintah lama ? Belum tentu.. laban ketuai PERMAS maya nya "uncle mesin taip" udah tentu deka ngalih baru ngagai anak buah ia "mesin tahip".

Permas dalam krisis maya nya semina alat kena "seduai menyanak" nya napis bala kaban kitai Melayu ka ngelaban mesin taip.Mesin taip nemu diri bala yb/ kaban kabinet ia udah enda rindau meda ia. Nya alai seduai uncle ia belakon belaya baka nya kena seduai ngabur ka mata bala yb bala melayu ka deka begulai enggau bala yb dayak. Pia mega dikena ia ngasa lalu sabotas ka PBDS enti nyema berjaya .
Ia ka nyadi mansa maya nya termasuk B.Ulis pemimpin Melayu swk ka berpengaruh maya nya ka rindu begempung enggau bala sida DSDTajem.

keynote : "Enti seduai amai2 belaya nama kebuah anak uncle ia nya dipilih bediri maya p.raya tu tadi ?"

Nya alai pemimpin dayak,melayu cina patut bendar begempung enggau PR enti deka ngaga pembaruan. Seagi-agi kitai ngati ka diri "mesin taip enggau aya" ia sigi sedaya upaya mecah ka kitai.

Buka ka mata lalu berserakup.

Anonymous said...

Its a forgone conclusion, Jabu is here to stay unless Taib wants him out or he passes on. His cronies and kabans in Saratok see him differently from other dayaks. Saratok is Jabu and Jabu is Saratok. The Jabu dynasty will rule Layar/Saratok for a long while to come. Thats reality. Of the two devils would rather have Jabu than Masing.

Unknown said...

To get Jabu dethroned is mission with intense groundworks by PKR to go to every longhouses in Betong, Ulu Layar, Spak, Padeh, Paku, Roban, Debak, Pusa, Saratok etc. Preach the real issue on NCR land to them with facts and figures.

Unggal Apai Semalau, Saratok is not Jabu, Betong is Jabu. Saratok, Roban, Debak, Pusa has been neglected by Jabu for a longtime already. Every major development is in Betong only. Schools being built next to each other like SMK Kedit, SMT Betong & MRSM Betong. Maybe who knows UiTTong or UniBetong maybe next in Jabu's sleeve.

Now is the right time for PKR to escalate their strategies to those in longhouses.

NEIL said...

For the dayaks,think for a second whether this Masing ,Mawan and Jabu have done anything for you all.If anyone here can stand up tell us what they have done benefited you or your relatives, then they will still have my vote in the next general election.If any bloggers who can write and tell me these three cowboys have done what I consider a good job to help the dayaks,then it's on.
It's a insult to the dayak communities to say that there is no capable dayaks to lead them.Like what Taib said,'I have groomed 3 successors and one will succeed me when times come' but all were kept in cold storage and he is secretly grooming his son to take over him.
Jabu is on safe ground and in comfort zone.Like Apai Semalau said...unless Taib kick him out ,he will be on this job and his son will join in the fray later.So dayaks of this land of the hornbills,wake up! Lets make it happen.For far too long I get fed up listening to some who never walk his talk.I'm beginning to lose faith in those who rule us.We must change ourselves before we can change them.Let us start now and it's better late than never.Rise up to the challenge and let other race say we can.Yes,we can!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Jabu to continue to lead us.He has proven himself an effective leader, only those who hate him said he was not a good leader.

NEIL said...

Anonymous Cr. Lukau said...

What is wrong with Jabu to continue to lead us.He has proven himself an effective leader, only those who hate him said he was not a good leader.

December 15, 2008 5:41 PM

Dear Cr.Lukau,

Tell me how long have Jabu been in the gov't and how much and what have he done for the dayaks to make them a better race that will make me vote for him!I dare you tell me or otherwise resign your post as a Cr.Don't just pay lip service !Ya,Jabu is a good man,no doubt about that ,but I just say he is doing nothing to raise the living standard of the dayaks and many more.Now it's time you tell me.

jumpover said...

Aku dah mula ka bahagian aku ianya nganjung bala ka uddah cukup umur ngerejister nyadi pengundi.

Kita udah kaban...???? Nah mupuk meh ,sambil kitai berandau ditu ingat ka bala ka bedau ngundi.


Anonymous said...

It is difficult BUT it is possible to unseat Tan Sri Jabu provided that simple majority of Layarites [voters] agree that Jabu has overstayed and “when enough is enough”.

Ezra Malek

Gerasi Bansa said...

hehehehe...Do you ever believe that the african/black people can be the president of USA...Unbelieve right...So why not Dayak hope...The New Dayak will never surrender until their get what they want..UNITE THE DAYAK- impossible but not possible to do that..

What the meaning of history..Yes the Iban never unite if we see from history but why we cannot learn for it..History is about how you can learn the past and make sure all the mistake that our leader do not repeat again...Leopald Von Ranke said history can talk you believe..believe it because it is how it impossible the Iban can unite toghether and take back what should their have..( CM)..

Nda betul utai ka aku


NEIL said...

Read Malaysia Today...

Sarawak's renewed political hopes!
Posted by admin
Tuesday, 16 December 2008 09:11

Written by...Sim Kwang Yang, The Nut Graph

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to unseat Jabu has to serve the people in the four years before the elections. Don’t expect to win by putting in an appearance just before the election. Tedewin Ngumbang Datu, please take note of that if you want to win in Layar. Otherwise, you are just dreaming like the PBDS fellows who thought that the issue of a Dayak CM will move the Dayak voters. You cannot gaya and become a YB. Glamour has nothing to do with politics. For that matter, glamour has nothing to do with being a writer either or an actor. It’s hard work and not getting carried away by the limelight. Those who think that politics, writing and acting have something to do with gaya and glamour will have a very short life in these careers.

Serving the people is best done by hearing them out, advising them and raising their issues to create public awareness.

It must be noted that the BN wins in Sarawak by default i.e. in the absence of a united and organised Opposition and in the absence of a core issue or issues being highlighted sufficiently to create a swing. The Opposition also does not serve the people in the four years before an election. They just show their faces around election time and try their luck. Even then, almost half the votes go to the Opposition in every election but they are split thanks to the Elections Commission which is controlled by card-carrying Umno members. Card-carrying Umno members (in Sarawak PBB) also control the Special Branch and the Police, RTM, mainstream media etc etc

To move the COMMON people, it is important to focus on the core issues that will work them up and wake them up.

In the case of the Sat 8 March General Elections, what tipped the scale was 63 of the 67 per cent Parliamentary seats with a sizeable number of Indian voters (15 to 20 per cent) switching to the Opposition. 80 per cent of Indian voters voted for the Opposition. Indians have traditionally been loyal BN supporters and it has been difficult to shake them. What moved them was the demolishing of Hindu temples and especially the smashing of the Hindu idols in the Hindu temples in Selangor and adverse Syariah Court rulings against Hindus and other non-Muslim Indians. That’s why Hindraf called itself Hindu Rights Action Front and not Indian Rights Action Front. All hell broke loose after that. All other issues are just add-ons and Anwar Ibrahim jumped on the bandwagon of Indian dissatisfaction. Umno and BN didn’t expect the Indians to desert. They were sure that Indians would continue to have a slave mentality despite being oppressed in every way. They forgot that although there is not even one Parliamentary or State seat in Malaysia with an Indian majority, Indian voters are the Kingmakers in the 67 Parliamentary seats. They decide who wins since the votes of the others are split. This Parliament has seen the most number of Indian MPs since independence. Similarly with the State Assemblies. That’s why you see an Indian Deputy CM in Penang, which never happened under the BN, and an Indian Speaker in Perak.

In the last General Elections, only 5 per cent of the Malay voters switched to the Opposition and only 15 per cent of the Chinese voters switched to the Opposition. 65 per cent of Chinese voters voted for the Opposition in March this year compared with 50 per cent before. 35 per cent of Malay voters voted for the Opposition compared with 30 per cent before. From this we can see that without the 80 per cent Indian swing to the Opposition, the BN would not have lost the four states (Kelantan excluded) and KL. In the past only 20 per cent of Indian voters opted for the Opposition.

In the case of the Dayak voters, it will be the taking of their land for plantation development. This is an issue similar to the demolishing of the Hindu temples and Hindu idols. A big clearcut case of cheating on the land issue anywhere in Sarawak is enough to swing the Dayak votes away from the BN and towards the Opposition. Other issues like Jabu or Taib hanging around too long or being filthy rich or maha corrupt or a Dayak not being CM will not move the Dayak voters. Just as Samy Vellu hanging around too long didn’t interest the Indian voters, only Umno leaders. He lost because he was not able to prevent the demolishing of Hindu temples, not because he had outstayed his welcome or is filthy rich, maha corrupt or stole the Telecoms and Maikha shares of the Indian community.

In Sarawak, Salcra will be the BIG ISSUE that will swing the Dayaks away from the BN and towards the Opposition. Again, Dayaks are not interested in issues like a Dayak CM, ketuanan Dayak (they would be embarassed by it) or the Chinese being filthy rich. If you tell a Dayak that the Chinese are filthy rich, they would reply that it’s because the Chinese work hard. In Peninsular Malaysia, Umno politics is based on jealousy of the Chinese in business. This is the nearest thing that they have to a political ideology. A similar approach is not possible in Sarawak with the Dayaks.

In fact, Dayak politics is the most democratic of all ethnic groups in Sarawak in the sense that the Dayaks are represented in all BN component parties and also all Opposition parties. Democratic as in being totally split and almost equally among all political parties. The only time that Dayak politics came close to being undemocratic and racist was when they voted almost all for PBDS and even then it was not good enough to unseat Taib.

Chinese in Sarawak by and large stick with SUPP and Malays and Muslims with PBB. These groups tend to be racist and undemocratic and anti-Dayak. They think that their petty interests are best served by keeping the Dayaks down.

In Malaysia, the most democratic political and non-racist party is the MCA. Anyone can challenge me on that. They don’t hang on to their leaders for too long. In fact, MCA by itself can run Malaysia if others support them and they can do a far better job than Umno. Umno is a weak political party which will crumble. They only appear strong because the BN is with them.

At present, the handful of Iban and other Dayak intellectuals are making an ass of themselves running around and saying self-serving things that don’t really interest the Dayak masses. Unless these so-called intellectuals change course and adopt the approach taken by Mahatma Gandhi, they will never make any difference to the people. Rest assured that any Dayak politician or intellectual married to a Mat Salleh will not take an interest in the fate of the Dayaks. He will be more interested in enriching himself at their expense to serve his mem sahib who comes here fed by books on the colonial era. This is what has happened to Taib. He was rotten from the beginning. In fact, you can write off any Dayak intellectual or politician who is not married to a Dayak girl from the kampung. That’s why Leo Moggie was a failure and continues to be a failure.

Dayak political strength will come not from uniting and voting for one political party (it only benefits a handful of leaders) but all Dayak legislators forming an informal lobby among themselves to protect Dayak interests. That’s why Taib makes sure that Dayak legislators never unite against him by choosing those who have skeletons in the cupboard to be legislators. Also, if two Dayak legislators are seen to be friendly with each other, he will act against them and make them suffer financially. If fact, if all Dayak legislators take a united stand in the State Assembly that one of them should be the CM, a Dayak will be the CM. The TYT has to go along with that although Taib now has the TYT in his pocket and claims the CM’s post by virtue of being head of PBB which has the most seats in the State Assembly. In the State Assembly, what matters are not political parties but legislators acting in their individual capacities.

For example, if a majority of the MPs in Parliament think that wheel-chair bound Karpal Singh should be PM, he will be PM and not the head of Umno which claims to have the most number of seats in Parliament. Please have a look at the Federal Constitution which does not mention political parties or ethnic group re the PM’s post.

Similarly, if a majority of the MPs support Anwar Ibrahim, he will be PM. Which political party won how many seats doesn’t matter in Parliament. Seats don’t belong to political parties but to individuals. That’s why I believe Anwar Ibrahim when he says that the great majority of the MPs in Parliament support him to be PM. Why shouldn’t they support him? He is a better candidate than Badawi or Najib or any of the other Umno clowns although I am no Anwar Ibrahim fan. Only wholesale bribery of the MPs, like in the case of the Sarawak MPs after the recent Taiwan trip, prevents Anwar from being PM. Bribery and corruption is a fact of life in Parliament and the State Assemblies. Most of our legislators are in the pockets of the Chinese businessmen and are merely commission agents and errand boys for them when they are not busy selling government secrets to any Tom, Dick and Harry. The only MPs and State Assemblymen who can’t be bribed are those from PAS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Neil,

I dont have enough page in this blog to eloborate the achievements one by one contributed by Jabu in his efforts to upgrade the living standard of the dayaks. His continuity for being elected for DUN and Ministerial posts for the last three decades speaks for itself.Some people could only survive for only one term as DUN later he was voted out by his own constituents because he/she did nothing to help his people.

Anonymous said...

You can take the dayak out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the dayak. The majority of us still clink to the jungle, this in the gus of modern day politician like jabu. It is about time we step out of this jungle and see the jungle from afar not sesat in the jungle of lies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cr. Lukau,

Berapa project dah beri Jabu ngagai nuan...and berapa bilion dah masuk dalam poket nuan.

Uji nuan nanya penduduk luar ari layar and betong...nama kemajuan dah di gaga iya diak..then enti bisi..nama benefit iya ngagai rakyat diak...then saluran benefit nyak..datai ngagai rakyat or not..atau nyak cuma nguntung ka raban iya CR / Penhulu / Tr...and etc.

Aku rasa nuan faham nama kebuah org benci ngagai this people and this people...laban bc pengawa ti nda betul. Cr. open ur eyes...besai2...buai selaput mata..tik meda $ ajak...then peda bala rakyat tik memerlukan bantuan kerajaan..ukai nuan ajak memerlukan bantuan..pembangunan. , pengidup nuan cukup senang..kipas jak..then u will get whatever u want...then what happen for those tik ukai tukang kipas baka nuan..tik jauh di mata perintah. Hidup sida merinsa nadai perhatian perintah...faham ka nuan maksud ku. Those ka nadai bekalan air bersih , bekalan elektrik 24 jam , jalai and etc; ( Baka sida di Kapit , what happen if they has access road to Kapit ). Ukai nyak meri penguntung ngagai semua org ka..nama kebuah diatu baru sida perintah ka ngaga jalai kin..nama nda suba gik...owh..baru ku ingat laban PKR dah strong diatu..then takut alah baru ka meri pemansang ngagai rakyat la..thats is BN..( Belum & Nanti ).

Maya ka muka sawit...wah2..ukai main gik leka jako..madah mayuh penguntung..then last2 nama penyadi. Pampas tanah,dividen enda di bayar and then worse one is..local people buai keja.. gaji besai ko jako..ngambi Indon..gaji RM5 jak sehari...Nah ! mayuh bungai jako YB maya ka muka sawit suba...mada olih meri pendapatan ngagai rakyat kenu..tang diatu org rumah panjai makai apa ??. Enjin sepit isi ka aik piak...enti nda percaya...uji nuan ka nanya people in Kanowit,Julau and Bawan area. Lebih teruk , those ka udah muka semua tanah ka sawit..apa gik bc..getah dah abis di tebang,buah abis di tebang...apa ti bc cuma2 pokok sawit jak.

Cr. fikir meh nuan..perintah jenis apa nyak..perintah tik makai rakyat. Bedau agi aku nyebut pasal issue tanah NCR..di tukar nyadi tanah perintah !!.

Bye Cr.. arap ka nuan befikir panjai meh..nda ibuh tinduk mikir ka masalah rakyat..nulung aya nuan Jabu nyak..nama kebuah rakyat nda suka iya.