Wednesday, March 24

Should we form BADAS?

We must salute Ibrahim Ali for forming PriBumi Perkasa Negara (PERKASA) which main aim is to protect “Ketuanan Melayu” and the Malay rights in business, education, economic and anything to do with Malays.

Perkasa which is being membered by many UMNOPutras including Mahathir Mohamad believes it can do more than what UMNO can do now.

It is a pressure group.

Although the government denies any connection with it, the speed, however, in which its registration has been approved by the Home Ministry suggests otherwise.

Likewise, we Dayaks should consider forming a similar organization like Bansa Asal Dayak Sarawak or BADAS which aim is to protect Dayak interests in the economic, business, education, land and other rights that have been spelt out in the Federal Constitution.

More specifically, BADAS should protect NCR lands which are being taken away by companies for the planting of trees or oil palm. It should offer among others consultation services, posting Police bails and contacting lawyers.

Currently Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) is doing it, but SADIA alone cannot do much without the support of other Dayak organizations and other Dayak leaders.

BADAS should not only act as a “think tank” but should also serve as a focal point of unity among the various Dayak ethnic groups.

If the government can allow the registration of PERKASA, there is no reason why BADAS cannot be registered.

Definitely, many Dayak leaders in the government will oppose this idea. There is nothing wrong in trying and convincing the government for its approval.

But the question is: who among us should be the “Ibrahim Ali” of the Dayak community? Any idea? – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Kesian kesian...nice writeup but too optimistic. Why want to set up another focal point of unity when so many focal points of unity have already been set up but never ever utilized due to monetary distractions thrown at the Dayak leaders.

Stop living in the dream world and come back down to earth. You think this BADAS can ever be like Perkasa? And who can lead this BADAS? As it is now there is no unity. At the end of the day its all about money my friend...people in the rural area sik pernah nanga duit RM10,000 what more to say RM100,000k??

SO what if SUPP, PRS, SPDP, PKR can win all the rural seat? Beli saja la the winner...jadi independent macam itu si bodoh Rayong. Sik malu pakei sun glasses muka tebal merik duit orang bukai. Apa laa RM5000?? Bawak la eletrik ngau jalai ngau talipon....

SPDP dah bergoyang acting like small kids not happy with the father. Want to pindah rumah. As if rumah ikan masin is any better. Sik cukup post for everyone.

PRS is next to goyang...wait and see.

Sorry to be distracted. Anyways, just utilise existing vehicles to first get unified for the right reason and not just for money. Then we can call ourselves a think tank, Panzer tank or whatever the fuck tank we want to because we got the numbers with us.

Ibrahim "KKK" Ali is only saying what UMNO is scared to say. The Ultra Malays are behind it so don't bother with them. In this modern day and age, the younger generation will not follow them as we are more educated than this silly old fool.

apai irau said...

Among our Dayak YBs,sorry,i cant find any.Sorry,sound a bit arrogant.He or she must be daring and brave to speak out and to reveal the misdeeds of those in power and most importantly,not succumbing to threats or money.My personal choice is Dato Sri Daniel Tajem if his age still allows him.

Dayak Maju said...

In Sarawak, any proposed Dayak-based associations would be perceived to be racist. The first to oppose the formation of BADAS is likely Jabu ak Numpang. He would say we Dayaks should not be extremist and racist like the Malays in PERKASA. Dayaks should not be ashamed of what non-Dayaks think about us. There are so many Chinese Clans Associations in Malaysia to protect their interests in business, cultural, education, etc. and nobody says Chinese are racist. The freedom of association is guaranteed in our Constitution. Unless race-based associations are banned in Malaysia. So, all Dayaks should support the formation of BADAS as suggested by BrokenShield. However, BADAS should not be led by a ‘frog’ like Ibrahim Ali. Someone who has a passion for community service could be the leader.

Anonymous said...

dear bkroken shield....

do you know that ibrahim ali is a froggy that trying very hard to be relevant to his constituency?...come next GE13 he & all the froggies can kiss goodbye unless they join bn la..ibrahim ali is the most hated mp in west malaysia now and you salute him...he is a racist bigot trying to play racial issues to be the malay hero but the malays will never support him but only umnoputras...racial thinngy will never last long in this era..its about teamwork..Dayaks have to wake up to realiti & play their part to kick out all bn parties and their master, umno...

by then the Dayaks shall prosper in this land.....


Balau said...

Yes, all citizens have the right to form associations by virtue of our Federal Constitution.

Association`s constitution are drafted a great inspiration for for its members purporting to serve the Dayaks, to check the erosion of the Dayaks cultural heritage, to enhance participation in business, industry and education, bla-bla...But when comes to the implementation, the constitution has to swallow its words.

Currently, we have SADIA, SDNU, SIDS, DAYAK ASSOCIATION, DAYAK CULTURAL FOUNDATION and few others. Tell me, how many Dayaks have been getting scholarships from these associations?

As I can see, in the present trend, Dayak ministers are trying to distant themselves from any Dayak association which is not supporting and collaborating constructively with the government of the day, both now and in the future.

Now, the emergence of Tuai Rumah Association, some are in favour and some against it. I doubt it if the association is uniting the longhouse chiefs.

frozenthots said...

2 wrongs wouldnt make it right.Any initiatives to uphold the positions of the natives, recognition of NCR by the govt and a fair distribtuion of wealth should be commended including yours.

But in upholding these positions, we shouldnt be pitting 1 race against the another. Hence to form BADAS because of PERKASA is akin to perpetuate a continuous racial political landscape in the country which has already almost consumed Msia to oblivion. It would be a destructive pattern where each race in Msia is protective of their own turf disregarding that Msia should progress as a country.

USA is a progressive country not because of the Dutch Community - but because they are Americans. Once we Msian acknowledge that we progress as a country, only then we can break away from the devilish idealogy of racial politics.

I defend PERKASA's rights to an association BUT some doesnt give 2 hoots to what they stand for.

A dayak, always a dayak. said...

The question is who will head this BADAS. We all know if someone who is not on friendly terms with that white hair he or she will not stand a chance. But if he or she is friendly with that white hair then this group will be sleeping day and night. Who dare to pressure that white hair to not touch NCR. I doubt what is successful in west malaysia will be successful here. We are different from umno.One man's meat, another man's poison.
Another thing is this ,which overrides all, that all dayaks must first be united before they can start to open their mouth. Look into the mirror and ask yourself if you want to be united in your heart, mind and soul.If you hesitate,then forget about it. Since when do we see dayak been united. We have seen lately that 2 dayak party at each other throat again. For God sake, change yourself first before you want to follow others.