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Have we been fooled all this while?

Kelantan Menteri Besar, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat is one kind of a leader who dares to say a “spade is a spade” when he labels the term “Bumiputra” as a smack of racism. But to us Dayaks, bumiputra is an illusory word, the application (or non-application) of which has made us Dayaks as the losers in terms of development, business opportunities, contracts and tenders, educational opportunities, recruitment into and promotion in the civil service.

In the political terminology, Dayaks together with Malays, Kadazandusuns and other natives are grouped as Bumiputras. What it means here is that when UMNO needs our support to strengthen its policy on “ketuanan Melayu” the Dayaks are considered as Bumiputras so that bigger “Merdeka cakes” (a.k.a. economic opportunities, rights and privileges) should be accorded to reflect the larger composition of Bumiputras (Malays, Dayaks, Kadazandusun, etc) and as Bumiputras our rights are said to be included in the term.

But in actual implementation of the “Bumiputra policy” the Dayaks have been sidelined or not considered at all for all those privileges, rights and economic opportunities; in fact the Dayaks are officially known as “lain-lain” (others). And as “lain-lain” what do we get? Even Article 153 of the Federal Constitution cannot protect us. In fact, illegal immigrants have better treatment than us.

I recall a friend of mine who is now a member of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Supreme council complained that his application for a business was rejected because he was not a bumiputra. Imagine a Dayak Iban’s application for business opportunities is not considered on ground that he is not a Bumiputra. His case is a tip of the iceberg.

The term of “Bumiputra” and “non-Bumiputra” first came into use when the government introduced New Economic Policy (NEP) following the 13 May 1969 racial riots in West Malaysia. That is about 30 years ago.

Following a special meeting with the then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad with Dayak leaders like Tan Sri Leo Moggie from the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) and Dayak non-governmental organisations as well as Kadazandusun leaders like Tan Sri Bernard Dompok of UPKO, Sabah some time in 2000, it was agreed by the Federal government to give a special attention to Sarawak and Sabah people in terms of financial allocation and business opportunities.

And arising from that meeting it was decided to form the Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) and Kadazandusun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) to look after the interests of the Dayak and Kadazandusun communities. Since then a new terminology, Bumiputra minorities, has been coined to refer to the Dayaks and Kadazandusuns. Legally, of course, there are no such words.

The current debate on the privileges of “Bumiputra” was brought up by an Opposition leader, Dr. Boo Cheng Hau in Johor State Assembly last week when he likened “bumiputralism” as another form of apartheid policy which was experienced by the black Africans.

Nik Aziz labeled it (bumiputralism) as racism and wanted it drop, while the Information Minister, Ahmad Shabery Cheek said the Opposition did not understand the meaning and the history of the word.

It is obvious that we have been lulled into belief that as Bumiputras we enjoy all the rights. What a fool we have been for the last 30 years for continuing to elect BN government? This issue should be one of the issues to be highlighted at the forthcoming Batang Ai by-election. – The Broken Shield

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NEIL said...

The dayaks are not been fooled.They are too stupid to know that they have been used again and again by umno/BN to prolong their grip to power.The dayaks have never wake up and with a few dirty ringgit,they allow their neck to be tied with a rope and dragged around.
In west malaysia the sarawak dayaks are not classify as bumi and they are not allow to but low cost housing allocated to the bumi.Haven't the dayaks been told that they are not bumis by their YBs or MPs.If they are in the dark,then they have been kept from the truth by their representatives.
Many have been said about the dayaks,like they eat pork,not muslim etc.Only those who are marrying the malays or are converted to muslim fall under bumi status.So in fact bumi status are use to lure the dayaks to convert to muslim if they want to be classified as bumi.

Anonymous said...

Right on the spot, Joe!

I remember with nostalgia attending a seminar in KL "Bumiputera Minority Economic Congress (BMEC)" jointly organized by DCCI and KCCI on February 7, 2005 @ Dewan Merdeka, PWTC.

In fact, we were the first organization to "provide the inputs" on how the government can assist us in the 9th Malaysia Plan.

There were eleven (11) resolutions reached at the end of the Seminar.

Papers were present among others;-

(1)Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz b. Abdullah, Dy. Director General of Economic Planning Unit , PM's Department - NATIONAL POLICY

(2) Associate Professor, Madeline Berma - Bumiputera-Minorities Participation in Commerce and Industry: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges

(3) Dayak Economic Opportunities and Challenges Towards Vision 2020 by YBhg Datu Michael Dossim Lunjew, Director General Ministry of Plantation and Commodities.

Other organisations followed later, MIC, MCA etc.

Participants, suggested mechanism(s) to monitor the progress.

Corrective measures be addressed quarterly with the view to take remedial actions and to put the program on track.

However, it remains a Bumiputera macro (Malay) issues but the micro issues related to Minority Bumiputera until now is gathering dust on the "shelves" of economic planners.

The majority of Minority-Bumuputera are crying for HELP but HELP is so far away or it was just noise to the ears.

From: Member, Bumiputra Minority, Sarawak

Anonymous said...

KUCHING, Feb 26 (Bernama) — Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has a fighting chance of winning the Batang Ai state seat in the coming by-election following the death of its assemblyman Datuk Dublin Unting Ingkot, state PKR deputy chief Nicholas Bawin Anggat said today.

Bawin, who is widely tipped to be PKR candidate for the seat, said that this time around the battle for the Iban-majority seat would be intense as both parties had the financial and logistic support, unlike in the previous election.

“I will leave it to the party to decide who is the PKR candidate for the Batang Ai seat and it will be an honour to me if the party nominated me as the candidate,”he told Bernama here today.


DONATION ? Dayakbaru is soliciting from members of the public (RM5-10) each to finance the Batang Ai by-election. On the one hand Bawin told the world & Bernama that the party has the financial support to fight BN? Where does the fund goes to?
I do not think it right and proper to raise fund or seek donation from the already poor Dayaks community esp. so if Dayakbaru does not have the necessary permit from the relevant authority. Let those who has the means & money talk about politic, the reality.

Anonymous said...

Bro, erh from post 513 to present day its exactly 4 decades ! i.e we hv suffered 40 long years ! time to change.

Anonymous said...

Friends of PKR and Dayaks will donate.

Funds raised will go a long way to finance Sarawak's Barisan Blogger's expenditure to spread the propaganda and report from Zero ground.

Please make donation simple.

I am sure many will donate.

Anonymous said...

"Have we been fooled all this while?"
Broken Shield. The posting is very well written indeed.

Not only the we been fooled all this while, but we have been fooling ourselves all the while.
Examples and illustrations on this issue are far too many too mention here.

During one previous DUN sitting, an amendent was made to delete the word Dayak from the Sarawak Interpretation Ordinance. All Dayak YBs & non-Dayak YBs are equally guilty of committing legal-genocide against the term Dayaks.
How sad.

Gadid de Freemason

Anonymous said...


dayak communities can be likened to MIC and MCA parties where those in power were "bribed" in a sense to silence them about issues facing their own communities. In its hey days MIC and MCA were once proud parties that had many says were subsequently reduced to subservient, pariah role.

after 50 years of being fooled MIC and MCA are now like a lap dog - losing all its guts and senses - unable to provide for its respective community and instead keep harping on non issue just to feel important and responsible.

The way this work is that those who were in charged were given the opportunity to mind for only profits and greed - a deadly combination - in a down fall of a community and party that they were suppose to protect. That’s the MO of BN unmo.


Anonymous said...

Dont cry baby, majority of us have chosen to be fooled and continued to be fooled

Many are still in the sleep of some BN charity gifts to patch our houses with some zinc sheets and plywoods. We are too poor as we have made to stay poor so that we will be always obedient

jumpover said...

Ngagai DR. John B ( Dayak Baru Webblog)

Nama kebuah webblog nuan enda ulih di buka DR ? Bisi Problem ?
Udah 3 hari tu aku enda ulih Log in.

Arap ka nuan ulih ngatur ia dr.
Thank You.

ari aku..."nembiak"

Anonymous said...

The State BN has bottomless monetary resources at their disposal. Opposition has to depend on contribution from its supporter, particularly PKR.

Please donate to PKR Batang Ai by-election fund generously. Your $5-$10 may save Sarawak and our children future.

Those interested to donate can contact Bawin or PKR HQ specifying the purpose of your donation.

PKR will depend on your help and spirit to put right what is wrong.

PKR and Opposition should forget “politicking” -like who is the better candidate and why. Those who support Opposition should focus on how you can help bring the PKR message to the voters of Lubok Antu. We can all scarifice our own time and money to help PKR to start the journey to form the next State Government after the next State Election.

Should BN lost, I think Taib will run away from Sarawak to his many palatial homes. Those MPs and DUNs left behind by Taib would all scrumble to be with PR.

Building up a successor is a mark of good leadership. This Taib has not done at all - he wanted to create a political dynasty through appointing his son. What a shame?

We cannot dwell on the “negative” too much. We Dayak must use our wisdom to preserve our land and culture.

We VOTE PKR to replace the BN government with new agenda of justice and fairness to all Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

kan saya dah kata...29 March Hari Penamaan Calon, 29 April Hari Mengundi. Sama dgan 2 Bukit.

Anonymous said...

Uhmmm, I’m sorry for interrupting this meeting! Yup, this is a promotion: Early birds can get a special discount at http://tiyungdayak.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/campaign-at-batang-ai/

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The dayaks in BN have claimed all this while that they have done a lots to help their own communities in all fields until almost at par with other races, whereas the dayaks in the oppositions kept on complainning that their communities have been sidelined. Who is telling the truth? I am not taking any side, until some can prove with data/statistics the breakdown by races for the last 5 years on business, education, tenders, contracts, scholarships, recruitments, promotions, civil services.The statistics apply to Sarawak only.

Anonymous said...

The following are data/statistic of dayaks who are lacking in all fields such as....
1,education-2% only make it to A level.
2,business-4% are running their own business assisted.
3,tenders-2-5% get minor rural tenders.
4,contracts-2-3% get contracts worth RM 50,000.
5,scholarship-less than 1% get overseas scholarship.5-8% get local scholarship such as nursing or low paying jobs.
6,recruitment-6-8% are recruited as unskilled labour in factories ,fishing industries,constructions etc.
7,promotion-1% or more are promoted in fields like police,army,surveyor etc.
8,civil services-2-4% are working in this field becos of their backwardness and uneducated.

So all in all ,dayaks ,been the largest ethic group in sarawak ,are still way behind other races.Look at how long the Dayak Chamber of Commerce is been form.

jumpover said...

ingat bala kaban,,kimpen ngagai bala bakih kitai ka diau ba BA ngasuh sida nyunting PKR/Pakatan Rakyat.

Buddhaphish said...

I once tried to apply for an online account at Maybank. They had a list of options for ethnicities:

1. Bumiputera
2. Native
3. Chinese
4. Indian
5. Others.

Could Maybank please clarify what is the difference between 'bumiputera' and 'native'???

I decided to keep my account with HSBC!

Anonymous said...

Bumiputra = Malay/Mamak/Muslims
The rests of us natives of Sarawak, Sabah and the orang aslis are, but "others/aliens". That have been the ranking from the day of the NEP. What are the dayak MPs and DUN members doing about it? Nothing. Being considered as "others" in our very own native land is an insult to our intelligence! Lets show them the door.

Anonymous said...

Base on the statistics given by Anonymous March 4, 2009 6.52 pm above, it is very clear that the dayaks have been fooled and bullied as we look at the dayaks population in Sarawak is approximately 50% or more. The statistics reflect the insincerity of BN government in implementing their policy of ` power sharing concept` as we expected whatever the shares we got must be divided equally.Sadly, the dayak ministers have sealed their lips on the issue, indicating their admission of being fooled as well.Come on until when we can stand to be branded as `apai salui`.

Anonymous said...

We have been fooled,we have been victimised, we have been cheated, we have been used and we have been bullied far too long. It is an open secret that the main intention of UMNO to bring Sabah & Sarawak to join malaysia was to increase the bumiputra (malay)population so that they can claim that they are the majority race. At that time carrots were dangled in the face of our poor uneducated leaders who eventually agreed graciously. That's how they used us, just to make up the numbers in order to outnumber the chinese. After acheiving their hidden agenda, we are no longer useful to them and treated like rubbish at the roadside. So sad. I wish I could make all the dayaks & kadazandusuns realise all these discriminations against us.

Anonymous said...

WE have been fooled, since the first day the late Tun Jugag set his thumb prints on the letter he did not even be able to read....needless to say understand

WE continued to be fooled, and may be we will choose to be fooled for another 50 years

Anonymous said...

Dayaksa are being fooled because of the Dayaks themselves are still scarced to voice out our grieviances and problems. Most of the times as I could see, the educated Dayaks nowadays are more willing to criticise their leaders from outsides like from any forums and bloggs in the internet,but in real life many those educated Dayaks have NO " BIJI PELIR" when comes to face to face with the giant cheaters like PBB and UMNO of BN...most of them still don't want to go to take leaves for examples and go all round helping other Dayaks on the grounds to counter attack the "peluru" from BN parties.Because many Dayaks intelectuals remained to allow themselves to be anonymous in the the politic-making of the Dayaks communities, therefore the problems of Dayaks been fooled all the times remain standtill....even until 2020 later.

NEIL said...

~~~~~~~To all the dayaks who are alive and can read this notice~~~~~~~

For once in your lifetime,can you please be a reliable partner in our fight for change.Give us a break and be part of this imminent change that is sweeping us.Be someone whom we can all trust!You have brain like all human beings but you are just being too foolish to be used and recycled again and again by umno/BN.
WAKE UP NOW! It's 2009 already.45 long years is enough to be fooled.

Uchu Keling said...

Ya.. Cobbold need to get a better video camera for his video blogging. Better sound quality and HD videos for YouTube HD features!

The only problem later is how to upload from Batang Ai? Via GPRS? Err can we check with our Celcom friend if they provide 3G services in Batang Ai.

* Ni Nyalau tu? *

Anonymous said...

Now you have awakened. If Sarawk, Sabah and Bruniei caould formed a federation, we could be the richest SE Asian country.
Or if we had tem up with Singapore, we would certainly be the richest in SE Asia.
Any thought about it?
Wise up.

Anonymous said...

well, i can say that everything ''MELAYU ISLAM '' is above all...agreed with nik aziz...bumi term is definitely racist