Tuesday, March 31

News from Batang Ai (Part 7)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election

1. Rumah Beranda remains isolated

Rumah Beranda Aluk, Nanga Bengap which is about 15 km from the main road is little known longhouse as no VVIPs has ever visited it. Except for Jawah Gerang who visited the longhouse three times already and the late Dublin Unting visited the longhouse once only during his years as YB.

Only three days ago Mong Dagang, PRS youth chief, visited the longhouse. He represented the PRS president James Masing and promised a grant of RM5,000 to the longhouse.

Tuai Rumah Beranda and his “anembiaks” were happy to see a BN man visiting them especially during election times, as he wanted to tell them of their problems that have been harassing them.

Among others the problems are:-

(a) most of them are poor and the government should look after their welfare;

(b) they need plots of land for agriculture as most of the land surrounding them have been taken by Salcra;

(c) their road conditions are terrible and for the last 27 years they have been asking for the road to be tar-sealed; and

(d) they request for RM70,000 to repair their old longhouse.

Other Tuai Rumah should emulate Tuai Rumah Beranda and tell BN of their problems as this is the ONLY time that instant “noodle” projects will be promised.

Unfortunately, a junior official of BN was sent to the longhouse, the one who has no power. A minister in the likes of Joseph Entulu should have visited the longhouse.

2. RM2 million for longhouses in Batang Ai

Some RM2 million has been approved for the upgrading of longhouses in Batang Ai, said deputy rural and regional development minister, Joseph Entulu Belaun.

He said each “bilik” (door) of the identified longhouses would soon receive RM300 to RM1,000 for repairing walls and roofs and kitchen extension.

“The allocations are not carrots or for the purpose of fishing for votes because development in rural areas is ongoing,” he said, when he campaigned for Mussen at Rumah Jarop Kalang, Changkol.

Do you believe what he says?

3. Dayaks do not need PKR to resort to Dayakism

Barisan Nasional youth director of operations Mong Dagang for the by-election says that he is aware of PKR trying to fan the spirit of Dayakism to instigate people turning their backs on the BN government.

“With PKR being a peninsula-based party, it is not right for PKR to resort to Dayakism when their own leaders and the party itself practise multiracialism. The Dayaks in Sarawak do not need PKR as their platform because there are already many Dayak-elected representatives in the four BN components.

“In BN, we have a lot of Dayak-elected representatives albeit in the four components. Thus we don’t need PKR to champion the rights of the Dayaks,”
he said.

What Mong says is true that we have a lot of Dayak-elected representatives. But what is the use if these Dayak-elected representatives have never raised issues such as NCR land issues that are affecting the livelihood of the Dayaks.

Why? Simply because they are scared of Abdul Taib Mahmud. This everyone knows. Even when PRS submitted a memorandum on NCR land to the PM last year, PRS was told off by Taib. So what has happened to the MoU on NCR land?

Secondly, why Dayaks want to use PKR as a platform?

(a) because it has pledged to save Dayak land from being taken away;

(b) because it was Masing who told PM and CM that he strongly opposed the registration of MDC (Malaysian Dayak Congress) (YB Gabriel Adit knows about this as he was present at the meeting); and

(c) because Masing and PRS are the ones responsible for the deregistration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) which had stood as a symbol of Dayakism.

4. First public duty of Malcolm Mussen

The BN candidate for Batang Ai by-election Malcolm Mussen’s first public duty is to open the Lubok Antu branch of Sarawak Bumiputra entrepreneurs association on 3 April.

The branch was hurriedly formed last week to time it with the ongoing campaign. This was stated by association president Abang Zaibidin Abang Zainal. The branch headed by Penghulu Lembang Bagong has about 100 members.

It looks like that the association is playing politics. And nobody makes noise. But if Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) or Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) or even Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) is to organise such a function during election time, the first to cry foul will be Alfred Jabu. He will surely accuse them of playing politics.

5. CM face defaced

As you enter the Lubok Antu road from the main Kuching/Sibu road, there is a big BN billboard featuring the photographs of Sarawak leaders such as Abdul Taib Mahmud, James Masing, Alfred Jabu, George Chan, William Mawan and the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen. The face of Abdul Taib Mahmud was defaced.

According to PKR, this is the work of PRS members themselves so that the blame will be on PKR. Although Abdul Taib Mahmud has been the target of PKR, we will not resort to such tactic, said a PKR leader. He believes that that was the work of the PRS members themselves.

6. Masing wanted UMNO to come to Sarawak

James Masing has been telling the people of Batang Ai to reject PKR as it is a peninsula-based party. Sarawak should mean for local-based parties and no “outsider” party should be allowed.

According to Gabriel Adit, State assemblyman for Ngemah, it was James Masing who wanted UMNO to come to Sarawak.

Adit recalled that the entire PBDS executive committee members met the top leadership of UMNO including Muhamad Muhamad Taib, Najib Razak and Dr. Mahathir Mohamad soon after the Ming Court crisis.

Masing, Adit said, asked Joseph Entulu, leader of Youth wing of PBDS to tell UMNO leaders to bring the party (UMNO) to Sarawak in order to get rid of Abdul Taib Mahmud whose policies are detrimental to the interests of the Ibans.

In each of these meetings, Entulu repeated the request.

Dr. Mahathir told them that the UMNO should not extend its wing to Sarawak because it might create problems, citing Sabah as an example. He said that it was a mistake for UMNO to come to Sabah as it created many problems. He did not want Sarawak to have such problems.

Today, Masing and Joseph Entulu, according to Adit, not only jealously defended Taib’s policies on NCR land-grabbing, policies that undermine Ibans’ interests and unity, but also went to the extent of “nilat burit Taib” (licking Taib’s ass).

They defended Taib’s family wealth, cronyism, CMS and so on. “These are the qualities of Dayak leaders we have in BN,” Adit said to the applause of the people of Rumah Abeng, Nanga Mepi.

More to come…stay tune to www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Apai Semalau said...

Each "selective" longhouse will receive "$300 to $1000". Smells of discrimination. Its more likely only BN loyal longhouses will receive that money. That paltry sum of money is just chicken feed. With price of construction materials skyrocketing what difference would it make without it.
As for Mong, being one of the iban junior “nilat burit Taib”, we suggest he goes back to Bukit Bangunan to placate his constituents by doing likewise giving each longhouse $5000. As their representative, don't you think they deserve the same treatment?

Anonymous said...

I strongly oppose to what Jetty & Apai Semalau said and would like to correct their mistakes.

"Nilat burit", I would further rectify the process term as "Nilat Bola" because these PRS so called leaders who say they are very concerned for poor Iban livelihood and welfares, have their boastful mouths like that of the "Para-Bola" (for TV signal reception) but they channel falseful and misleading information to Ibans especially those in the interior where they even never or seldom step foot on. Their only good and best works, YES, are to agree to how the Taib crony are ROBBING the resources of Sarawak

We, Batang Ai people do not need you PRS "good men" to repeatedly lure us to trust you again and vote your candidate. We have had your YBs, Assistant Minister over the years, SO WHAT YOU PRS ACHIEVED IN LUBOK ANTU AND SARAWAK?????????????????????? Please you PRS answer to all these question markssssss




Phyrestarter said...

Sure they must lick...Not just lick but lick clean clean....You know lah..In case jabu miss any spots, got a lot more "Dayak" butt lickers...

Why all the fuss to lick...U know...its all about the money...If Bee End can spend RM500,000 just like that for nomination day, can u imagine how much money you get for the whole election?

Jawah never lobbied hard enough says Masing in today's BP...Really? But he betrays the real reason why Jawah never got any allocation at the end of the article saying everyone has feelings and one should not hurt their feelings...So your feelings got hurt izzit?? Poor James Masing...Need A.K to comfort you?

Good to see the blog owner quoting YB Gabriel...seems he is a wealth of knowledge with regards to James Masing and other Dayak leaders...need more quotable quotes and stories....we need the fiery Ibans back to represent. No more cicaks (you know who), Sotongs (you also know who) and Salted Fish ( you definitely know who) who claim to represent the Ibans but are just interested in making themselves rich at the expense of the rakyat.

I know its not nice to talk about those who have gone before us but why is Jawah getting blamed for not developing Batang Ai when he was not the most recent YB for that area?

And why is Betong's potential not fully realised? Only SALCRA SALCRA SALCRA...Oi Jabu, you know how much money a family can make a month from 10 acres of land? Definitely more than the RM80 they make by join the SALCRA scheme....Ham Ka Chan you! You try living on RM80 a month!!!!


Anonymous said...

That was what Mandura did in Kalimantan during the crisis with Dayaks: they burnt their masjid, and later accused the Dayaks of doing it. They just want to get sympathy from the army.
So PRS defaced Taib's face to get sympathy from the public.

Agom said...

A `gift` RM2 million for longhouses in Batang Ai as promised by Joseph Entulu is just a political strategy to fish for votes.I still remember when he and Mong Dagang during the state election in 2006 made a similar promise to give RM10,000 each to longhouse in the constituency of Bukit Bangunan if Mong won the election. Well, Mong won the election, but where is the money as promised by these two Iban liars? I dare to challenge Mr. Joseph Entulu to distribute the RM2 million to longhouses in Batang Ai during this campaign period.I am ready with my video camera to record your generousity.

On Mong`s remark that dayak do not need PKR to resort dayakism, I am asking Mong what he has done to help dayak community, espicially the Iban in his constituency? A an elected representative, do not pretend not to know that dayak have been sidelined in all fields, like business, contracts, civil service, education. Worst of all, our land have been snatched from us. We are not that confident with the present BN dayak elected representatives to fight for our interests, infact the dayak now are in the backwaters.

If indeed, Masing and Joseph Entulu were the ones who wanted UMNO to spread its wing to Sarawak, at least Taib Mahmud by now knows, " siapa duri dalam daging ".I am sure Taib Mahmud is not that comfortable if UMNO comes to Sarawak for reasons best known to him.

Ofcourse the whole world know that Masing and BN state leaders were against the registration of MDC as it pose a political threat to BN. Its reflects the BN government does not fully practice a parliamentary democracy.

Nanang04 said...

CHANGE WE NEED. Udah kelalu lama BN diberi kuasa, tu meh maia kitai mulai ka Our Own Rights that should belong to us and not them. We no longer need them. They do not want to change but we have the ultimate rights to change.

Anonymous said...

Accept all the goodies given for it is the only chance and time that you can get back what are yours originally. Your vote is for PKR for PKR is the party that we can call as our party, a party to unite us Dayak Ibans.
Too long have we suffered and too have we cried for ONE true voice and instead what do we have leaders who are subservient to Taib and leaders who are only thinking about their own self interests and own self such as Jabu, Masing and others.
To all Dayak Ibans, wherever you are be that you are in Batang Ai, Engkelili, Bukit Begunan, Layar, Katibas and Balleh, I have this to say,'Ask Mong Dagang or Jabu or Mawan or Masing for your RM5000 'mee segera' money too'.
To all fellow Dayak Ibans, lets be of ONE VOICE and lets start a new ERA by rediscovering our ENTITY as ONE people. We don't need self-fulfilling leaders who only know our problems come election.
Masing is scared and for he knows with Mussem loses the election, Masing's paymaster, Taib will be angry with him.

NEIL said...

Masing not only lick his boss ass but also stroke his balls to please him.You can see why masing the office boy of Taib only do what Jabu say becos he have to go through Jabu before he can see Taib.
MACC must investigate all these money politics in Batang Ai.BN is openly practicing the corruption.
YB Gabriel Adit is working very hard to convince the dayaks that they have been marginalised by this corrupted gov't.Most of the Tuai Rumah are supporting him and they have pledged to vote PKR.

Anonymous said...

The Broken Shield,
keep up the good work in fighting for the rights of your people Sir.

Do not let the 'King' to marginalise you further. Take the money they give you, for it was your money that they have stolen in the first place.

They are returning to you what they stole in the first place.

However when it comes to voting, vote for CHANGE. Anyway, 'King. has not got long to live and he will have to answer to his maker for ALL the injustices done to your people, Broken Shield. We are with you Brother.

Peace Admiral Tojo

Unknown said...

Seem like N29 Batang Ai now is well known. As for PRS is giving so-called development in term of money beit RM300.00 or RM1000.00 or whatever amount to each door or longhouse during election is called MONEY-POLITIC.

It is a broadday light money politic which we always heard in TV or read in papers that UMNO or BN is against. And yet is being practice here in N29 Batang Ai by PRS/BN in the name of development.

Mong Dagang is neglecting his own constituency. Those who are from Sungai Tengang knows very well is their area is very backward in term of developments. Mong knows how to berdagang only, to reap personal profit only.

Joseph Entulu (2X5) same with Mong Dong. He knows how to talk but he definitely failed to walk the talk. Joseph Entulu's constituency is also unheard of and under-developed.

So why are these 2 stooges making a fooled of themselves by denying development in their own constituencies? And why they giving money to peoples in Batang Ai now?

Hello those from Mong & Joseph Entulu's constituencies, wake up and don't be a fool anymore. Voice up your opinion. Look back at your own area.

The late Dublin, a minister with portfolio, also failed to bring development to Batang Ai. William Nyallau also failed to bring any development, too. Only we read in the papers that developments are being planned for Batang Ai.

If there is no by-election in N29, I strongly believed that there will be definitely NO developments in Batang Ai.

The development for N29 Batang Ai are now being put on hold, until the election result is known.

Even if PRS win this election, Batang Ai will be forgotten, the promised developments are just a promise only. Look at Batang Ai under the late Dublin Unting. Look at Mong or Joseph Entulu's constituencies, being neglected and broken promises to develope.

Anonymous said...

Whatever money BN uses to fish for votes are the "rakyat's" money.

So, take whatever is being offered but don't vote BN.

Anonymous said...

Masing and Entulu are hypocrites.

None of the Iban YBs have dared to speak out against Uban in the State Assembly over NCR land.

Vote PKR now. Next time vote for PKR to become the state government. That way, the Ibans' needs will be heard for more equitable treatment.

Ibans have the power to change the political landscape of Sarawak. Your vote is the power. Use it to vote for change.

Tiyung Dayak said...

Apooo… bisi nuan ninga jako pesan ari Apai Roy, wai?

Enti empai, dinga meh ba Rasa FM, wai-wai…!!!


Nya aja wai, terima kasih.

Malaysia Digest said...

But what is the use if these Dayak-elected representatives have never raised issues such as NCR land issues that are affecting the livelihood of the Dayaks. .... very true. Dayak rep have their hand tied.

Anonymous said...

Be caution that what had happen at Sabah.

The majoriry kaum Dusun/Kadazan lose their political influnce and i beliave lot of issue concern that was cover up.

1. They will sell the right of u and me to outsiders...they implement slow and effectively by these they stay in power.

2. If Iban want to change their name and believe system i have no objection.very easy. after all u get lot of benefit from UMNO.

Masing and entulu who split IBAN by Splitting PBDS now want to split Sarawak.